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Starting a Jeep Cherokee Without a Key: 2 Effective Methods

Starting a Jeep Cherokee Without a Key: 2 Effective Methods

Your Jeep Cherokee is certainly a dependable road companion. But don’t take it for granted that it’s out of nose-dives. Like most of the machines out there, it may fail at any moment. So, it’s your job to take hold of the emergency situation and bring the vehicle to life again with some DIYs. 

Start-up failure is one of the common problems that feature any vehicle. It can ruin the party within a second. But if you are aware of those probable glitches beforehand, nothing will be able to stop your Jeep Cherokees’ wheels from rolling down the highway.

So, in this article we are going to discuss some of the effective ways to start the Jeep Cherokee without a key.

Can you start a Jeep Cherokee without the key?

Let’s start it off by answering the main question: Is it possible to start the Jeep Cherokee without a key?

Of course, it’s possible. There are few alternative ways to start the vehicle without using the key. But those are a bit tricky to deal with. If you are not familiar with the “technical stuff”, it’s wise to leave it for the professionals.

Yet, you may want to pick up some easy tricks to ignite the engine where the key is not at work. So, here goes the first one.

1st Way- Starting the Jeep Cherokee When the Key Fob Is Not Responding/Out of Battery

One of the main reasons for the Jeep Cherokee’s start failure could be associated with the key fob. If you happen to face such a scenario, it’s likely for the key fob’s battery to be the culprit in the act.

Wait, where are you going? To grab a pair of batteries?

Wait a minute; you can still start the engine without necessarily heading towards the supermarket.

Because Jeep Cherokee comes with a smart feature that lets you start the car with a dead key fob. Here’s what you need to do, step by step –

Step 1: Put the on/off end of the key fobs over the ignite button of your vehicle.

Step 2: Step on the brake.

Step 3: Now, push the ignite button with the key fob.

Voila! You should hear the vehicle coming to life within a second.

Seems so easy, huh? But tell you what, almost 60% of Jeep Cherokee users are unaware of the trick (Were you one of them?). 

Alright! Now, let me explain to you what magic just took place starting your vehicle.

Actually, it’s a special feature of the Jeep Cherokee’s key fob. You can say it’s sort of an electromagnetic transmission that makes the vehicle start.  

Well, now you know it. So, next time you find your Jeep Cherokee not responding to your key fob, try this out. It will surely make your day.

2nd Way- Replacing the Cylinder and Key Assy

Sometimes it’s easier to replace the whole cylinder and key assy to get rid of the ignition problem.

Well, don’t be taken by surprise hearing the word cylinder. It’s just the lock that is not even part of your ignition switch.

And tell you what, it is easier than it might seem in the first place. All you will need to do is gather some courage and roll up your sleeves.

Grab a screwdriver to execute the operation. And of course, you have to buy a new ignition cylinder and key from the auto parts store. It’s cheap and a small product.

Here is the step-by-step instruction of the procedure –

Step 1:  Carefully remove the steering wheel.

Step 2: You’ll find a lock plate under it. Remove it.

Step 3: There should be a plastic horn ring right there. Take it off.

Step 4: You are now exposed to the signal switch.

Step 5: Try to pull the signal switch up enough so that you can see the cylinder and key.

Step 6: At the bottom of the cylinder and key, you’ll find a pin-lock. Now press the pin to release the cylinder and key assy. It should come out smoothly.

Step 7: Now, replace it with a new one. Put everything in place again. This should solve your issue and start the car without any fuss.

Final Thought

It’s easier to say than being done. So, be extremely cautious while performing such maneuvers to your vehicle. And of course, try not to lose your key in the first place from next time on. 

Nonetheless, now you know one or two ways to start up a Jeep Cherokee without a key. Hope they help you manage panic. Good Luck!

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