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5 Most Common Problems with Suzuki King Quad 400

5 Most Common Problems with Suzuki King Quad 400

Suzuki is known as the inventor of the four-wheel ATVs and has been offering one of the world’s best sports-utility quad.

Especially the Suzuki King Quad 400 is one of the proud members of the iconic King Quad. This ATV quad model comes with bold styling combined with more power, capability, and reliability.

Unfortunately, there are still some common problems that several users have experienced and claimed about.

So, in today’s article, I will address and explain the 5 most common issues that one may encounter with the Suzuki King Quad 400-

Common Problems of the Suzuki King Quad 400:

1. Fuel Injector Problem

One may encounter rough idling, poor starting, abnormality in fuel consumption, or failed emissions with this ATV models when the fuel injector turns bad, damaged, or clogged.

Signs like a sudden engine starting to run rough, no firing on one or more cylinders which causes difficulty in engine starting, or significant power loss also indicates that something is wrong with the fuel injector.

Although those symptoms can also indicate fault or damage in some other major component, users already confirmed that they experienced some of those symptoms when their ATV’s fuel injector had a problem and required cleaning, adjustment, or replacement.

One particular Suzuki King Quad 400 ATV owner claimed that one night, after six miles of the ride suddenly, his king quad cut out and eventually died. He further noticed that the red light on the dash and the fi light next to the gas gauge were blinking. In some cases, users claimed that the light stays on solid.

2. Engine Starting Problem

Several Suzuki King Quad 400 owners have experienced engine starting problems where they also claimed that initially, their vehicle had excellent cold starting before the sudden change in the performance.

One particular King Quad 400 owner mentioned that his vehicle was fine when cold. Later on, he noticed that whenever he ran the vehicle for a while and left it for 5 to 10 minutes, the vehicle visibly struggled to start again. He also encountered that the engine refused to fire up and even tried to kill the battery.

However, when he left the vehicle engine for more than 20 minutes, it eventually came back and started just fine.

Another owner of the 2016 400 king quad also claimed that he also could not start the vehicle when he tried to. He further mentioned that the ignition key and start switch were on. He even heard the fuel pump whining and checked the fuel tank; it was full too.

Mostly, these issues can arise either due to spark plug trouble or fuel pump issues. Even if the filters are clogged, this type of engine failure can occur.

3. Idles Rough & Dies with Throttle

With some King Quad 400, especially the 2014 version, consumers can encounter this problem where they may notice fuse trouble or even fuel blowing while the F1 light is turned on.

The vehicle may still run a couple of more days or weeks with even a few fuses. However, the engine will eventually turn slow to start, and when finally, startup, it will even idle perfectly like normal.

But gradually one will notice that even after idling just fine, the engine dies with the throttle.

One 2014 Quad 400F user has mentioned a similar experience with his ATV, and he further explained that after letting the engine idle and warm up for a couple of minutes, he was able to rev it up slowly. He also noticed that the engine started running rough and even suddenly die. Surprisingly, but surprisingly starts right up again.

After all this hassle, when he drove the ATV again, it was fine, and he successfully rode around the yard for a bit until the ATV lose all power. Even when he pushed too hard on it, it died instantly. 

It can happen, if your ATV’s fuel pressure level is not sufficient enough or up to the spec.

It may also happen because of a bad or faulty TPS, MAP sensor, or any major error in the electrical system.

4. Transmission Problem

Although transmission issue on the Quad 400 is not very common, a small group of consumers still encountered transmission trouble with some models.

One 2016 Quad ATV user have mentioned that after he successfully drove around 10,000km on his vehicle, when he was just driving down a dirt road and suddenly, he heard a terrible grinding noise.

After that, the vehicle gradually stopped delivering power to the wheels, but the engine still revved.

So, he put his vehicle in neutral and back into high surprisingly, it worked great for another 100km of hard riding until the vehicle started to have the similar no power delivery issue very frequently.

And this time louder grinding noise issue too. before it started doing it much more frequently.

In this kind of situation, one should first check the CVT and service it entirely (most likely one will need to repair or replace the belt).

It can also occur because of the destroyed bearing in front of the wet clutch.

Sometimes, this type of occurrence happens when someone mostly drives their vehicle too aggressively or hard and as a result, the tires turn really bad.

5. Engine Stalling or Cutting Out Problem

Consumers may experience stalling or electrical component failure where the vehicle starves for enough power and periodically encounters massive power loss.

According to one Suzuki King Quad 400 user, he has been having trouble with his Quad for quite a long time, and with times it gets worse. He further explained that he suddenly started noticing that his vehicle starts normally at first and runs fine too. But soon out of the blue, it starts to either stall or cut out at the low idle position.

There are several individual areas that one is required to check and investigate thoroughly to figure out the actual problem areas.

It can bedue to not enough ground clearance on the battery, or because of the trouble in your TPS.

You may also need to run a good amount of seafoam through your fuel system to clear the way for better flow.

One should also check whether the battery and its connecting wires, terminals are in good condition or not.

Besides those, the problem may also occur when you do not have enough amount of dielectric grease oil on all the connections or a bare wire left somewhere.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Suzuki King Quad 400?

Most Suzuki King Quad 400 owners and users have expressed their satisfaction. Also claimed that they have not encountered any savior issue with this vehicle yet.

Even some users have mentioned that this model especially comes with a large fuel tank and plush seat which ensures extended comfort in riding it for a longer period.

Some have also mentioned that the rugged bodywork and full racks that each Suzuki King Quad 400 features help them to tackle any task smoothly and even in a shorter time than other similar grades of ATVs.

Most owners also liked that besides being such a capable and reliable ATV model, it still has a very wallet-friendly price tag.

Final Thoughts

The Suzuki King Quad 400 is specially designed with an incredibly wide powerband and built with an impressive amount of torque to deliver a sufficient amount of charge to keep you company through whatever challenges you deal with on the way. However, besides all the special features to carry out the legacy of the Suzuki King Quad lineup, the Quad 400 also has its downsides. Because of that, one may encounter one of the earlier explained troubleshooting issues.

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