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5 Most Common Problems with Kawasaki Teryx4

5 Most Common Problems with Kawasaki Teryx4

Among all Japanese manufacturers, Kawasaki company has the longest history of producing UTVs. Especially with its Evergreen Teryx line of products, the company has been offering some excellent quality UTVs without any doubt.

One of the remarkably popular, reliable, and powerful four-seater UTV from this Evergreen Teryx lineup is the Kawasaki Teryx 4.

However, just like all other excellent UTVs out there, this one also has its limitation because of which consumers may encounter some common issues.

Common Problems of the Kawasaki Teryx4:

Here we would like to address those commonly encountered problems of the Kawasaki Teryx 4. So, let’s learn together-

1. Engine Overheating Problem

One of the most obvious issues that one user may encounter with any Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV model is engine overheating trouble.

However, it is quite a common reaction from almost every utility vehicle engine after getting over rough terrain and coming out on top. So, consumers who are familiar with rough terrain driving will find this as a minor issue.

Mainly, riders or owners realize or encounter the heating issue after riding the Kawasaki Teryx 4 for a longer period on a really hard terrain.

The overheating tendency will be there as the Kawasaki Teryx 4 model engine does not feature any high heat-resistant elements.

But the actual heating issue will occur depending on how aggressive the rider is and what type of surface he is driving the vehicle.

Especially, riders or owners who do not ride their UTV on rough or hard terrain surfaces and instead mainly run their vehicle on even surface areas do not have to worry about heating trouble.

The overheating issue partially arises due to the location of the Teryx 4 engine is installed. And when riders ride it through too many obstacles, such as climbing up and down on the steep hill, the engine just kicks in with the heating issue.

It is happening because the engine gradually becomes overloaded with extra pressure to deliver a smooth ride in such harsh conditions.

Soon enough, the heat starts to come into the vehicle cab and makes it too much uncomfortable for the riders to even continue.

2. Faulty Drive Belt & Clutch

According to several older Kawasaki Teryx 4 users, they sometimes heard squealing noise coming out from the drive belt out of the blue.

Since the manufacturer claimed to install the drive belt on the UTV too tightly, overtimes hearing such noise is quite expected.

It can also occur because of the heavy strain that causes when you suddenly turn the brake at high RPM.

In some cases, some gradually figured out after further investigation that it happened when they just installed a new drive belt.

It most likely happened because of the fault during the new belt installation since the process can be a little tricky for the less experienced people to deal with.

Even with the current version of Kawasaki Teryx 4, many owners still claim that the drive belt adjustment on this UTV is difficult and tricky.

However, some older model users claimed that they had this issue even when the vehicle was new, which clearly indicates that it was a fault in factory assembling.

They even mentioned that after contacting their dealers on time, they got it changed and installed properly.

Another commonly mentioned problem with Kawasaki Teryx 4 is the clutch issue where many users claimed that rattling noise is coming from the primary clutch at not at high RPM or high idle but low to mid throttle.

Even after they checked the weight bushing, pins are perfectly fine and working smoothly, they had that issue.

One particular user claimed that after changing the drive belt to solve the clutch issue, he noticed that the noise was gone. But after riding another around 50 miles, that old rattle noise was back again.

However, the company later came up with a clutch kit to help riders get rid of such unpleasant encounters.

3. Has Tendency Of Spitting Oil

Many users have also complained about oil drooling or leaking issues on Teryx 4 vehicles.

The Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV originally has the tendency of Spitting oil into the airbox on inclines so, it can be considered as one of the disadvantages of this UTV model.

However, it is not a major issue since all you have to do is to purchase some sort of siphon break kit and install it in right place and securely tighten the connection.

Even it might not turn worse and avoid the spitting occurrence, if you just keep a close eye on your oil level.

4. Lack Of Actual Sports Suspension & Unavailability Of Aftermarket Parts

According to several Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV owners, another mentionable disadvantage of this vehicle is its lack of actual sport suspension and even the aftermarket support is not up to the standard.

They claim that even the 750 V-twin provides better and more torque for the trails than the Teryx 4.

But they also claimed that it is way better than an RZR 4.

The suspension is not bad but may not be enough if you are more like an aggressive sports utility vehicle rider.

Mainly, the suspension capacity of the Kawasaki Teryx 4 works fine unless the rider pushes it to the limit all the time.

Therefore, riders and owners have to keep in mind that with the Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV, you cannot expect the same torque and performance of a trophy truck to blast through every obstacle that comes your way.

5. Not Fast Enough & Significant Gear Sound

Another notable downside of the Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV is, it has a speed limiter.

So, it may not run as fast as some of the other UTV options on the market, such as the RZR XP 4 model.

Also, many users claim that they could hear a significant unusual gear noise in the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

Especially, they could clearly notice the noise after adding the roof, and gradually that noise becomes too loud to bear with.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Kawasaki Teryx 4?

Surprisingly, I discovered that the majority of the Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV owners are happy with their choice.

Most owners even acknowledged that this model is not built for speed but more for convenience, and especially, when they consider the performance at such a cheap deal, they felt it’s more than worth trying.

Even, several owners mentioned that they were even more impressed because this model from the Kawasaki Teryx lineup comes with various attractive color combinations.

Some users or owners even claimed that they have been using their Teryx 4 but have not encountered any major problem.

However, many owners also mentioned the issues that I have already mentioned and explained earlier.

But most of them also agreed that since it’s a convenience-focused model and built for rough terrain, encountering those issues at some point of their riding journey is quite unavoidable.

Final Thoughts

The Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV is definitely not the best option when you compare its horsepower with its direct competitors since this vehicle is not built for speed like other sports UTVs.

But when you compare the price range and the performance it serves with, you will undoubtedly agree on one thing that it does not disappoint to deliver a decent quality performance.

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