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Essential Information: Relearning Throttle Body on Jeep Liberty

Have you noticed anything weird after replacing the throttle body or a battery replacement on your Jeep Liberty? Perhaps it’s calling for relearning the throttle body sensor back to a new baseline idle. However, do you know how to relearn throttle body on jeep liberty?

One of the easiest and technologically advanced techniques for relearning the throttle body on your Jeep Liberty includes using a programming device such as the Mac Tools Mentor Touch Scout. Just connect the device to your OBD system, and this device will handle the rest.

Yes, we have mentioned the device will do the rest, but you’ll need to direct it to get the job done. Check the detailed step-by-step process mentioned below to relearn the throttle body without any error.

What are the symptoms of a jeep liberty faulty throttle body?

Most times the problems aren’t limited to just the TPS system, but also can hint at problems with other components. So when you notice that the check engine light comes on, it’s best to start from there as it may be a sign of several important problems.

You could be experiencing one of the symptoms listed below if the jeep liberty throttle position sensor fails.

  • Check Engine Light is turned on
  • Lack of power during acceleration
  • Difficulty in gear shifting
  • Poor mileage or excess fuel consumption
  • Abnormal jerking
  • Dirt or grime build-up
  • Airflow disruptions
  • Issues with wiring
  • Unstable engine idle

How to relearn throttle body on Jeep Liberty?

Throttle body relearn process varies depending on the make and model of different vehicles. So, you won’t see any universal process for this. Here, we’re going to use the most advanced process of relearning Jeep Liberty

throttle body.

Here, we’ll use a programming device that will do the job without any hassle and surprisingly fast. This device is somewhat common for many vehicles and works for several processes. So, having one could be beneficial in the long run. Let’s start:

Step-1: Turn the Ignition On

First, you have to turn the ignition on. However, make sure the engine isn’t running.

Step-2: Connect the Programming Device

Now connect the programming device to the OBD port. This port is usually near the steering wheel on the driver’s side.

Step-3: Detect VIN Number

On the device, you’ll see a VIN detection option, click there and find the VIN number. This will specify your Jeep Liberty with the model year like 2012 Jeep Liberty, 2010 Jeep Liberty by decoding the VIN number.

Step-4: Select the Control Unit

Once the device has detected and decoded the VIN number, click on the diagnostics option. There you’ll see the “Control Unit’’ button. Click on it and select the Power Train button.

Step-5: Press ECM Button

As you have clicked on the Power Train option, you’ll see the Electronic Control Module(ECM) on the screen. Select it to discover further options. 

Step-6: Select Special Features Option

After clicking the ECM button, you’ll see several options right there. However, you have to select the “Special Function” option. Right here, you’ll see the Learn Electric Throttle Control (ETC) button.

This feature will work to learn Throttle Position Voltages, and AP position, so just click OK.

TP Voltage learning process may take a few seconds only. This process will set the value to default.

Step-7: Press and Hold the Throttle Pedal

Once the device shows it’s done, press and hold the throttle to the floor. Then select Ok when you’re ready.

You may need to hold the accelerator pedal for a maximum of 6 seconds while processing.  You’ll see the direction to release the pedal, when it appears, release it and press ok.

Step-8: Release Pedal and Wait

Afterward, the device will start the relearning process. Make sure you don’t press the pedal here within at least 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, you’ll see the notification for completing the relearning process. Press close and exit.  Now you’re all set.

What will happen if you do not relearn the throttle body of jeep liberty?

If you have ever thought about leaving your Jeep Liberty throttle body uncalibrated, it’s time to be cautious. Doing this can lead you to the following consequences:

● Jerking and Abnormal Accelerating

Regardless of whether you adequately relearn PCM behaviors, PCM instructed data may get sporadic. In the resulting scenario, the PCM assumes that the throttle permanently closes and opens, and its air-fuel mix adapts to that assumption.

Driving under these conditions can cause your automobile to jerk suddenly, and you may also experience brief transitional periods of acceleration even when you aren’t accelerating aggressively.

● Rough Idle

If you do not put your foot on the gas pedal and the engine is idling, the TPS is one of the things that allows your engine to maintain a suitable idle speed.

If the TPS is manually set, however, it will affect the amount of fuel getting to the engine and prompt it to idle rough.

Ideally, an engine at idle should sustain a fairly steady rate of RPM, but an engine with an uncalibrated TPS will likely cycle erratically.

● Lack of Power

If the PCM erroneously determines that the throttle has been closed though it’s not in reality, it will reduce fuel-air mixture, which will result in an inefficient engine.

Since the PCM will not be able to predict how well the car will run as a result, the PCM will limit the full power that can be produced by your engine.

This is when you are most likely to push harder on your accelerator pedal. As you increase the RPM level or shift into successively higher gears, you notice that your car develops a delay before it can accelerate once more.

For the similar to occur in the other situation, the TPS signal may be transmitted to add less fuel than the ECM expects, which might cause your automobile to run low on gas.

As a result, you will need to top up more petrol than needed, and you’ll start to notice a strong smell of gas in your vehicle when driving it regularly.

Do Jeep Liberty throttle bodies need to be programmed?

Yes, you should reprogram the throttle body after replacing the electronic throttle body, clearing a check engine light, disconnecting a battery cable, etc.

Well, you may find people saying the throttle body learns on its own after a certain period, but bad things can happen anytime. And, nobody welcomes an unexpected situation.

Over time, carbon buildup may collect around the accelerator pedal, transferring it to a different position.

If the buildup occurs gradually, the PCM becomes accustomed to the new position. However, if the battery dies, or you remove it to work on your vehicle, the PCM retracts to its previous position.

The PCM overwrites the previous settings if it undergoes any replacement service, ignoring the adaptive factors. If you don’t relearn the throttle body, the PCM will use the normal idle reading as the baseline.

It may wait for two or three days or even a week to learn the normal idle on its own. During this period you may experience rough idle, jerking, and insufficient acceleration power.


Now, have a quick look at a few frequently asked questions concerning the throttle body relearning process on Jeep Liberty. Getting answers to these questions will help you discover common thoughts seen among Jeep enthusiasts around the world.

How long does the jeep liberty ECU take to relearn the throttle?

It may usually take 15 to 30 minutes. If nothing occurs after this period of time, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) will be received by the automobile’s PCM, and a fault code will be stored in it.

How to reset the jeep liberty ECU?

You do this by snapping the battery terminals and starting the vehicle (turning the key to start) three times. Reconnect the battery and start the computer once again to reset it.

Proponents of this also believe that the reset reflects the automobile’s working condition in case the EFI computer checks out the exhaust-oxygen and polluting emissions.

When should you reset the computer of your jeep liberty?

Resetting the computer of your Jeep Liberty may be necessary after  performing any major repair or replacement, especially regarding the throttle body, Oxygen sensor, etc. However, some people think it isn’t somewhat “lifesaver” indeed.

How much does it cost to recalibrate a throttle body?

If you visit a repair shop, you are expected to pay around $100 to $150 to have your recollection done. However, if you head to the dealership, you will be charged around $200.

Dealerships most frequently invoice one hour in this area of work. The job generally doesn’t take that long. Regarding 1 hour, most repair shops can bill.

Can a dirty air filter cause throttle body problems on  Jeep Liberty?

Dirt and debris can build up in the intake tract or throttle housing, leading to airflow pressure problems and observable system issues. Faulty throttle controls may lead to air temperature differences in the system dynamics, which could result in sluggish ride and acceleration.

Final Words

We have reached the bottom of our guide. Before we leave, we want to mention one thing. Yes, you can take your Jeep to a repair shop any time, but considering the cost of the maintenance, approaching a DIY process might be the wisest decision so far.

If you have learned how to relearn throttle body on Jeep Liberty successfully, this will be our utmost achievement. In case you’re not confident enough, don’t hesitate to take assistance from professionals or take your vehicle to a repair shop.

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