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5 Most Common Problems With Odes 800 Dominator

5 Most Common Problems With Odes 800 Dominator

If you’ve been looking for a utility vehicle to use on your farm or ranch the Odes 800 Dominator utility vehicle may be perfect for you. However, even utility vehicles that are perfectly suited for certain tasks can still sometimes have problems.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 potential issues that can arise with this utility vehicle.

The Odes 800 Dominator is a really great utility vehicle, but has some issues that may annoy certain utility vehicle owners. Some of the problems include hot interior in summer, wheel bearing failure, and high noise level. Anyone should consider these issues before purchasing this vehicle, but other than that, this UTV is a must have thing!

Most Common Problems With Odes 800 Dominator

Although not having any problems with a utility vehicle would be nice, there are plenty of issues that can come up. Most of the time these arise from misusing or neglecting your utility vehicle rather than its design flaws. Some common problems associated with Odes 800 Dominator include:

Squeaking Brakes

If your utility vehicle is making squeaking sounds when you brake it probably just needs to be lubricated. You can give the brakes good oiling and they should stop squeaking right away.

Another reason for the brakes to squeak may be that there is too much resistance in the brake system. If this is happening, you should check your utility vehicle’s service manual for instructions on how to adjust the brakes.

Inadequate Cooling

If your utility vehicle is overheating it may be due to several factors. The engine’s cooling system should keep the temperature at a safe level for optimum performance, but if there are cracks in the radiator or other damage this could cause excess heat resulting in eventual overheating.

Another reason that your utility vehicle might overheat is because of a clogged air filter. If the engine can’t suck in enough air for cooling, it will overheat and eventually become damaged as a result.

Tire Leaks

Leaks on utility vehicles are usually caused by rusted or loose bolts rather than actual design flaws of the utility vehicle itself – unless you have driven your utility vehicle through deep water. If the utility vehicle is leaking, check to make sure all of your bolts and screws are secure before driving it again.

Another reason for a utility vehicle having tire leaks could be that you have too much pressure on them. This will cause the tires to form bulges or cracks which can lead to air leaks as well as premature wear and tear.

Hot Interior In Summer

The Odes 800 Dominator isn’t an open UTV, which means it’s going to be a lot hotter than an open utility vehicle would be during the summer. If this is something you encounter, it may mean that your engine cooling system isn’t running properly.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with your utility vehicle itself, the heat actually comes from the engine and the utility vehicle’s design doesn’t allow for enough airflow around it.

If this is happening, you should consider getting a utility vehicle with an open cab or one that has better cooling capabilities such as air conditioning to get rid of excess heat in the summer months.

Wheel Bearing Failure

Wheel bearing failure is one of the most common issues utility vehicle owners face. It’s easy enough to fix though, you just need to replace any damaged bearings with new ones. This can be done by removing your utility vehicle’s tire and replacing the wheel bearings through its axle hole.

General Pros & Cons Of Odes 800 Dominator

The Odes 800 Dominator has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that utility vehicle owners will want to take into consideration before purchasing one. Have a look at some of the pros and cons below:


  • Has a long wheel base, which makes it easier to drive on rough terrains and gives it stability
  • Very easy to drive, especially in tight spaces such as backyards or narrow trails.
  • A low center of gravity gives it good balance and stability.
  • Plenty of power while still being very low maintenance 
  • Great turning radius with its rear steering system
  • Incredible suspension system


  • Not good for carrying heavy loads 
  • No air conditioning system
  • Very loud utility vehicle.

Customer Reviews On Odes 800 Dominator:

Apart from these few minor issues, the users seem to love their Odes UTV. Here are some of the things they have said about it:

“I have a really small utility vehicle and my yard is too big for it. The Odes 800 Dominator is the only utility vehicle I’ve found that won’t make me break my back trying to maneuver through tall grass.”

“I was surprised at how powerful this utility vehicle actually is. it goes up steep hills with ease and can tow almost anything!” 

“The suspension on this utility vehicle makes driving over bumpy terrain very easy! It feels like you’re floating above everything else instead of hitting rocks, dirt, or bumps in the road.”

Final Thoughts

The utility vehicle is great for anyone who has a large yard or needs to carry heavy loads but doesn’t want the hassle of driving such as utility vehicle around. Even though these problems can annoy you a little bit, they don’t affect the utility vehicle’s performance too much. Overall, this utility vehicle gets top marks from users and experts everywhere!

I hope this blog post has helped you know the potential problems of your favorite UTV. Happy hustling!

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