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6 Most Common Problems with Suzuki King Quad 500

6 Most Common Problems with Suzuki King Quad 500

The latest Suzuki ATV, the King Quad 500, is intended to withstand any ride. This new model strikes a better mix between practical utility and recreational riding.

The new edgy new style and cutting-edge technology are the culmination of 30 years of technical knowledge and include a slew of innovative new features. However, there are a few faults with the vehicle that you should be aware of before you buy.

One of the recognized issues was a battery that was constantly draining due to a defective wire in the harness. There are very few reported faults with the Suzuki King Quad 500, aside from a few odd incidences with the battery on some display models going dead.

Common Problems of the Suzuki King Quad 500:

The problems that people around the world confront are outlined below.

1. Harness Connections

The King Quad has a few electrical connections. And when they become wet, they’ll all cause problems, some, more than others. The most typical troublemakers are the above-left tires, rear tail light, fuse blocks, ECU, Volt REG, and foot brake.

Not only should you examine those water places, but also corrosion. So just because it’s a dry connection doesn’t imply it’s a bad one. As a general rule, the older an ATV is, the more likely it is to have rust.

2. Grounding

When most people think of wiring, they think of a power supply and a blown fuse. Most people believe it’s a fuse that’s blown. However, many people overlook the importance of ground in making everything work.

All of the electronics, as well as relays and lights, are grounded on the King Quad. Your starter draws the most power and ground, and it has its ground that runs directly from the battery to the engine case.

If you separate the main ground wire from your electronics, the ATV will not start.

Here’s where things can go wrong. Both stream and ground can be jumped by water. And things can go wrong. When you turn on your lights, for example, your 4×4 light or your FI light will turn on.

Alternatively, you can turn on your lights and the engine will stop as well, or you may turn on your fan and it will do the same.

3. Engine Failure

There have been instances where the King Quad 500 shut off automatically after operating for a long without sound or alert. Even if the starter cranks away after you turn on the ignition key, the engine may now start if it cut out on you.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, even if you change the oil regularly and use good synthetic oil. The engine may not start for a variety of reasons. It’s also an excellent opportunity to consult the operator’s manual.

Make sure to follow all of the troubleshooting methods listed there, such as refilling old gasoline, replacing a fouled spark plug, and cleaning a filthy air filter, among others.

You’re in big danger if nothing works and the timing chain comes off owing to worn-out camshaft and sprockets. The cost of rebuilding an engine, which includes replacing or repairing the camshaft, timing chain, piston rings, valves, and other components, can range from $1000 to $2000.

Aside from the aforementioned issue, several people have complained about the engine’s power.

Yes, there is an emission restriction factor, but the engines’ output looks a little low. This problem is expected to be resolved with a performance improvement.

4. The Battery

The battery is the most overlooked component of any ATV electrical system.

Clean connections are required on the battery. The cables leading to the connections must also be in great working order. Corrosion develops behind the wire insulation, generating a slew of problems.

Is your battery in good shape? It doesn’t mean it’s a good battery just because it’s receiving a decent charge and can hold 12 volts or more.

Only a load test can determine whether or not your battery is in good operating order.

5. Rear Tail Light

Because of the rear tail light, as well as any bulb that is within a socket, this may be the most critical lesson you will learn. Your ground is the outer part of the socket. The light will not turn on until you apply the brakes.

The majority of the time, the back tail light is a sealed unit that keeps the majority of the water out. However, many people are unaware that many rear tail light housings have a vent in them.

The vent allows humidity to escape, preventing corrosion and a variety of other problems. Water enters the vent when humans dive deep, and it then begins to fill the housing with water. And until you hit the brakes, everything is OK. Also, apply dielectric grease to those connections.

6. The Vent

When you press the brakes with water in your light housing, you’re delivering positive current into your negative base, which also serves as a feeding ground for a variety of other stuff.

When you press the brakes, your engine stalls, and your FI light is on. Your 4×4 indicator illuminates. The engine stalls when your fan turns on. The engine stalls when you turn on your lights.

Water isn’t the only problem; corrosion is as well. Corrosion between one of those posts and the outside socket will cause a slew of problems.

If not those posts, it’s the cable that runs behind that black disk to the back of those posts. It’s preferable to seal that vent if you’re going deep. Also, apply dielectric grease to those connections.

These are just a few of the Suzuki King Quad 500 troubleshooting techniques you might try to get your ATV operating again.

Remember that if you are unable to solve an issue, you can call a service department or technician.

Having your Vehicle serviced once a year is a good idea anyhow.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Suzuki King Quad 500?

Suzuki, the inventor of the four-wheel ATV, has created the greatest sports-utility quad in the world, with bold styling and increased capability and dependability. There are, however, a few faults. Here are some of their client testimonials:

“I bought a new King Quad 500 about 2 weeks ago and I lost reverse while harmlessly trying to reverse out of a snowdrift with only 2 hours on my machine. It is in the local shop and they told me that Suzuki has sent over a shipment of entire engine assemblies to replace defective machines.”Raj King Quad from ATV Connection.

 Another user had a startup problem.

“A couple of weeks ago, I moved my 2009 500 AVI from my storage shed into my garage to service it. It started and ran fine when I did this. I went to service the Quad this past weekend, and it would not start (no power at all to my screen when I turned the key on). I assumed it was a dead battery, but it seemed ok when I hooked my charger and my winch works fine.”Kevin from Suzuki ATV Forums.

Some users have complained about the air filter problem with their Suzuki King Quad. Here is one of them.

“Other than the air filter problem, I haven’t heard of any common problems. Those extended warranties are always a crapshoot. If you don’t get it, the next day your computer will go out. If you do get it, it’ll run perfectly for 5 years. $111 a year is pretty cheap insurance.” – OldeerSlayer from Suzuki Forums.

Although the Suzuki King Quad 500 has several issues, they do not all occur in the same consumer. If you run into any issues, you can refer to the instructions that came with it.

Final Thoughts

Suzuki hopes that a wide range of consumers will be able to use and enjoy their King Quad 500 for farming, ranching, chores, trail riding, hunting, and other recreational activities.

These ATVs strike a better mix between practical utility and recreational riding. As a result, they are equally suited to ranching and agriculture as well as trail riding and outdoor activities. Even though it is a fantastic vehicle, you may encounter a few issues. You can have a nice time with your ride if you can overcome these problems if any arise.

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