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Most Common Problems With Honda Rincon 650

Most Common Problems With Honda Rincon 650

Rincon is Honda’s approach to small ATVs. It was introduced in 2003 and again in 2006. The Rincon series came in two generations. It was 2003 when the first generation was inaugurated.

With a 649cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, the ATV was a pure beast. Additionally, four strokes were present in the internal combustion of the engine. Lack of power was not the case for this monster.

However, the first generation only lasted 3 years, till 2005. Due to some limitations of the first generation, Honda introduced their generation 2 of the Rincon series in 2006. This model has continued to be manufactured since then.

Generation two had an upgrade in every possible aspect. Most notable was the change in the cc, which is now 675. 675cc is the reason why the newer generation is known as Honda Rincon 690. Besides the power, the latest colors were added as well, such as NaturalGear Camouflage.

More about Honda Rincon 650

The Honda Rincon 650 was the product of the first generation series that Honda produced. The 650 came in front of the cc it had, 649 to be exact. Additionally, it had a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine.

However, this automobile had a 3-speed transmission. Featuring independent rear suspension along with 2WD and 4WD options, this ATV is top of the line. Besides, the front differential, which senses the torque was ready to give you the smoothest ride possible.

Till today, some of the 650s are still available. The power and excellence of this vehicle are not without some flaws. Some issues need to be addressed. This article aims to address those issues.

Common Problems of the Honda Rincon 650:

Here are 4 common problems with the Honda Rincon 650.

1. Problems with the Transmission

The most common problem with the Honda Rincon 650 is the shifting of the gear. This is where most of the users end their conclusion. The shifting of the vehicle needs to be better, no matter how.

According to one user, he had troubles with the e-brake that the Honda Rincon 650 comes with. He says it’s awful. Even the foot brake doesn’t perform the way it should. The only brake that functions perfectly is the hand brake. But to him, that is not entirely reliable.

A problem also exists with the park positioning. This feature is not available. Your parking position must be manually adjusted, which can be very inconvenient.

Although you have to deal with the parking position feature missing, the brakes can be fixed. This is where you need to rely on the after-market parts. The good news, there are quite a lot out there.

2. HUD Unit Screen Lacks Sealing

The Honda Rincon 650 comes with some significant features. Most of them are pretty advanced technology as well. One of them is the HUD display, which provides a plethora of functionalities.

However, the HUD display is quite not perfect. Yes, you can notice the problems. Although all of them are minor issues, one issue proves to be prominent. It’s the sealing of the HUB display.

The sealing can wear off quite quickly. Besides, it is also notorious for being leaking water inside. As a result, you will notice water droplets inside the display, which can cause trouble. We all know electronics and water don’t go right.

According to one user, he got water inside of his Rincon 650’s HUD display. Thankfully his warranty was still active. Thus he got a replacement.

A good solution for the issue is the enhancement of the sealing. How odd it may sound, any wood sealing material can do the trick.

3. Unreliable Seat Latch

Several issues have been recorded regarding the seat latch. It is not doing what it is supposed to do. Yes, we are talking about holding the seat in the place. Additional adjustments are needed nevertheless.

Amongst the sufferers, one guy told us that when he first got his Rincon, the seat was stable. However, he later discovered that it wasn’t locked appropriately. When he latched the seat properly later, it worked perfectly.

Although this is not an alarming issue, however, this still can cause a lot of problems. Seats of any ATV are not only for the passenger to use. Well, it is also for other utility uses. Hence, the seats are longer than usual, 2-3 inches more in length.

Consider carrying some vital equipment with you. In addition, an unstable seat can cause those to fall over, which can damage or destroy the gear. Also, if you fall, the chances of you getting admitted to the hospital are high too.

You should adjust the seat whenever you purchase a Honda Rincon 650. Let your dealer know what you need to do if you’re unsure, and they’ll cover it.

4. Further Sealing Issues  

In addition to the sealing issue mentioned earlier, there are several others. According to several records from the user, the rear pinion seals wear out quite quickly. It also has problems with the bearing.

According to a user of a Rincon 650, the issue was discovered after riding far. When he filled the rear differential with oil, he discovered that the oil was leaking. Since the bearings had worn out, the sealing was gone.

Moreover, you can find leaks in the front driveshaft. One user mentioned after he found out the issue, he went to a mechanic to get that replacement. After replacement, the leak was still there, which was quite confusing to him.

For both issues, you must perform regular checks on your Rincon. Inspecting the sealings properly can give you an early warning of the problem before it becomes severe.

Pros & Cons of the Honda Rincon 650:

In addition to the problems mentioned, this vehicle has some significant aspects as well. After checking the pros, you will again reconsider the vehicle as it got some great features you can play with.


  • Well suited all-terrain vehicle
  • Extremely heavy, which helps it to remain stable even on uneven grounds.
  • The 4X4 Mode works perfectly for this vehicle
  • Comfortable and Reliable
  • The suspensions of this vehicle have great travel, excellent for a comfortable ride.


  • Problems with the Transmission
  • HUD Unit Screen Lacks Sealing
  • Unreliable Seat Latch
  • Further Sealing Issues


Honda Rincon 650 is undeniably a great ATV. Since this is Honda’s top-of-the-line ATV, Honda has equipped it with the best features it can provide. From all-terrain riding to providing a comfortable and reliable ride, the Honda Rincon 650 delivers excellence in every aspect.

The old saying goes, nothing is perfect, and this is no exception. As soon as you begin to use it, problems will creep into you. Therefore, before purchasing this powerful beauty, consider its disadvantages. Do not forget to ask anyone you know who owns one for advice.

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