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6 Most Common Problems With Oreion Reeper

6 Most Common Problems With Oreion Reeper

Orien Motors is a pioneering company that offers true multi-purpose vehicles, and the company claims that these vehicles are born for all-terrain operation.

Especially the Oreion Reeper series are built for different driving surfaces or conditions. Whether it’s an on or off-the-road journey, these ATVs are always ready to deliver a smooth, comfortable, and safe driving experience in every ride.

Unfortunately, these ATVs also have their downsides, and because of those some common troubleshooting problems can arise.

So, here I would like to address the 6 most common problems with the Oreion Reeper ATV series that one might experience-

Common Problems of the Oreion Reeper:

1. Vehicle Starting Problem

It is quite a familiar troubleshooting issue for all utility vehicle users.

Since the Reeper ATVs feature electric starters whenever something is wrong with the electrical system, one might encounter the engine or vehicle starting issue.

People even complained that sometimes, they had to jump-start their device by using another power source since the battery turned really bad.

Mostly starting problems arise when the ATV battery is out of charge, does not have enough charge, or even if the battery is corroded or broken.

When your battery does not have sufficient charge, the electrical system will eventually starve for enough power supply. As a result, fail to fire up your starter to run.

Sometimes the problem arises because of the faulty or damaged alternator.

Even if any connecting battery terminals, wires, and cables become loose or get covered with excess corrosion, the vehicle can also encounter starting failure.

The best way to prevent and avoid encountering such trouble is to check all the key components of the ATV before purchasing. Also, regularly scheduled maintenance is a must to keep up with your ATV.

2. Wiring Or Cable Connections Issue

Another most common trouble that one might experience with the  Reeper series vehicles is the electrical and internal wiring connection issue.

One user might even experience unusual idling, stalling, and even engine starting issues due to a loose internal wiring connection or because of incorrect installation of electrical components such as wires, connecting terminals, or cables.

Sometimes, the users even notice the wiring fault on their newly purchased ATV, which sometimes happens due to a lack of attention during factory assembling.

However, the company claims that each Oreion vehicle goes through step-by-step inspection procedures before leaving the factory and delivering to the ultimate consumer.

But assembling fault can accidentally happen with any brand’s products. So, Oreion motors company is no exception in that either.

Therefore, if you notice any starting difficulty or significant engine performance issue, check all the wiring connections to ensure that none of them are damaged, corroded, or coming off loose.

In case you are not quite familiar with how to check all the internal wiring connections, contact your nearest dealer to help you out and fix the vehicle issue as soon as possible.

3. Vehicle Not Stable Enough

Several owners or experts have claimed that the Oreion brand’s ATVs lack the stability most of them expected.

Reportedly, while riding at high speeds, these ATVs tend to swerve or visibly shake.

Mostly, this problem causes when you have damaged or badly worn-out tires on your ATV, which you can easily solve by changing the tires with factory-recommended and compatible tires.

Sometimes when people operate the vehicles on too low or too high air pressure, the vehicle also turns unstable to ride smoothly.

Actually, in most cases, no brand or manufacturer can give you the utmost guarantee of the tires since it partially depends on how aggressively you are driving the vehicle on what kind of surfaces.

Sometimes riders forget that not all ATVs are built with sports and racing features. So, when they ride the vehicle too recklessly or do not take proper before and after ride care, this issue can arise.

4. Lack Of Aftermarket Parts & Direct Customer Assistance

One of the most commonly seen complaints about the Reeper ATVs is the unavailability of the parts.

Although all vehicles are assembled in the USA as several sources state, people from several states had a hard time finding the exact aftermarket components or parts when they needed to add more value or even required to replace some parts.

Some users even complained about the unavailability of dealers around their areas to get help when they needed it the most.

Reported, Oreion also does not directly deal with the consumers, and since the company still does not have a widespread dealership network, it is very alarming for the customers to trust the brand for long-run use.

5. Engine Not Powerful Enough & Suspension May Not Be Up To The Standard

Several people have complained about the underpowered engine that it features, though they also confirmed that this engine is definitely reliable enough.

Riders who are more comfortable with powerful engines and mostly love to ride their vehicle at a high speed will find Oreion ATV’s engine under power.

Also, the suspension system that these ATVs feature is not up to the standard for high-speed off-road rides.

So, many people were disappointed with the engine and suspension system of the Oreion Reeper.

However, the company never claimed or advertised their Reeper series of vehicles being the best option for those who love speed so, cannot really blame the company for this downside.

6. Recall Due To Missing Speed Limiter, Faulty Seatbelts &  Red Reflectors

This is maybe the only major issue that has occurred with the Reeper ATVs so far.

The company initially received several complaints of some of the vehicles exceeding the maximum permitted speed.

However, the good news is that there is no record of potential injuries caused by the affected ATV models.

Soon the company did a thorough investigation and figured out that some of the 2011 and 2013 Oreion Reeper ATVs were not equipped with the speed limiter.

Due to the missing speed limiter and red reflectors on those ATVs consumers were having trouble. In the worst scenario, consumers might also experience a crash.

The company further informed that some 2011-2013 ATVs were also assembled with faulty seatbelts.

Therefore, the company recalled 526 affected ATV models of 2011 and 2013-year versions.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Oreion Reeper?

While going through several user forums, I discovered that several people commented and complained about these ATVs without any first-hand use experience.

Mostly those people only emphasized the fact Oreion Reeper series of vehicles are originally from a Chinese company.

So, they declared that these ATVs are knocked-off items without considering that these ATVs are assembled in the USA, and the original company Oreion Motors itself is a well-renowned brand.

Those who actually had first-hand experience with any Oreion Reeper series vehicle also mentioned that these are definitely not the best option but also not the worst one.

They claimed that the company is delivering exactly what they are advertising and these ATVs also come with a fair share of downsides just like any other ATVs.

Final Thoughts

With the Oreion Reeper series of multi-purpose vehicles, the company is offering a versatile, user-friendly, and dependable machine that is completely capable of giving fun rides.

However, the Oreion Reeper series also comes with a fair share of limitations, and because of those, the earlier discussed troubleshooting issues may arise sometimes.

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