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7 Most Common Problems with Textron Prowler Pro

7 Most Common Problems with Textron Prowler Pro

The Textron Prowler Pro is an excellent UTV for a variety of uses. However, if you have been driving your car for a long period, it may develop a few issues. If you use it frequently, it may also surface.

High maintenance, strength, dealership, and dependability are the most typical issues. On forums, several people have expressed their worries about the issues they have encountered.

Today, I’ll go through all of the major concerns that you could encounter if you possess a Textron Prowler Pro.

Common Problems of the Textron Prowler Pro:

1. Reliability Issues

On early journeys, many prowler owners notice loose roll cage bolts. Problems with the front axle and tie rod have also been reported. Hunters have complained that the rear brakes are too loud, frightening their prey away.

Some consumers reported having trouble restarting their vehicles after they had been in use, as well as smells caused by belt slippage. A recall for defective rear brakes in 2005 vehicles is reported on the Consumer Affairs website.

The model Year 2008 Arctic Cat 50cc and 90cc Youth Model ATVs have been recalled due to issues with the idling and speed control. Arctic Cat owners who utilize their vehicles for towing and hauling have largely expressed satisfaction. Users on farms and ranches are pleased with the vehicle’s power.

2. Transmission Challenges

The Textron Prowler Pro UTV has a significant transmission problem. This is a common problem in the winter. If this happens, the gear will become locked, and the UTV will not start unless you keep shifting into a higher gear than you should.

If you’re using motor oil instead of transmission oil and you’ve previously checked the oil viscosity, you’ll need to replace the oil to remedy the problem. If you house the unit appropriately, it may not become a transmission problem in the winter.

When all of the gears operate to save the first, the problem is more likely to be with the clutch, shift fork, or shifter mechanism. In the worst-case situation, you might have to disassemble your gearbox to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

3. Power Loss

This problem is more prevalent with Textron Prowler Pro UTVs, particularly those with little mileage. The machine won’t shift while going uphill or losing control at a speed of 15 mph or more when riding downhill are frequent symptoms of this UTV.

Furthermore, if the seat belt switch continues to activate or if oil is sucked by the air cleaner, this is an indication of the problem. According to Arctic Cat dealers, this is a prevalent issue caused by a worn-out camshaft, which Arctic Cat has yet to address.

Taking your UTV to a professional or an Arctic Cat dealer is the best answer to this problem. Check air filters, spark plugs, mufflers, valves, fuel injectors, and other probable causes if the outcome isn’t satisfactory.

4. Oil Reading

For your Textron Prowler Pro UTV, this issue was produced by using engine oil with improper lubrication. To avoid this, keep in mind that this Arctic Cat UTV features a semi-dry-sump construction.

It’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use SAE 10W-30 4-stroke oil with an API service grade of SG or above. If you’re starting with a cold motor, follow these instructions:

Allow the machine to sit for three minutes. Before checking the oil, turn it off and let it sit for a few minutes. Expect readings from oil variations if this isn’t the case.

Avoid oils marketed as energy-saving or resource-saving. This is a low-cost tactic used by merchants to entice clients.

5. Performance Problem

Pinging noises, erratic engine running, and misfiring are all signs of this condition. If the engine starts but does not run smoothly, it might be due to a problem with your gasoline octane rating, oil temperature, or soot extraction.

Follow the guidelines on page 200 of your service manual to check your oil temperature gauge to remedy this issue. If any barrier is encountered, use the specified gasoline or, if required, examine your fuel filter.

There’s no need to be frustrated if the problem persists despite these early efforts since most Textron Prowler Pro UTV performance difficulties necessitate a visit to your local repair or dealer.

Regular maintenance, according to Arctic Cat riders, is crucial for good performance.

6. Shifting Problem

It’s tough to transfer to 3rd gear if your Textron Prowler Pro has gone more than 8,000 miles, especially in cold weather.

Unfortunately, replacing oils and oil filters makes little difference in resolving this issue. As a result, the majority of pioneer owners fault the UTV’s insufficient air ventilation.

Allow the quad engine to warm up before starting it in the winter, or ride it for a short distance before starting it. If it doesn’t work, you might need to fiddle with the accelerator or replace the angle sensors (which are entirely automated).

Make sure there are no shift pins strewn about the transmission in addition to these. Also, keep an eye on your Textron Prowler Pro for broken micro switches. There is an issue if your car starts in any gear other than park or neutral.

7. Other Challenges

The differential lock on the Textron Prowler Pro’s front tires does not always operate. Because there will be no blinking from the dash light to indicate the problem, it might be perplexing. Although it’s impossible to say for sure, a lot of rock crawling might be to blame.

The true reason for this is that the quad’s front-drive axle output comes out of the shaft, which most Arctic Cat owners mistake for a cable problem. When both 4WD and differential-lock mode are active, this is a frequent sign of the problem.

Knowing your dealer, according to forum members, is crucial. They recommend purchasing from a vendor that is well-versed in ATV and UTV servicing.

The majority of experts advise making direct contact with the Arctic Cat firm early on in the problem-solving process.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Textron Prowler Pro?

Every UTV is distinctive in its way. Avoiding maintenance might result in severe complications that are time-consuming, costly or both in the future. As a consequence, common complaints will emerge, such as braking problems or an engine that begins to lose power.

Users have voiced their thoughts on the Textron Prowler Pros on different forums. Here are some of the reviews I’ve seen that you might find interesting.

“I have had 2019 Prowler Pro for 6 months, put on 400 + easy miles. I am enjoying the quiet engine and the Power Steering. No mechanical issues, performs as good as or better than previously owned Yam Viking. The 2 cons that I have noticed are the heat in the cab from the front radiator and roll back heat from the Engine from the front of the bed. I did not notice until the roof and fixed windshield with vents were installed. The other involves the composite bed floor warping in the sun.”

Cat Man Dew from Prowler Talk

We discovered several people who left both good and negative comments after doing some study.

“I have a ’19 Prowler Pro and also had a tough time with the shifter. Not to bring on the bad karma but my Prowler is headed back to the dealer for an adjustment that is supposed to keep the shifter from sticking in R, Hi, or Lo. At times it will not disengage when the engine RPMs lower as they should. Not sure what the issue is but Service Rep at the dealer said that it may be a simple solution and adjustment.”

– Dennis OS from Arctic Chat

If you know what to look for, keeping up with the maintenance of your Textron Prowler Pro is straightforward. If you take care of it regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a longer period without having to spend more money on repairs.

Most problems start small and build into something far more serious over time, so the sooner you fix it and the more diligent you are with routine maintenance, the simpler it will be in the long term.

Final Thoughts

The Textron Prowler Pro UTV is a workhorse that provides the finest trail experience while still being enjoyable to drive regularly. The issues we’ve mentioned in this post may or may not apply to your UTV. It is normal for every vehicle, no matter how fantastic it is, to have certain issues.

Also, our job was to talk about the Textron Prowler Pro UTV’s typical problems, not to dissuade you from getting one. However, neglect produces a slew of issues that may affect any vehicle, not just the Textron Prowler Pro. If you’re buying a secondhand car, make sure the brake pads and wires aren’t burned. Check the oil as well, as outdated oil might harm the engine.

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