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Most Common Problems With Honda Rincon 680

Most Common Problems With Honda Rincon 680

The Honda Rincon 680 is not like any regular ATV. While most ATVs use CVT engines, this one is equipped with a three-speed manual.

However, the process is not like a typical manual transmission. The Honda Rincon 680 is compatible with both auto and manual modes. 

In manual mode, you change gears manually and you can change gears with a push of a button in auto mode without using the clutch.

However, the most unique item on this machine is the powerplant, which has never been copied by other manufacturers. On top of that, it is still one of the lightest ATVs you can get.

Except for all these positives, the Honda Rincon 680 does have some problems as well.

We are going to discuss the common problems of Honda Rincon 680 in this article. So, you might want to stick to it. 

Most Common Problems of Honda Rincon 680:

Every great product has some problems, no matter how good it is. This made us write about the common issues of the Honda Rincon 680 ATV.

If you are planning on buying a Honda Rincon 680, you should consider these problems carefully.

Transmission Problem 

Your Honda Rincon 680 can be a victim of transmission problems. When you put your ATV in gear, it won’t move; this is the symptom of this problem.

The worst part about this problem is – it occurs suddenly. It can happen at the beginning of the purchase or later after a couple of rides.

Luckily, this problem can be identified and fixed through an oil pressure test. Lack of oil pressure will make the oil pump O-rings barely move.

As a result, when you are trying to start your ATV or accelerate it by shifting gears, it will not move. Even if the ATV runs, it will not go faster than 5 mph.      

Only One Major Improvement 

Unfortunately, Honda’s flagship ATV, Rincon 680 had seen only one major update in its lifetime. And that was a long time ago, in 2006.

In that fiscal year, Honda decided to mate the liquid-cooled engine with a three-speed transmission.

As a result, the 650cc engine got upgraded to 675cc. Sadly, no updates came for Honda Rincon 680 since then. 

If you are thinking this one update is enough, then you are wrong. Because not everyone is craving for speed. Almost 90% of the 4×4 riders are more into power, smooth-riding, and getting the job done.

Although lack of frequent updates is not a major issue, this can’t be taken lightly.        

Poor Brake 

The hand brake of the Honda Rincon 680 is good when you are rolling on flat ground. But, it is never too good on mountain trails. You can barely rely on the hand brakes when you are riding intensely in mountains.

At some point, not only the e-brake may feel unreliable but also the foot brake would seem worthless. 

All in all, you will get a decent set of brakes with the Honda Rincon 680. If you feel like the brakes are not good for mountain riding, try installing better suspensions before finally replacing the brakes.

Be informed, replacing the brakes with harder ones might always not be the best solution.

Tricky Seats

Yes, this is one of the most common issues of the Honda Rincon 680. Ask any user who drove this ATV about seat adjustment. He won’t deny that it was pretty hard to get on the seats at first.

Although most ATVs from Honda come with seats that don’t require any adjustments, the Honda Rincon 680 will require you to adjust the seat to experience a comfortable ride.

However, this is a minor issue and you don’t have to panic. Most of the time, adjusting the seat latch solved this issue.

If you are not sure about adjusting the seat latch to its best position, take the ATV to a nearby mechanic or an expert who can help you.   

Weak Shock Absorber

Perhaps, fixing this issue can solve the brake issue as well. Most users of the Honda Rincon 680 are not happy about the front shock absorbers or dampers.

While some might be okay with the rear shock absorbers, most of them are frustrated with the front dampers. 

Weak dampers or shock absorbers can also be the main reason for which the Honda Rincon 680 doesn’t perform well on mountain trails in terms of breaking.

As we have advised earlier, changing the damp springs instead of replacing the brakes will make the Honda Rincon 680 good for the toughest terrain.

Overheating Issue

Perhaps, this is the most critical issue of the Honda Rincon 680 that is very hard to identify. We had gone through a real-life incident. 

An owner of a Honda Rincon 680 suddenly had an overheating problem. He took the ATV to a local mechanic.

The mechanic did his best to solve the overheating issue like changing the oil or different fluids, spraying out the radiator, getting rid of the mud, checking the coolant level, and so on.

Alas! All these couldn’t solve the problem as a few days later the owner took the ATV back to the mechanic. 

Actually, the Honda Rincon 680 has a unique oil cooler and radiator set up.

If you look closely, a larger heat exchanger remains at the front of the radiator. Here, the engine, transmission, and other components are placed in a chaotic way.

If you face such an issue, taking your Honda Rincon 680 to a mechanic will be the best solution.

However, you can analyze the problem by watching the following video – 

General Pros and Cons of Honda Rincon 680 

Now we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Rincon 680.


  • It is a liquid-cooled four-stroke ATV.
  • It features an independent ATV rear suspension.
  • It is incredibly light.
  • It has an automatic ATV transmission that draws power through a hydraulic torque converter.
  • Even having 4.4 gallons of fuel tank capacity, it reserves an extra 1.2 gallons.
  • A ground clearance of 9.1 inches keeps it steady on all types of roads.
  • It has forged front upper arms, rear arms, lower control arms, and other extensive weight-saving measures. 


  • No updates for a long time.
  • It may look bulky, like an armored vehicle. Not everyone is a fan of that.
  • Unlike modern ATVs, it has no power steering (except for the 2022 variant).
  • Its Electric Shift Program (ESP) can be confusing.

Quote Reviews:

Just like any ATV, there are good and bad reviews of the Honda Rincon 680. One user is not satisfied with the axle brakes of his Grizzly 660.

Hearing good opinions on Honda Rincon 680, he got interested in getting one. But he is worried as he heard the ATV loses power due to dirt wheels. He said – 

“I am interested in the Rincon, that and my wheels will bolt directly up to it. I have heard Dirt Wheels bash them for the power. Just how bad is it? If I have to lose a bit of power I will, I just want the reliability of a Honda.”

Another man’s father is 60 years old. He has been using a Honda Rincon 680 with ease for a long time. He says – 

“My dad has a Rincon. It’s a great bike and keeps up just fine. Great power, its reliability steering, and suspension is top of the line. He just turned 60 and this past weekend he got all 4 wheels off the ground over a small jump.”

Another user is not satisfied with the performance of his Honda Rincon 680, especially on trails. He said – 

“I am still not impressed but it all depends what you’re doing with it if it’s for the mud. No way trails, yes sir, let me know your intentions and I will let you know what to get.”


The Honda Rincon 680 is a legend. It has a unique transmission system, a unique chassis with aluminum A-arms, and etc. Most importantly, the ATV looks absolutely stunning.

Anyone will feel the premium vibe just by looking at this ATV. That’s why we like this ATV a lot. Unfortunately, our likings won’t improve this machine any better. 

Our job was to discuss the common problems of Honda Rincon 680, and we did it. The rest is up to you to decide whether you are going to buy it or not.

We would suggest this ATV to anyone who is looking for a 4×4 for both fun and work.

However, we would suggest going for a pre-2015 model if anyone has the budget.

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