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How to Replace the Jeep Cherokee Crankshaft Position Sensor?

Your Jeep Cherokee may have a defective crankshaft position sensor if it stops unexpectedly, runs rough, starts hard, or doesn’t start at all (CPS).

The CPS is in charge of reading the crankshaft’s position and speed and transferring that data to the Jeep’s central processing unit (CPU), which uses it to determine spark timing for the ignition system. The Jeep will simply not start if the CPS fails, albeit a faulty CPS might cause the engine to run rough or start hard.

It’s not difficult to replace the CPS, and if you believe one is bad, replacing it might save you from being stuck when it stops working completely.

How To Reach the Crankshaft Position Sensor on Cherokee?

The Crankshaft Position Sensor is located somewhat left of center at the back of the engine, towards the top of the bell housing (intake manifold side).

Because it is located at the intersection of the firewall and the transmission tunnel, it is difficult to see or approach.

It features a flat 3-conductor wire that connects to the fuel injector wiring harness through a connection at the back of the engine. Two bolts screwed in from the back hold it in place.

Because of their placement, it’s tough to get a wrench on these bolts. It may be easier to reach them from below, even with a long series of socket extensions, than it is to reach them from behind the transmission.

If the worst happens, jack up the engine and remove the left motor mount, then lower the jack to enable the engine to fall low enough to reach in from above.

According to the service instructions, the new sensor includes some paper on the face that acts as a spacer to ensure proper clearance from the flywheel.

This is not true in my experience; I’ve been able to change it without having to worry about clearance – simply screw it in and it works. Before you finish tightening the mounting bolts, you can want to lift them to get the most clearance.

How to replace the Crankshaft Position sensor on Jeep Cherokee step by step:

Tools You Need:

Here are the tools you’ll need to open the old crankshaft position sensor and replace it.

  1. Ratchet
  2. Universal Joint
  3. Socket Extension
  4. 10mm Socket
  5. 11mm Socket
  6. 10mm wrench
  7. Needle Nose Pliers
  8. Strings
  9. Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1:   

On the driver’s side of the bell housing, approximately halfway down, locate the crankshaft position sensor. It is held in place by two 7/16-inch bolts and is connected to the engine by a cable.

Step 2:

Remove the two 7/16-inch bolts that keep the CPS in place. Depending on what works best for you, you can use a socket with an extension or an open-end wrench.

Step 3:

You’ll locate a clamp that secures the cable to the Jeep’s bell housing around 6 to 8 inches up the cable. Take the wire out of the clip.

Step 4:

Locate the weather-proof connection where it plugs into the main wire harness by following the cord from the CPS to the top of the engine.

Carefully unplug the connector, taking caution not to damage the connector’s tab.

Step 5:

Remove the Jeep’s previous CPS and cable. Using the two 7/16-inch bolts, install the new CPS in the same spot as the previous one.

Install the cord from the new CPS up to the clip on the bell housing and below it. Connect the remaining cable to the weather-proof connection by running it up through the engine compartment.

When correctly placed, the connection should only travel in one direction and click in.

If you still have trouble replacing the crankshaft position sensor on your Jeep Cherokee, Check out this video.

Which Jeep Cherokee Crankshaft Position Sensor Is the Best?

Your Jeep Cherokee will be relieved to know that your search for the correct Crankshaft Position Sensor products is now over!

For your Cherokee, Advance Auto Parts offers 26 different Crankshaft Position Sensors available for shipment or in-store pickup.

The greatest news is that our Jeep Cherokee Crankshaft Position Sensor items start at only $18.99.

When it comes to your Jeep Cherokee, you only want components and accessories from reputable manufacturers.

We only deal with the most dependable Crankshaft Position Sensor product and component brands here at Advance Auto Parts, so you can buy with total confidence.

Carquest Premium and Omix-Ada are two of our most popular Crankshaft Position Sensor brands.

I’m confident you’ll find the right product to keep that Cherokee running for years.

Shop online, locate the greatest deal on the perfect item, and have it delivered to your front.

Visit one of your local Advance Auto Parts shops to get the correct Crankshaft Position Sensor components for your Cherokee, and you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Here are some crankshaft position sensors for your Jeep Cherokee:

Omix-Ada Crankshaft Positioning Sensor$324.99
Carquest Premium – Crankshaft Sensor$53.99
Carquest premium – Crankshaft Sensor$108.99
Carquest premium – Crankshaft Sensor$79.99
NTK – Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor$111.99
Carquest premium – Crankshaft Sensor$34.49
Carquest premium – Crankshaft Sensor$56.99
Omix-Ada Crankshaft Positioning Sensor$69.99

Based on the model and the year of the Cherokee you have the crankshaft position sensor will vary.

When To Replace the Crankshaft Position Sensor?

The engine computer uses the crankshaft position sensor, which is usually positioned near or on the crankshaft, to determine how quickly the engine is operating.

This is so the control unit understands when to ignite the air-fuel combination with the spark plugs and, in certain engines, when to inject fuel.

Almost every engine with a distributor-less ignition system uses these sensors.

If the crank sensor fails, the computer will be unable to establish the ignition timing, resulting in the engine stopping or refusing to start. Engine stalling is another indication that might set up the check engine light.

It’s possible that the engine may operate badly or that acceleration will be impaired.

Excessive heat is a common cause of sensor failure, but it can also cease operating due to improper wiring.

Some cars have a camshaft position sensor, which allows the engine computer to track the position of the camshafts that open and close the valves for more precise fuel and ignition control.

Even though these sensors are not mentioned as routine maintenance items, they frequently fail without notice.

As a result, some repair shops advise replacing them on high-mileage engines as a preventative measure.

Because a broken sensor doesn’t always cause the check engine light to come on and some of the same symptoms might be caused by other issues with the fuel or ignition systems it’s important to know what to look for.

Final Words

In general, replacing the crankshaft position sensor of a Jeep Cherokee or comparable vehicle is a simple process. In this article, I’ve discussed all the things you might need to know about your Jeep Cherokee’s crankshaft position sensor.

I hope you find this article to be useful. When someone in the case needs this, you can share it with them.

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