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What Rims will Fit a Jeep Patriot: How Do You Choose?

Are you a Jeep Patriot owner? Have you been driving your Jeep for a long time and now need to replace the rim?

It’s crucial to understand that the rims on your Jeep Patriot are not interchangeable. You must locate the correct rim for our jeep.

There is a little change in the rim for a Jeep Patriot depending on the model year.

In this article, I’ll go over the different versions of the Jeep Patriot’s rim.

Key Points:

  • Look inside the driver’s side door for your car’s sticker plate, or
  • Go online and look up vehicle specifications for your exact make and model. This should give you an idea of what rim size is typical.
  • The Jeep Patriot’s wheels use an A5 X4. 5″ bolt pattern. Each wheel has five lug nuts, which are spaced 4.5 inches apart. The patriot’s stock wheels are 16 to 17 inches in diameter, depending on the trim level.

What is the purpose of a rim in a Jeep Patriot?

The rim is the cylindrical outside edge of the wheel that holds the tire in place. The rim’s primary role is to support and seal the tire to the wheel. The rim maintains the air inside the tubeless tire by ensuring an appropriate fit between tire and rim.

The primary purpose of your wheel rims is to offer leverage and a stable foundation for mounting your tires. Friction reduction and handling, as well as gas mileage, are all improved by a decent rim.

Tires, of course, provide more cushioning, noise reduction, and handling than just riding on the rims.

Your jeep’s rims must be in good condition for your tires to fit snugly and not leak. Most tires used to have a tube to retain the air, and the tire was merely a casing to protect the tube.

However, because today’s tires are all tubeless, a tight seal with the rim is essential. Furthermore, if your rim is fractured, the entire wheel may break apart.

What Are the Signs That Your Jeep Patriot Rim Is Having Issues?

If your tire cannot hold air for an extended period, this is one of the earliest and most obvious symptoms that you have rim trouble with.

Your rims may be worn or out-of-round if the tire isn’t damaged and the valve stem isn’t leaking. You can frequently re-inflate your tire only to have it leak overnight or after a few hours of driving.

If you notice a vibration in your steering wheel, it could be an indication of worn rims. Vibration can also be caused by other wheel and suspension issues, so have your suspension checked out as well as your wheels.

How Are Rims Damaged?

When you strike an object or a deep pothole, you’re most likely to damage your rims. When you park, though, your wheels may become bent if you frequently rub against or bump the curb.

Salt from the road corrodes and eats away at your rims as well. Another issue that contributes to the need for replacement rims is age and heavy use; rims just wear out over time.

How do you choose the right size of the rim?

The two simplest methods are

  • To check your car’s sticker plate, which should be found inside the driver’s side door or,
  • To seek up the vehicle specifications for your specific make and model online. This should give you an idea of the standard rim size.

Choose the appropriate rim of the Jeep Patriot

The wheels of the Jeep Patriot have a bolt pattern of A5 X4. 5″. There are 5 lug nuts on each wheel, and they are spaced 4.5 inches apart. The patriot’s stock wheels range in diameter from 16 to 17 inches, depending on the trim level.

Jeep Patriot 2015:

VersionTireRimTire Pressure
Jeep Patriot 2015 2.4i205/70R16 96T6.5Jx16 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2015 2.4i215/60R17 95T6.5Jx17 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2015 2.4i215/65R17 98S6.5Jx17 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2015 2.4i225/60R17 96H7Jx17 ET432.4
Jeep Patriot 2015 2.4i215/60R176.5Jx17 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2015 2.4i205/70R166.5Jx16 ET392.4

Jeep Patriot 2016:

VersionTireRimTire Pressure
Jeep Patriot 2016 2.0i205/70R166.5Jx16 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2016 2.0i215/60R176.5Jx17 ET402.4
Jeep Patriot 2016 2.4i215/60R176.5Jx17 ET402.4
Jeep Patriot 2016 2.4i215/65R176.5Jx17 ET402.4
Jeep Patriot 2016 2.4i205/70R166.5Jx16 ET392.4

Jeep Patriot 2017:

VersionTireRimTire Pressure
Jeep Patriot 2017 2.0i205/70R166.5Jx16 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2017 2.0i215/60R176.5Jx17 ET402.4
Jeep Patriot 2017 2.4i205/70R166.5Jx16 ET392.4
Jeep Patriot 2017 2.4i215/60R176.5Jx17 ET402.4
Jeep Patriot 2017 2.4i215/65R176.5Jx17 ET402.4

Can you put 22-inch rims on a Jeep patriot?

No. To work with, you’ll need a total diameter of at least 30 inches. Even so, you’ll need to track down a somewhat short tire.

What is the Best Way to Pick New Rims?

Going with something comparable to what you already have is the safest and most practical option to select new rims. You have the option of replacing your rim with a factory rim or an aftermarket rim.

If you want to spice things up, you may have your custom-made rims produced to give your automobile a one-of-a-kind appearance. Your Jeep Patriot even allows you to downsize or upsize a little to achieve the desired look and handling.

Final words

The rims provide leverage and reduce friction when the car is moving. They’re required on all vehicles, both commercial and personal. The rim job consists of rotating around the tire rods.

As a result, you must know the specific rim size that is compatible with your Jeep Patriot tire.

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