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How to Replace the Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Signal Bulb?

The Jeep Wrangler, like many vehicles, has its share of flaws and problems that many owners find annoying or even dangerous. One of those difficulties could be a problem with your Jeep Wrangler’s rear turn signal bulb.

This article is appearing in front of you because one of your rear turn signals might have burned out and you’re unsure how to change the bulb in a rear turn signal on your Jeep Wrangler.

Read the full article to learn how to do the whole procedure of Jeep Wrangler rear turn signal bulb replacement by yourself without having to go to your mechanic.

What Is the Purpose of the Rear Turn Signal Bulb?

On the front corners of the vehicle, the rear turn signal bulbs are positioned inside the light assemblies.

The rear turn signal switch receives the driver’s input and distributes electricity to the associated bulb to alert other drivers that you are changing lanes or turning.

It has to be remembered that the turn signal flasher, not the bulbs, is most likely to have failed if the turn signal bulbs stop flashing or lighting up.

To be sure with this issue, you may follow some ways, such as:

  • Check to see if the turn signal bulb is flashing.
  • If a bulb is found to be defective, it should be removed.
  • Check for a flashing turn signal.
  • Examine the turn signals for correct working.

How to Diagnose the Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Signal Bulb Problem?

Whether it’s for your safety, roadworthiness testing, or avoiding a citation, making sure your turn signal bulbs are always working is critical.

To begin, you’ll learn how to inspect a burnt-out rear turn signal bulb on your Jeep Wrangler, and then how to replace the rear turn signal bulb on your Jeep Wrangler in the second step.

When driving your Jeep Wrangler, you don’t always have the opportunity to check all of the security features.

Indeed, you are frequently in a rush and are more likely to jump into your car, drive, and then park it without giving it a thorough inspection. As a reason, it’s critical to check the condition of your headlights and turn signals regularly.

However, when Does It Need Replacement?

Your Jeep Wrangler likely has a burned-out rear turn signal that you haven’t noticed.

Here are two fast ways to see if your car’s rear turn signal is out of commission or if you need to replace it:

  • When you come to a complete stop, start your Jeep Wrangler and alternately turn on your left and right rear turn lights before exiting the vehicle to ensure they are operational.
  • You may do this by paying attention to the sound of your turn signals. Each car has an audio warning that tells you of a rear turn signal bulb that has burned out.

You will notice that the time between each “click” is significantly shorter, indicating that you will need to replace the rear turn signal bulb or sooner. It’s up to you to visually examine and confirm which one is burnt out, as indicated in the first approach.

If you have another bulb to replace, such as the one in your low beam Jeep Wrangler or the one in your position lights on Jeep Wrangler, don’t hesitate to read through our articles for assistance.

How to Replace the Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Signal Bulb?

Let’s get to the core of this article: how to replace the rear turn signal bulb on a Jeep Wrangler.

You should be aware that this procedure is fairly straightforward; you will need to access your headlight unit from the inside of your trunk, open it, and replace the burnt-out rear turn signal bulb on your vehicle.

See my dedicated content if it’s a bulb on your Jeep Wrangler’s rear turn signal.

On the other side, here is a step-by-step guide to follow to complete this process correctly:

  • Remove the carpeting or plastic cover over the tail light assembly to have access to it.
  • To open the tail light assembly, use a screwdriver or a 6-pointed star torn wrench.
  • Remove the rear indicator bulb from your burnt-out turn signal, which you found earlier in this article through an exterior visual inspection; you’ll need to crank it a quarter turn counter-clockwise to do so.
  • In your Jeep Wrangler, change the rear turn signal bulb. Select the proper model for your automobile from two types of bulbs: transparent bulbs when the cover is orange and orange bulbs when the cover is clear.
  • Reinstall your rear turn signal bulb and close your tail light block, then double-check that your new turn signal bulb is functioning properly.

Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Signal Bulb Replacement Cost:

It needs to be replaced as soon as it stops working. On average, replacing a rear turn signal bulb costs between $10 and $30, however, some specialty bulbs or high-end models may cost significantly more.

The more frequently a light is utilized, the sooner the turn signal bulb will need to be replaced.

How necessary is it to replace your turn signal bulb?

The Jeep Wrangler rear turn signal bulb replacement assures you that your signals are being received by oncoming traffic.

If you choose to drive your car with broken lights, you may unnecessarily put yourself, your passengers, and others in your vicinity in danger of a collision since other drivers won’t be able to see where you’re going.

Final Words

Rear turn signals are used to warn others that your vehicle is about to make a turn from the back. The rear turn signal bulbs flash when you press the lever on your steering column, alerting other vehicles to your intention to make a turn.

When your back turn signal bulb burns out, the turn signal will stop working. This implies that your vehicle will not warn drivers behind you that you are about to turn, posing a safety risk. It’s also unlawful to drive without a working rear turn signal, and it’ll cost you a lot of money to fix it.

To avoid such an incident, hopefully, after reading this article, you now know necessary to determine why your Jeep Wrangler rear turn signal bulb isn’t working and how to repair it when necessary.

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