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Suzuki DRZ400: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

Craving a fun, approachable, bulletproof, and beginner-friendly bike? We must say you have made the right decision, as DRZ400 top speed, specs, and features will blow your mind (like seriously!)

For years, this timeless beast has owned its position for its excellent attributes like a powerful engine, robust build quality, braking caliper, duality, and many more. These things are needed for a true rider who has passion and love for dirt biking!

Here, we’ve sorted all the information you’ve been looking for; Just stick with us till the end. Believe me, your time will be worth it.

Let’s begin the discussion!

Suzuki Drz400 Specs and Features

The specs and features of any motorbike need to be clarified because we know you want in-depth details. Here we gathered exactly that, and they include:

1. Dimensions

You need to know the overall dimension of Drz400 to have a direct idea about this motorbike. The overall length here is 90.9 inches, while the width is 34.4 inches. Now, the height here is almost proper for anyone, and it’s 48.4 inches.

Moreover, the seat height of this motorbike is 37.2 inches which are appropriate for anyone. And yes, the wheelbase is 58.5 in, and the dry weight is 262.4lbs!

2. Heavy-Duty Engine

The engine is hands down the essential part of any vehicle. If it’s powerful, your bike will be giving you smooth rides all the time, and if it’s not, there’ll be many complications while you’re riding.

Drz400 is designed with a single-cylinder with a double overhead cam, water jacket, and four valves. It’ll produce 33.4hp and 25.6 lb of torque which means your bike will accelerate quickly and give you the most energy-saving experience ever!

As a bonus, you’ll get an electric start that’ll be super amazing if you’re looking for trail riding. Plus, it’s reliable too!

3. Build-Quality

The build quality is top-notch here as it’s specially made for all types of riders. It’ll give you an effortless ride on the mountain roads, bumpy or muddy sites, or any offroad.

A mixture of good suspension, excellent ground clearance, easy handling, and adequate power makes the bike superior and enjoyable no matter where you’re riding it.

The fun fact is, Drz400 will handle any deep water crossings after you set it up correctly. No worries about those water situations as this one will cope with everything!

4. Lightweight

Well, as a sports bike, Drz400 is lightweight compared to other ones. It’s surely a positive feature as anyone can smoothly ride it without any trouble.

You can use this two-wheeler in any harsh terrain as if you’re on an on-road.

5. Perfect Height

Coming to the height section, it’s not too high nor too low. Any rider with an average height can get a smooth ride with Drz400. But still, if you think you need to lower the seat a little bit, you can do that on this motorbike. How?

Just get a professional who will be able to lower the seat by lowering the suspension. It’ll make your bike more manageable, and the suspension performance will enhance even more.

And what you can do is learn the process so that you can do it next time as well.

However, you can only lower Drz400 up to 1inch because lowering more than that isn’t recommended for this bike!

6. Brakes

The strong disc brake of Drz400 is totally worth it if you’re looking for one with incredible controlling power. It’s super simple to paddle through the rocks with the first gear, and the high gear will reduce all the buzz on your runway.

On the other hand, although it has five gears, they are highly functional in their stopping skill, which also holds much assistance.

7. Service Intervals

If you’re a person who’s very passionate about traveling by your sports bike, then the importance of service intervals is insane. No worries, since Drz400 has quick and friendly intervals with great flexibility.

The easy service will let you make your trips more memorable and uncomplicated!

Suzuki Drz400 Top Speed

This bike is quite fast. You can literally fly with it. Well, Drz400 claims that the top speed of their bike is 94mph, which is true.

But hey, you can go faster than this, don’t you think?

Some people shared their overwhelming experience with this two-wheeler about how they ride it at 110-120 mph without any issue. Also, this gem pushes forward with its high cc beasts in any muddy condition.

However, the speed will vary in different factors like the road condition, wind, maintenance, and altitude. Plus, your weight may also (sometimes) affect the ride!

Some may be able to ride it at the exact speed that’s 94mph (which is normal), and some may go through 140-150 mph, to be honest.

We usually suggest keeping it between 60-70mph for average rides, which is also highly possible with Drz400!

In summary, you can ride this beast at any speed you want, and it’ll guarantee you the top best one we can assure.

How to Increase Suzuki Drz400 Top Speed?

Drz400 already packs a tremendous top speed, but you can simply do it if you want to gear it more.

There might be three reasons why you want to increase the top speed of Drz400,

  • You might just love to be ahead of everyone. While you’re racing, the adrenaline might be coursing through all your veins, which can be why you love to go over 120mph!
  • If you’re a professional bike racer, this might be a true cause why you’d want to add more speed.
  • Of course, the more the speed is for off riders, the more it’ll tackle the slushy, muddy, or water-filled trails.

If you take suggestions from any mechanics or veteran riders, they’ll give you tips and tricks about it without wasting your valuable money.

Here, we’re sharing the same cost-efficient and, most importantly, practical hacks. Remember that the following tips will only help you to add an extra 3-4 mph, so let’s see the process right away,

1. Exchange the Carburetor

Changing the carburetor of your motorbike will increase its speed, that’s for sure. Carbs are mainly used to stock added air and fuel to your bike and expand the horsepower.

Upgraded horsepower is the primary source to increase bike speed as it’ll be able to accept more air and fuel.

So you need to buy a carburetor that’ll make sure your two-wheeler is getting more fuel with the throttle response. This way, the top speed will be ensured for your Drz400.

There’re also some signs when you need to change the carb. For example:

  • If your bike idles fastly, change the carburetor
  • The damaged carb will cause low fuel economy
  • It’ll flood when you try to start it
  • The bike can’t take more load

Once you notice any of these issues, change your carburetor instantly!

2. Restore the Gear Ratio

The driveshaft revolutions of the bike’s wheel depend more on replacing the gear ratio. Once you buy TLD for your Drz400, it’ll miraculously increase the bike’s speed limit.

You can also make the bike quite sporty by following a specific process. For example, from the front 14T of your bike, try to drop 1T and go 3T up from the 38 teeth.

Do the reverse thing if you want to increase the acceleration and the top speed. Here you need to go up in front of the 15 teeth!

3. Connect Large Piston and Cylinder

Attaching a piston and cylinder to your Drz400 can significantly expand its top speed. This is called the bog bore kit in the mechanical area, which makes a massive difference by scaling the bike’s horsepower.

It also comes with gaskets. All these things ensure to replace the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and boost the engine size to give you extra speed.

Therefore, bog bore kits are super safe. The bigger your kit, the thinner cylinder wall you’ll get. It’ll create more heat, but once you have a great cooling system, it’ll be all good and under control!

4. Ignition Modification

Have you ever thought about what role ignition modification plays? Let’s explain!

The main task of the ignition system is generating the spark energy needed to ignite fuel or air in the cylinder of the engine. It consists of a coil driver, spark plug wires, distributor, and spark plugs.

You need to observe the igniter control angle of your bike. If it’s too small, it’ll be better to change it as fast as possible. This way, the speed of drz400 will increase by building more sparks and reducing fuel consumption.

5. Switch Your Exhaust

If you modify the exhaust system of the bike, it’ll bring you two benefits,

  • It’ll amplify the bike’s performance by increasing the speed
  • Upgrade the sound and appearance
  • Reduce the weight of your bike, which helps to gain horsepower

These things are undoubtedly necessary for your bike if you’re an off rider and love to race. Especially for Drz400, it’ll do wonders, trust us!

The process isn’t very complicated, though. You can entirely change the whole exhaust system, or if you want, just remove the muffler and attach a slip-on.

Changing the whole thing will give more power, whereas a specific part removal will help boost the horsepower while expanding the speed of your two-wheeler.

Pros and Cons of Suzuki Drz400:

Let’s move on to the pros and cons section to know what people liked about this bike and what they didn’t!


  • Superior Brake System: The brakes of Drz400 are a lifesaver. These hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) have extreme stopping power to protect you from unwanted risks. Plus, the front brake will slow down your bike immediately where you want it!
  • Comfortable Outcome: Comfort and support in a dirt bike are what we all need. Don’t worry, as the high-quality seat and excellent features of Drz400 will provide you with the utmost comfort and assistance.
  • Reliable Engine: A powerful engine that you can rely on for long trips and races is excellent. Drz400 has been there for so long, ensuring you can get all in one advantage from it. People rely on this bike no matter what type of task is ahead of them!
  • Beginner Friendly: Most people want to start bike racing or riding, but they aren’t sure which bike to begin with. This one is great for beginners!

Besides, Suzuki Drz400 is:

  • Versatile enough for any riders
  • It has a great option of aftermarket accessories and parts
  • Easy to learn mechanical skills with it
  • Both on and off-road biking are possible


  • Lightweight: Well, the lightweight feature is good for some people, but some may find it dangerous for long, too intensified muddy, or highway roads.
  • Limited Transmission: Although drz400 has a 5-speed transmission, it’s still limited for highway riding.
  • Exhaust Issue: You need to exchange the exhaust for better performance
  • Seat Height: Even if this bike has amazing seat suspension, some riders may still find it inappropriate according to their height. Seats need to be updated for them!


So, what do you think about the Drz400 top speed, specs, and features? Isn’t it the most reliable bike that everyone should experience once? Yes, that’s right.

The horsepower, engine, brakes, top speed, and weight capacity are insane of Drz400 that anyone can ride it on-road or off-road without any trouble at all.

However, you need to take care of the maintenance part and exchange/add some components for better performance and longevity of your motorbike!

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