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What is the Range of a Jeep’s Key Fob?

What is the Range of a Jeep’s Key Fob?

If you lose your car in the parking lot or have started walking away and you push your lock or unlock and nothing happens it can be frustrating. Especially if you can still see your vehicle.

So, what exactly is the range of a Jeep’s key fob? 

Keyless remote transmitters found inside a Jeep key fob have a short range of 15 to 60 feet. If your keyless remote is experiencing issues or reduced range it could indicate the battery in the remote needs to be replaced. 

Below we will look at how a key fob works, what its range is, what affects the range, and how to increase the range.

Jeep Keyless Remote Range

Keyless remotes operate a short-range radio transmitter that sends a signal to the receiver located in your Jeep. When the signal is received by the Jeep it will unlock or lock its doors or even set off the panic alarm. The keyless remotes operate in a range of up to fifteen and sixty feet of the vehicle. The range of the remote can be affected by different factors.

Keyless remote transmitters today employ encryption as well as different rotating codes to prevent spoofing or interception of the codes by potential thieves.

It will signal it has unlocked or locked the vehicle by horn beeps and flashing lights. Most Jeeps use a single beep for locking and two beeps for unlocking. There can also be buttons on the transmitter set up to control the trunk or power tailgate. Different signals and horn beeps can be set up by the Jeep to indicate when these functions are operated. 

Other Key Fob Functions

Other functions of the keyless remote can include other functions besides unlocking and locking doors. For Jeeps with power tailgates, there can be additional buttons added to control these functions with the keyless remote. Some keyless systems can also add a security system, garage door opener, or other remote-activated devices. Remote start systems as well as remote keyless systems are also available on some Jeep models. 

Low Keyless Remote Battery 

The most common cause for a Jeep key fob not being detected or not working is that there is a low power supply from the battery.

Some common indications that your keyless remote has a low battery are: decreased range, needing multiple presses to work, and inconsistent operation. Below we will look deeper into those indications. 

Multiple Button Presses

If you constantly need to press the buttons on your keyless remote to get it to work it may have a low or dying battery. When the battery on your Jeep’s keyless remote begins to lose power it may take multiple pushes of the button to unlock your doors or get your vehicle to respond to the keyless remote. 

You may also need to press and hold the button to unlock or lock the doors on your Jeep. 

Decreased range

The Jeep’s keyless remote should have a range of around fifty feet. If you are experiencing decreased range it could be a sign that the batteries of your keyless remote do not have the needed power to send a strong signal to your Jeep.

If your keyless remote is losing range, it is a sign that the battery of your remote is losing power and needs to be replaced soon. 

Inconsistent operation

If you find the keyless remote for your Jeep working one time and then having issues the next time you use it, it could be a sign that the battery of your remote is losing power. You should replace the battery of your keyless remote as soon as possible to ensure it does not completely lose power and fail to work, possibly leaving you stranded. 

How to Replace a Jeep Key Fob Battery

The battery of your keyless remote is easy to change. It can be done in just a few seconds and should not need reprogramming. Below we cover the basic steps to replace the battery in your keyless remote. 

  1. Most Jeep keyless remotes have a cover that will need to be pried off to replace the battery. There should be a gap in the remote near the keyring to fit a flathead screwdriver.  
  2. Use the screwdriver to pry the cover off your keyless remote.
  3. After you have pried the cover apart you will be able to expose the circuit board and battery of the keyless remote. 
  4. Remove the old battery and replace it with the appropriate sized replacement battery. 
  5. After the new battery is installed you will need to press the cover back onto your keyless remote. Start near the keyring and work your way down the remote ensuring it snaps into place.

Reasons Jeep Keyless Remotes Stop Working

If you are having difficulty with your Jeep’s key fob there are a few issues that can cause it. We will cover a few of the most common issues below.


Worn Buttons

Worn buttons on the keyless remote of your Jeep can affect the ability of your remote to unlock your doors. The buttons press contacts on the circuit board of the keyless remote. When the buttons wear down they may not be able to press the contact and send the proper signal. 

If you have another keyless remote available and it is working properly, worn buttons may be the issue with your non-working keyless remote.

Issues with the Locks

If your keyless remote is not unlocking or locking your Jeep’s doors, the issue may not be with the keyless remote. A car door lock that is stuck has a blown fuse or child locks can stop the door from unlocking or opening. If the locks of Your Jeep refuse to open from the inside or outside it may indicate the issue is with the lock, not the remote. 

Keyless Remote Not Programmed

If your Jeep is not responding to any button on your keyless remote it could be an indication that the remote needs reprogramming. Your Jeep’s onboard computer can deprogram, or remove all the existing keyless remotes that are available to unlock the doors or start your jeep. 

If your keyless remote becomes deprogrammed you will need to reprogram it to your Jeep before it will be able to unlock the doors and function.

Damaged Keyless Remote

Keyless remotes that have become damaged may stop working and will need to be replaced. If the keyless remote for your Jeep was crushed, stepped on, or has gotten wet, it can cause it to stop working and will need to be replaced. Damaged keyless remotes can not be repaired.   

Reprogramming the Keyless Remote

If your keyless remote completely loses power or does not work after it may need to be reprogrammed to your vehicle. Below we will cover the necessary steps to quickly reprogram your keyless remote if it is not functioning after a battery change. 

  1. To start programming your keyless remote you will need to be inside the Jeep with the doors and tailgate closed. 
  2. Place your key in the ignition but keep it in the off position. 
  3. Next, open the door on the driver’s side and keep it open. 
  4. With the driver’s door remaining open, move the door lock switch to the lock position. 
  5. Now, turn the key to the on position. 
  6. Press the button on your remote to lock the door and hold it for at least five seconds
  7. After five seconds, let go of the button and take the key out of the ignition. 

Test your keyless remote to ensure the lock and unlock buttons work. If they do not work, you may have to attempt the remote again or there are other issues with your keyless remote or the door locks for your Jeep.


How Long do Keyless Remote Batteries Last?

There is no set answer to this question. It will depend on how much usage the keyless remote is used. The average battery life for normal operation of the key fob should be between three to four years. 

Holding Key Fob to your Head Increases Range?

There are a few tricks you can use to temporarily improve the range of your keyless entry remote. There is a myth that holding the keyless remote under your chin or anywhere on your head will help improve the signal of the remote. This has been proven to help the range slightly.


The reason it works is due to the water that is contained inside your body. The water surrounding your head and brain will help boost the signal from the remote and slightly increase its range. It may only be a car length or two but it may help enough to lock your doors or unlock them if you need a little signal boost.

My Closing Thoughts

The keyless remote of your Jeep should work up to about fifty to sixty feet. If your keyless remote does not have the range it should it could be an indication that the battery of your keyless remote needs to be replaced. If you have replaced the battery, there may be other issues with the keyless remote. It may have been damaged and needed to be replaced.


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