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6 Most Common Problems with Kymco UXV 450I

6 Most Common Problems with Kymco UXV 450I

The KYMCO has been a globally recognized brand for offering a broad collection of high-quality utility vehicles from scooters, motorcycles to Side by Sides, and ATVs since 1963.

Even the Kymco UXV 450I side-by-side model comes with a compact classic design and performs excellently from low-end pulling power to top-speed RPM range.

However, reports indicate that consumers have encountered some common mechanical issues with the Kymco UXV 450I side-by-side model.

That’s why in today’s article, I will be addressing the 6 most common problems that one might experience with the Kymco UXV 450I-

Common Problems of the Kymco UXV 450I:

1. No Start, No Crank, Ignition & No Combustion Issue

With some of the Kymco UXV 450I side-by-side models, consumers have encountered no start or no crank while trying to start up the engine.

One particular 2017 Kymco UXV 450i owner has stated that he drove 250 miles on it, and it went just fine until, after around 10 minutes, the machine suddenly stopped. He also added that when later he tried to start the engine again, it refused to start.

It can happen due to a damaged or broken battery or maybe insufficient charge in the battery. It can also occur when excessive corrosion and debris cover up the connecting terminals or something is wrong in the ignition system or a fault in the fuel system.

Another 2018 Kymco UXV 450i user explained his experience where he used the vehicle and it ran perfectly before the day it had the no cranking and starting trouble.

He also said after a successful day of riding his vehicle, he simply parked the vehicle in the garage in the evening.

But the next day, when he tried to start the vehicle, he noticed no ignition and no combustion, although it still cranked fine. He also mentioned that the engine refuse to crank when he holds the brake paddle down.

Most probably the reason behind these problems is the fouled spark plug sometimes it difficult to figure out since even with the fouled plugs, one may get a good and strong spark.

2. Transmission Slipping Issue

One may also encounter transmission slipping issues on some of the Kymco UXV 450I models such as 2015 or 2018 versions.

You may experience after about 500 or some more miles that the transmission suddenly started to fail engaging fully and slipping in both high to low and even in reverse.

It sometimes happens after you wash it or maybe leave out your vehicle in the rain. The CVT transmission can also slip when you have a worn-out belt or something else broken inside the transmission system.

3. Idles High And Hard Shifting Issue

Another most common problem with the Kymco UXV 450I that consumers often complain about is the high or extreme idling which makes it difficult to shift.

One particular user also mentioned that his vehicle even had a high idling issue while it was new. But after around 2300 miles of a break-in period, surprisingly, the idle reduced down all by itself. But he could not find out any reason behind this sudden occurrence.

According to the mechanical experts, when this idling issue occurs, one should wait a little bit longer to see whether it slow down by itself or not.

Sometimes, the idle slows down naturally when it reaches the warm-up level.

If both two solutions fail to resolve the issue, the last solution will be reprogramming unless you have any other faulty connections or components that cause the idle to go higher than usual.

In that case, reprogramming will be the easiest solution since, in most models, it is fuel injected, and no adjustments options like carbs are available.

4. Low Ground Clearance

Several UXV 450i model users have also complained about having low ground clearance.

One particular user claimed that he initially used the vehicle for two hunting seasons and was really impressed with the performance. But after that, the rear plastic skid plate tore out, so he tried with different shock mounts for more clearance.

Though it worked, the problem arose with the sway bar because the sway bar would not clear the shock.

In that kind of situation, one can simply remove the bar for more clearance, and no further issue will occur.

Mechanical experts also suggest moving the shocks out and lowering the spring for a much better ride.

But remember, with the Kymco UXV 450I model, you can only go up to 26 inches tires without any issue. If you go over that range, it will surely affect the 450i vehicle gearing.

5. Lack Of Aftermarket Parts

Although it may not seem any serious issue for some users, many owners have complained about the lack of aftermarket parts availability for the Kymco UXV 450I side-by-side models.

Reportedly, the company undoubtedly does not compromise with qualities and brings some of the industry’s top standard products. But the company does not invest enough resources for their advertisement, promotional, and marketing purposes.

As a result, many consumers will never know about Kymco’s amazing vehicle collections, especially those who do not invest time in researching to figure out brands and products that may not be the top-listed but are worth enough to give a try.

6. Shifter Issue

Another problem that may occur while riding or using the Kymco UXV 450I Shifter issue. Some users claim that with some UXV 450I models, no matter what, it is mostly hard to shift.

One particular user explained his experience like when he further checked under the hood behind the storage box, he noticed shifter linkage in there.

Experts suggest spraying a quality dry lube and keeping it reasonably clean.

Also, shifting gear before it stops completely moving will prevent you from encountering such incidents.

The shifting issue mainly occurs because the manufacturer uses a spring-loaded shift fork to hold it in gear and not jump out of gear.

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I discovered that most of the KYMCO UXV 450i model users and owners are proud of their decision and have expressed how satisfied they are with the performance this small yet powerful side-by-side vehicle offers. Some even claimed that it’s more than worthy of the reasonable price tag it has.

Several experts and actual owners have mentioned the sporty styling, nimble handling control, broader storage, and excellently powerful motor that this mid-sized vehicle features in their reviews.

According to them, it’s a perfect package for dealing with occasions such as camping, fishing, trail riding adventure, or finishing small plain work around your yard.

However, even in this sea of compliments that the KYMCO UXV 450i model got from the owners and critics, there were good numbers of complaints from the users too.

Mostly I found similar types of problems that most users encountered. But let me clear it first, those problems are very common while using any utility vehicle, no matter which brand you own.

Final Thoughts

Besides its amazingly designed compact look and excellent performing capacity at all RPM ranges, the Kymco UXV 450I side-by-side vehicle model also contains various special features to ensure its exceptional quality, durability, and dependability. However, the Kymco UXV 450I side-by-side model is no exception to have its limitations either that’s why those earlier mentioned and discussed problems can arise with it from time to time.

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