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7 Most Common Problems with KYMCO UXV 700i

7 Most Common Problems with KYMCO UXV 700i

A side-by-side, often known as a UTV, is certainly one of the greatest recreational vehicles available. Depending on the model, you may seat two or more people, and KYMCO UXV 700is is designed to handle challenging terrain and bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your weekend.

However, having a side-by-side isn’t always ideal. Numerous simple answers do not necessitate taking your automobile to a technician.

Another factor to consider when determining how often you should maintain your KYMCO UXV 700i and how you ride it. Regular service is a vital component of owning a UTV in any case. Let’s get into the details.

Common Problems of the KYMCO UXV 700i:

1. Battery Problems

The first type of UTV troubleshooting issue you can run against is a battery problem. Just like a car or truck, your vehicle’s battery might fail for a variety of reasons. Here are a few frequent battery problems to look into:

The starting isn’t working properly due to a dead battery that has to be replaced. It might be because the KYMCO UXV 700i battery isn’t fully charged, necessitating charging on a tender.

There might also be a bad terminal connection, which you can fix by greasing the terminals and then treating them with an anti-corrosive once they’ve been tightened.

The battery failing to recharge might indicate that the battery’s life has run out or that the battery has died. Aside from purchasing a new battery, there is no way to solve this.

2. Engine Issues

Engine problems are another prevalent KYMCO UXV 700i troubleshooting concern. Here are a few of the most typical problems:

A blocked injector, an empty fuel tank, a filthy or damaged spark plug, a defective ignition coil, or a blown crankshaft position sensor can all contribute to inadequate engine power. The most effective solution for most of these issues is to replace the broken component.

Overheating can be caused by low coolant levels, a loose or damaged radiator cap, or a malfunctioning motor-driven fan. You can fill off the coolant in your cooling system, tighten or replace the radiator cap, or flush it.

3. Spark Plug

When the ceramic insulator, center electrode, and ground electrode at the firing tip get covered with a foreign material such as gasoline, oil, carbon, or coolant, the spark plug is called foul.

To get the appropriate air-fuel combination into the combustion chamber, many factors come into play, and any one of them might throw the ratio off.

Incomplete combustion occurs when there is too much fuel and not all of it ignites. Unburned fuel hydrocarbons adhere to heated parts of the plug, such as the center electrode, ground electrode, and insulator tip, generating a coating of carbon deposits.

4. Transmission Issues

Your KYMCO UXV 700i’s pinion and snorkel gear can create severe problems for reasons you would not think. Under certain conditions, the housing around such gears permits the gear meshing to become faulty.

When you move into reverse, the spiral form of the gears pushes them apart.

If the housing and retaining rings have a little give, the meshing will deteriorate, the teeth will only touch at the edges, and they will eventually shatter.

When it breaks, it wreaks havoc on your home and leaves you with a hefty price.

This problem is exacerbated by the standard transmission case. The housing surrounding the pinion and snorkel gears is too thin and does not quickly dissipate heat. Because of the increased heat, the thin housing might yield, and even a fraction of a millimeter of the moment can cause failure.

5. Suspension Problem

Every time a KYMCO UXV 700i is driven, the suspension system puts in a lot of effort. The suspension’s function is to smooth out bumps in the road while also providing traction and ensuring that the wheels stay in continual contact with the ground. Unfortunately, problems can occur.

When they occur, the owner must respond quickly. This is the only way to prevent the UTV from developing more significant problems that will necessitate more costly repairs.

If a driver notices the UTV pulling to one side or the other while traveling, the problem is most likely with the tires, brakes, or shock absorbers.

To provide a comfortable ride, the vehicle’s tires should be correctly aligned. Make sure to inspect the tires regularly to see whether they are wearing evenly and that they are properly filled.

6. Carburetor

Internal faults with the carburetor may let too much gas into the engine. A defective float, a leaking input needle valve, or a choke valve locked shut are all common curl pits to check into.

If a carburetor is misaligned or has too big jets, it will push too much gasoline into the combustion chamber. Wet fouling is caused by ignition problems.

Misfiring can be caused by low engine compression. The plug wire or coil boot might be damaged as a result of misfiring. Wet fouling can result from a damaged ignition wire since it does not create a spark to ignite the gasoline.

Before changing the ignition wires, it’s a good idea to figure out what caused the poor cycle to begin with.

7. Other Challenges

There are a few general issues that may be resolved with simple KYMCO UXV 700i troubleshooting. These may include the following:

The brakes are grinding or failing, which indicates that there is insufficient brake oil or air in the braking system. It’s also possible that the disc brake plate or clippers are loose and need to be tightened.

If the gearbox makes a noise, the gears should be replaced. Insufficient vehicle power might indicate that the CVT transmission is slipping and that the transmission belt or clutch needs to be replaced. It might potentially indicate a problem with the parking brake.

What Majority of the Users Feel About KYMCO UXV 700i?

Each unit is unique in its way. Skipping service can lead to major issues down the line that is time-consuming, costly, or both. These will result in concerns that are frequently reported, such as brake troubles or an engine that begins to lose power.

In some forums, users have expressed their opinions on the KYMCO UXV 700is. Here are some of the reviews I’ve come across that you might enjoy.

“On the 700, we have seen great improvements, and even if it’s a bit early, I want to say that it corrects the main flaws.

The engine is both flexible and very lively! It has nothing to do with the UXV 500 which is quite sluggish. Even with 3 passengers (including 2 in the dumpster   What a Face), it shows good acceleration and never struggles, even in difficult terrain. On the slopes, the acceleration is straightforward, and the pace is quickly sustained with great drifts possible.”

KCNEWHCS from Auto Passion

 “I like the KYMCO driveline design over Polaris and Canam’s. It’s more similar to Yamaha’s and Suzuki’s. I would put my hard-earned cash towards one ahead of a few other more popular brands, without much hesitation either based on them being a reputable supplier to many different manufacturers over a few decades.”

– Wheel Squad from Grizzly Central

These are just a few of the KYMCO UXV 700i repairing options available to get your vehicle back on the road. Remember that if you are unable to solve an issue, you can call a service department or technician. Having your UTV serviced once a year is a good idea anyhow.

Final Thoughts

Over the last decade, KYMCO has worked tirelessly to develop bold new ATVs and Side by Sides capable of competing with industry giants. The company’s products have grown remarkably with the ever-increasing expertise of the ATV and SxS market in North America, with headquarters in Taiwan.

KYMCO’s 2014 UXV 700i is unquestionably a step in the right way. It was necessary to incorporate a greater displacement engine. Even if you are experiencing the issues listed above, you should read the user handbook thoroughly and hunt for a solution. You may also get your UXV 700i repaired by contacting your local shop or KYMCO.

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