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Suzuki DR-Z400SM: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

Suzuki’s SuperMoto motorbikes had their day some years ago. People were going crazy over this bike, and almost everyone wanted one for themselves. However, the excitement over SuperMoto bikes has been fading in recent years. But the DRZ400SM was still able to hold on to its legacy and give tough competition to the other bikes in the market.

This fantastic and exceptionally built motorbike is known for its superior control and performance. The powerful and robust engine, along with high-quality brakes, make it so much smoother for the riders. The overall output of the bike is so great that not only beginners but professionals also have a great time riding this bike.

So, if you haven’t decided on which bike you should get, you can look at this bike and see if it suits you well!

About Suzuki DR-Z400SM

Typical bikers hardly compromise with the quality when it comes to riding. They want something suitable for both off-road and on-road adventures.

Professional riders usually have a history in dirt biking and have the habit of pulling wheelies and stuff. But they still want a motorcycle that can also be taken to work or even school.

DRZ400SM is a lightweight, swift, and easy-to-handle motorbike with torquey engines and excellent brakes. So, even if you’re sloppy with the clutch or flying into narrow corners, you won’t lose control of the motorbike.

The Suzuki DRZ400SM is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for urban bikers who have some experience. They can just get on and scoot around the entire city on this bike with ease. Even traffic jams and narrow streets won’t cause an issue because of the dexterity of the manufacturers, which gives it such an edge.

Suzuki DR-Z400SM Specs & Features

If you like to modify your ride and turn it into something that you’re more comfortable with, you’ll be glad to know that DRZ400SM offers you that option too. You can add parts and do numerous modifications, and make your bike look bigger, better, and obviously more responsive.

For this, you’ll only need some basic mechanical knowledge and nothing else. Here’s what you need to know.


This motorbike has a very light engine of 398cc. The liquid-cooled engine’s dry-sump produces enough strength to power the bike to its maximum level. This compact four-valve cylinder also has a valve adjustment system that provides more options to the owner.


DRZ400SM uses the Mikuni 36mm carburetor fed by a 6-liter airbox. It also includes a deceleration enricher circuit. This little unit helps smoothen the throttle response during the acceleration and deceleration of the bike.


Suzuki didn’t use the conventional ignition system for this motorbike. Instead, they installed a simple, lightweight electric starter motor integrated with an automatic decompression system. This design made the starting procedure much quicker.


This SuperMoto model comes with street-friendly tires that are purely made to take on the rough streets. The narrow-shaped rims are built with somewhat lighter alloy metal. So, the tires of this motorbike can easily endure the pounding of extreme off-road rides.

The tube-type front tires have a size of 120/70R17M/C 58H, while the rear tires have a size of 140/70R17M/C 66H.


A fast bike must have brakes that are strong enough to handle its momentum. That’s why DRZ400SM comes with a powerful brake that helps control its speed perfectly.

The front brake has a giant 300mm rotor of floating-type and a 2-piston caliper. The rear brake has a 240mm disc with a single-piston caliper.


The bike has an overall length of about 87.6 inches, and the width is approximately 33.7 inches. Its height is around 47.2 inches.

However, the ground clearance is just 10.2 inches. The seat height is not more than 35 inches.


Suzuki DRZ400SM combines stylish and unique features in this lightweight and narrow street-legal vehicle very smartly.

The aggressive design of the Renthal tapered aluminum handlebar looks good and even helps reduce vibration. The bend also gives it a touch of excellence.

Suzuki DR-Z400SM Top Speed

The DR-Z400SM weighs around 300-pounds, and the bike has a top speed of 90 mph. Also, the acceleration of the bike is pretty quick. So, it reaches the maximum speed quite quickly if not obstructed by anything.

However, some riders claim they’ve been able to cross the 90-mph top speed and even went beyond the 100 mph mark.

An important thing to remember here is that the speed of a vehicle always depends upon some variables. So, they must’ve adjusted those variables in such a way that they were able to bring out even better performance from the DRZ400SM.

How to Increase the Suzuki DR-Z400SM Top Speed

As stated earlier, the speed of a vehicle depends on so much more than just the engine power. And any of these variables can be a huge factor in changing the speed of that particular vehicle.

So, let’s discuss the variables which can help increase the speed of your DRZ400SM.

Aftermarket Exhaust

Many people prefer an aggressive growl to their exhaust regardless of what type of bike they have. You won’t necessarily get any boost in horsepower when you do this, but there’s a chance that you can get some. And when we’re talking about dirt bikes like the DRZ400SM, even the slightest bit of speed counts.

Also, the stock products are way heavier than the aftermarket ones. So, you have the chance of reducing some weight that can make controlling the bike easier.

This way, you get more control without tweaking the horsepower. However, if you don’t want your bike to be so noisy, you can even install quieting inserts to keep it down in civilized areas.

3X3 modification

This particular modification is exceptionally crucial and can solve your problem most of the time. It economically improves the power usage and throttle response right away.

Basically, you increase the size of the opening of the air box up to a 3×3 square inch size. Doing this will increase airflow into the carburetor, letting the engine breathe more easily.

Keep in mind that you must install a high-flow air filter when you do this modification. More airflow will result in less fuel mixture getting into the engine, ultimately working against your plan.

Rejetting the Carburetor

A considerable number of jet kits can be used to rejet the DRZ400SM. The most important three things in this issue are carb settings, airflow, and the exhaust.

All of these are interrelated, and it’s mandatory to take care of them altogether. This is suggested to avoid adjusting things one by one and just enjoy riding the bike.

Replace the Carburetor

Some riders skip the rejetting option and directly replace the already installed carburetor with a pumper-type carb like the Keihin FCR 39. Doing this will simply ensure even better performance from the motorbike.

This is also applicable if you’re planning to get a big bore kit installed eventually.

Big Bore Kits

When you start using this motorbike for the first time, the power output seems to be appropriate. But as time goes on and you become used to that speed, you start to crave for more and more. At this time, people suffer from indecision on whether to get a bigger bike or just install a bore kit and be satisfied with it.

The installation process of this kit is straightforward. Integrating this reliable and economical solution into the engine helps boost its performance.

Moreover, when this is combined with a brand new set of camshafts, you can easily get a boost of around 50 hp from the DRZ. You also have the option to use some other bore kits that can increase the overall displacement even more.

However, you’ll need mechanical expertise. But sadly they aren’t very reliable. So, what you can do is gather all the knowledge that’s required for the installation process and do it yourself!

Suzuki DR-Z400SM – Pros and Cons

DRZ400SM is one of the most reliable vehicles available today. This bike is known for its exceptional performance and excellent control. Along with all the positives, it has some faults as well.

Let’s learn about both the positive and negative sides of this motorbike here:


  • Versatility: This motorbike is known for its elegant movement, which professional riders look for. But the overall power level is not too much and is perfect for beginners as well. You can also add some easily integrable modifications too.
  • Reliability: DRZ400SM hardly requires any maintenance unless there’s any major issue. The highly reliable structure of the bike is a lifesaver for people who want their product to last long.
  • Cost-Effective: You can get yourself a brand new DRZ400SM for a minimal amount of money. And the best thing about it is that you won’t have to pay extra money for maintenance as it’ll hardly require any! It has an excellent fuel economy that also helps save your money.
  • Beginner-friendly: This great bike is so comfortable that beginners find it extremely easy to learn skills. As much as the experts enjoy riding this bike, newbies have a great time riding this too.

It offers excellent control and eases to anyone trying to learn the basics of bike riding. Other than off-road areas, these bikes are also suitable for the city roads as well.


  • Uncomfortable in Long Rides: Unfortunately, the seat of the DRZ400SM can be very uncomfortable. For shorter rides, the effect might seem minimal.

But if you use this bike for long rides, you might feel your back acting up after a certain time. Also, the bike is not so appropriate for handling highway rides.

  • Requires Heavy Modifications: Although the engine of DRZ400SM generates enough power to operate the motorbike at max speed, it needs even more modifications to bring the best possible performance out of the bike.

If you plan to ride it for off-road paths, you’ll need some extra modification to bring out that aggressiveness.


How fast does a DRZ400SM go?

The DR-Z400SM is known to achieve a top speed of 90 mph. However, many people have admitted to reaching even higher speeds and going beyond the 100 mph limit.

Is a DRZ400SM a good beginner bike?

DRZ400SM is genuinely a great beginner bike for the sole reason of its controllability. You just have to open up the throttle, and you don’t have to worry about the rest.

Not every bike has this unique feature that gives it so much flexibility for beginners.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki DRZ 400 have?

The DRZ400SM can reach up to 33.4 HP, which is around 25 kW. It might not seem too much, but you’ll realize how much power that is when you start the engine up.

How many miles will a DRZ400SM last?

The longevity of the DRZ400SM or any other bike depends on numerous things. But if we consider the ideal condition, it’s safe to say that it’ll easily last for 18,000-20,000 miles without any fuss.

Is the DRZ400SM a good trail bike?

The DRZ400SM is a pretty heavy bike, to be honest. Controlling and maneuvering this bike can be a tough job. So, it’s not that suitable for young dirt bikers.

However, if you’re an experienced rider with good body positioning sense and technique, you can easily manage this problem.

What is the height and weight of the DRZ400SM?

The seat height of the DRZ400SM is about 35 inches. However, the ground clearance is just 10.2 inches. The bike weighs around 320 lbs.


This bike might not be so good at single-track riding, but it’s a beast on the trails. You can see if it’s confirmed by taking the bike to the tracks on the weekend. Be sure that you won’t get disappointed. The DRZ400SM has proven itself as one of the most incredible dirt bikes and has set a definite standard worldwide. So, you can try it out and judge for yourself!

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