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What Fishing Rod Holder For Jeep Wrangler? (Helpful Guide)

Do you have a Jeep wrangler ? At the same time, is fishing your hobby ? Then definitely you are worried about carrying fishing rods with your wrangler.  In this article, you are going to get some comprehensive ideas about fishing rod holders for Jeep wranglers.

A few popular Jeep Wrangler rod holders are Berkeley twist and lock rod holder, Angler’s aluminum rod rack rod-6 holder, Extreme Max 3005.4275 Aluminum Pivoting Fishing Rod Holder, Angler’s aluminum rod rack bumper mount, Angler’s Fish-n-Mate 6 Rod Holder Fold-Down, Angler’s 051 6-Holder Rod Rack, Rhino-Rack 572 Fishing Rod Holder etc.

Due to the lack of proper information about rod holders and related accessories, you might be unable to carry your fishing rods with your Jeep. Now, just go through this article and implement your dream into reality.  

What Fishing Rod Holder For Jeep Wrangler?

Fishing rod holders are used to carry your fishing rod with your Jeep. However, there are mainly 4 ways to carry your fishing rod with your Jeep wranglers. 

Inside your Jeep, on the rooftop of your jeep, along with the front side bumper of your jeep and at the back-outside of your Jeep. A few of the rod holders are described below.

Berkeley Twist Rod Holders

Firstly, Let’s discuss the Berkeley twist. Berkeley twist and lock rod holders are used to install inside of your Jeep. It can store 4 rods horizontally with proper security. 

Furthermore, Berkeley has twist rings which secures rods in perfect places. In addition, it has foam grip pads. It is also lightweight and durable.

Rhino-Rack 572 Fishing Rod Holder

Rhino-Rack is used to carry fishing rods on the rooftop of your Jeep Wranglers. It’s made up of aluminum, plastic and rubber. It can hold upto two pairs of fishing rods. Furthermore, the Rhino rack is a multi-purpose carrier. You can carry fishing rods as well as skis, snowboard.     

Angler’s Choice Rod holders

Angler’s is another brand of fishing rod holder. A few varieties of angler’s rod holders are aluminum rod rack, aluminum rod rack bumper mount, Fish-n-mate rod holders, Angler’s 051 6-Holder Rod Rack etc.  

However, these rod holders are mainly designed to carry 6 fishing rods. It can be placed at the front of your Jeep wranglers.

Extreme Max Rod Holders

Extreme max is another popular rod holders brand. Extreme Max 3005.4275 Aluminum Pivoting Fishing Rod Holder is a variety of it and mostly used in Jeep wranglers. It can store 6 fishing rods at a time.  

However, each tube has the capacity to hold a rod upto 1-5/8″ diameter. Extreme max holders have pivots in three positions to hold the rods vertically. There are soft touch-vinyl caps at the opening of each holder which minimizes the damage in traveling.  

How To Make A Homemade Fishing Rod Holder For Jeep Wrangler?

Making your fishing rod holders at home is not an easy task. There are mainly two options to make homemade fishing rod holders. Using PVC pipes and using metal pipes. 

Using PVC Pipes 

Firstly you can use PVC pipes. Take some PVC pipes and cut it into pieces. Some pieces are to make the holder’s base and pivot. These pieces will be slightly longer. And some pieces are to make the holder for fishing rods. 

These pieces will be smaller. Now, take some screw and connect the pipes according to your design. After making the full holder, mount it with a bumper.  

Using Metal Pipes

Another process is to use metal pipes. In place of PVC you can take metal pipes in accordance with your holder design. Connect the pipes through welding. 

If you can  make screw holes then you can use screws also to connect. Finally, mount the holder with the bumper.   

How Do You Mount A Rod Holder On Jeep Wrangler?

Mounting a Rod holder on a Jeep Wrangler needs some equipment. For example, screw driver, T-bracket, screws and drilling machine. But different holders require different strategies. 

Mounting inside the Jeep

Firstly, let’s know about the Berkeley twist and lock rod holder which hold your rods inside the Jeep. Take the measurement of the screw holes and mark those places on the ceiling of your jeep. 

You can install it inside the Jeep by drilling your ceiling and fixing the holder with screws and screwdrivers.

Mounting Front or back side of the Jeep

Secondly, you can mount Angler’s and extreme max roads with the front bumper or at the outside-back of the Jeep. The process is somewhat similar to the Berkeleys but here you have the option to use T anglers which acts as joining material. 

It joins the holder with the bumper. Fix the holder, T-bracket and bumper with screws. If necessary holes are not present on the bumper then make those with drilling.

Mounting on the rooftop

There are a number of roof top racks which you can use to mount the Fishing rod holder on the rooftop of your Jeep Wranglers. Here we have mentioned Rhino-Rack 572 Fishing Rod Holder. 

There are plastic end caps which will be able to groove on the hardtop of the Jeep door. Make sure you keep the end caps keeping a distance to open and close the door.     

How Do You Mount A Rod Holder Without Drilling?

It’s really difficult to mount a rod holder without drilling. But if you really do not have any other option then you have a few options. 

Firstly, you can only use the rhino rack holder which is used on the rooftop. In this holder you don’t need to drill anywhere. 

Another option is to use rope, tape or any other binding material similar to rope or tape to attach the holder with the bumper. But this process is very much less effective. 

Because due to harsh traveling or rough roads the rope or tape may tear and the holder may fall. In place of screw you have to use binding materials. That’s the basic difference to avoid drilling.


Carrying fishing rods in Jeep wranglers is quite a difficult task. Hence, sometimes, people have different queries related to the Fishing rod holder of a Jeep Wrangler. A few are already answered in detail and a few more are answered in short below. 

How do you carry a fishing rod in a Jeep Wrangler?

You can carry your fishing rod inside the Jeep, at the front side bumper of the Jeep, on the rooftop and at the backside of the Jeep.  

Can you put fishing rods on roof racks?

Yes, you can put your fishing rods on the roof racks. There are several holders designed for this . For example Rhino-Rack 572 Fishing Rod Holder is designed to take fishing rods on the roof rack.

How do you make a fishing rod holder?

You can use PVC pipes and metal pipes to make fishing rod holders. You need to bring pieces of pipes according to your desired size and attach them with welding or screws.   


Carrying fishing rod holders with your jeep wranglers needs proper holders and accessories. You have to choose the correct holders based on the place where you want to carry it. Different holders with their properties are already described in this article. You can choose according to your choice.     

Furthermore, if you want to make a homemade holder you can make and use it also. But making these holders needs expertise. Hence, it’s better to use branded rod holders. 

Information regarding fishing rod holders is very essential for a person who loves fishing and traveling with jeep wranglers. Hope you got a good guideline here in a nutshell. So, keep your worries apart and enjoy your upcoming trips!  

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