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5 Most Common Problems with Tracker 800SX

5 Most Common Problems with Tracker 800SX

The Tracker 800SX side-by-side model is known as a quieter and capable workhorse with an engine rating of 50 HP, and from open, flat fields to country roads, it can run smoothly on various surfaces without any major discomfort.

Tracker 800SX side by side model is specially designed and built with the standard vibration-reducing frame, abundant storage, around 45 to 53 MPH ranged speed, and more outstanding features to ensure versatility and powerhouse reliability.

However, just like any other top-rated side-by-side vehicle model, Tracker 800SX also has its downsides, which leads to encountering some common troubleshooting issues.

So, let’s learn more details about the 5 most common problems that customers might encounter with any Tracker 800SX model-

Common Problems of the Tracker 800SX:

1. Battery Not Charging

If you ever notice or encounter that your Tracker 800sx vehicle is slow to crank, stalling, failing to start, or having a hard time to start, it’s most probably happening because of the Battery wires or connections.

This can also happen when your battery is starving for charge and when you are putting it on charger it’s not charging.

These types of incidents occur when the battery wires or cable connections get shorted, loose, or somehow get open.

When your utility side by side vehicle’s battery has shorted, loose, or open wiring connections, it will significantly affect the internal electricity flow causing the starting or sluggish starting issue.

Though it’s a very common issue that often occurs in any utility vehicle after some time, one should be alert of these things too.

This is also an easy fix issue, and all you have to do is either tighten the connections if they are loose or repair and replace them as required.

Sometimes, due to short, loose, or even open battery wires or connections, you will notice that your battery is not responding correctly while on charging and as a result, not getting enough charge.

The battery charging error can also arise when you have a loose or bad Serpentine belt.

Another possible reason behind this can be the alternator or regulator. If either one of them fails or turns bad, the battery will struggle to charge.

In any of these situations, the ultimate solution is to check all the possible areas and take necessary actions.

2. Charging Instability

Users may encounter engine cranking and starting issues on their Tracker 800sx when the battery is suffering from charging instability.

One may also notice check engine light dimming or lack of electrical flow in the system, which ultimately causes electrical components to suffer or not respond correctly.

These are issues that often arise when your battery has unstable charging on it and it’s pretty common in most utility vehicles. The Tracker 800sx side-by-side vehicle model is no exception either.

According to the model’s troubleshooting manual, this can happen due to wires and cable connections issues.

Also, if your vehicle model has a serpentine belt and it becomes broken or loose, it will cause charging instability.

Another thing to check is the condition of the Alternator or regulator of your vehicle, whether they are in good condition or require replacement.

3. Starter Fails To Engage

Have you ever experienced that while turning on the ignition key, your vehicle fails to start?

It can be a clear sign that your starter is in trouble and causing such a problem.

Tracker 800sx side by side model users may encounter symptoms such as hearing a constant buzzing unusual noise while the engine is not cranking.

Users may also hear loud clicking, whirring, or grinding noise when the starter motor fails to engage or enough electricity flow is not reaching the starter.

The most obvious reason behind starter motor failure can be the low charge on your battery. If your battery is out of enough charge, just charge it until it becomes 100% charged and try to start your engine to check the starter’s performance.

The starter may also fail to engage properly when you have one or more of these defective internal components, such as switch contacts, start relay, starter relay, or key switch.

In that case, you need to replace the defective components.

Starter engaging failure can also arise when any wiring connections become loose or disconnected, so make sure to check all the connecting wirings.

4. Battery Too Rapidly Discharging

Another most common problem with any utility vehicle is noticing battery discharging too often and quickly than usual.

It can also happen with the Tracker 800sx, and there can be several different reasons for this trouble.

If your vehicle’s battery is sulfide or short-circuited, it can cause rapid discharging, and in that case, you need to simply replace the battery with a new one.

Sometimes when the electrical system turns excessively loaded, the battery will start discharging quicker than usual too.

This problem can also arise if the charging system you are using is faulty or not charging. In that case, the culprit can be the alternator or loose serpentine belt.

So, you need to check and replace the alternator or tighten the belt if required.

5. Transmission Problem

Some users have claimed about Tracker transmission failure or trouble where they encountered fluid leakage from the front side and automatic transmission failing while shifting between first to second gear.

If you do not take care of the failing transmission on time, the transmission, starter, and ignition system might entirely stop functioning after some more miles of operation.

The shifting issue can occur when the transmission becomes too warm. These problems mainly happen when the riders aggressively use the vehicle and do not take proper care.

The best way to solve the Transmission system failure or trouble is to either contact the nearest dealer or visit the service center since it’s a little bit of a tricky area to do the servicing by yourself.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Tracker 800SX?

Most of the users or owners are impressed with the Tracker 800sx model’s quality and performance.

According to the users, the Tracker 800sx model has excellent ground clearance and can smoothly run over strong objects like stones, logs.

Some Tracker users were even surprised to see how smoothly and exceptionally it can climb in 4wd. One particular user has mentioned that with this tracker side by side model, steep sideways terrain is no big deal, and it can stay stable throughout the ride.

Also, many have claimed that this model does very well on gas and as the advertisement says it runs quieter than the competitors’ options.

Here, I would like to share some of the user’s opinions so that you can also get an idea of Tracker 800sx side by side model’s performance, durability, and reliability-

” Just got mine….love it. So quiet and ride is like a Cadillac.”Brian C

“I just bought mine and am very happy with it for the most part! However the one thing I can’t understand is why they didn’t make it where the engine will hold you back going downhill. I live in hill country and once you start down the other side it just freewheels. Very scary. Also, they need to allow the purchase of maintenance items like oil, transaxle oil etc. online. Dealers aren’t stocking much of these items.”R Jenkins

Final Thoughts

The Tracker 800SX side-by-side model is one of the best-in-class off-road vehicles that come with superior quality suspension and ground clearance. Tracker 800sx also features Electronic fuel injection (EFI) to improve fuel economy and overall performance.

This Tracker side-by-side model also features CVT transmission for the drivetrain and can run back and forth in various fields such as open or flat fields to country roads.

However, besides all those amazing qualities, do not forget to consider the possible troubleshooting issues that you may encounter in the future with the Tracker 800SX.

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