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What Transmission do Jeeps have? (FAQs)

What Transmission do Jeeps have? (FAQs)

Jeeps are known among fans for their performance, particularly off-road. Part of that is thanks to the transmissions that they have onboard.

Jeeps have automatic and manual transmissions from a wide range of brands. Those include the likes of Aisin, BorgWarner, New Venture Gear, and Tremec, just to name a few. Interestingly, some Jeeps have transmissions made by Mercedes and Peugeot, overseas brands that make reliable components. You can identify the transmission in your Jeep using its VIN number or by looking at the number plate directly on the transmission.

This guide will walk you through all the different brand transmissions that Jeeps use. Then, you’ll discover how to find out what transmission your Jeep has and why it’s crucial to know the transmission model you have onboard.

Transmissions Used by Jeep

Jeeps have been around for decades, with each model making a name for itself in the automotive industry. You’ll find them with both manual and automatic transmissions from a wide range of different manufacturers.

Let’s take a closer look at the transmissions that Jeeps use.

Manual Transmissions Used By Jeeps

Here are the different kinds of manual transmissions used in Jeeps over the years:

  • Aisin: First on our list is Aisin. Actually, several Aisin transmissions have found their way into Jeeps, namely the AX4 (4-speed), the AX5 (5-speed), and the AX15 (5-speed). Aisin is also a name you’ll see in the next section regarding automatic Jeep transmissions.
  • BorgWarner: A large portion of the manual transmissions used in Jeeps over the years comes from the American parts supplier BorgWarner. These include the HR1 and SR4 transmissions, among many others. Other transmissions from this brand include the T4, T5, T10, T14, T18, T85, and T96. Most of these transmissions were either 3- or 4-speed, except the T5, which was the only 5-speed transmission from this brand.
  • Mercedes/Chrysler: Believe it or not, some Jeeps also carry a Mercedes/Chrysler transmission. More specifically, some Jeep models after 2005 were made with the 6-speed NSG370 transmission by Mercedes and Chrysler.
  • New Venture Gear: A limited number of manual Jeeps also had 5-speed transmissions from New Venture Gear. The brand’s NV1500 transmission can be found in 2.4 liter models between 2003 and 2004 and the 4.0 liter i6 model.
  • Peugeot: Many fans of Jeep will be shocked to discover that French automaker Peugeot also makes transmissions for Jeeps. Don’t be too shocked, though, as only one of their manual transmissions makes this list. Their BA-10/5 model is used alongside models with AMC 6-cylinder engines. 
  • Tremec: Last but not least, Tremec also makes an appearance on this list with their T176 (4-speed) and T150 (3-speed) transmissions. You can find the former used with AMC 6-cylinder engines and 304 V8 engines as well.

Automatic Transmissions Used By Jeeps

The list of auto transmissions used in various Jeep models is also filled with many big industry names, including:

  • Aisin-Warner: Earlier, you saw that Aisin produced the manual transmission used in Jeeps. However, a joint venture with them saw the inclusion of the A4W 4-speed transmission in various Jeep models.
  • GM: General Motors also has its name on this lineup with just one automatic transmission, the THM400 3-speed unit.
  • Chrysler: When it comes to Chrysler automatic transmissions, Jeep models can be found carrying two types: a 4-speed and a 5-speed version. 
  • TorqueFlite: Surprisingly, the brand most represented in this lineup is TorqueFlite. They’ve got 8 different versions of their automatic transmissions being utilized by Jeep models, all of which are either 3- or 4-speed transmissions.
  • Ultradrive: Last but certainly not least, Ultradrive makes an appearance on this list, represented by their 42RLE 4-speed transmission.

How Do You Know What Kind Of Transmission Your Jeep Has?

There are two important things that you can see from the list above regarding Jeeps and their transmissions. Firstly, Jeep does not produce their own, and instead rely on third-party manufacturers.

But most importantly, Jeep uses many different kinds of transmissions for their vehicles, all of which come from a long list of different brands.

As such, it can be quite challenging to identify the kind of transmission your particular Jeep is using.

So, here are 3 ways you can figure out what transmission your Jeep is using:

1. Online Search

The first and quickest way to identify which transmission your Jeep is using is to do an online search. A quick Google search with your vehicle’s model number and other details can lead you to information about the transmission you have onboard.

This approach will likely get you an answer quickly. However, the information you get will be from a secondary source. Basically, that means you’re trusting strangers on the internet to give you accurate information.

While that’s not always a bad thing, it can be a problem if you’re in a situation requiring a solid confirmation.

For instance, if you’re about to put your Jeep up for sale, you must have the most accurate information possible. Otherwise, you’re inadvertently misleading your potential buyers.

2. VIN Number Reference

This second approach takes a bit more time and effort, but it provides you with a much more reliable answer. You can use your VIN number to confirm which transmission your Jeep is carrying.

Firstly, search for the VIN number to your Jeep on its dashboard or on its paperwork. Once you’re equipped with that number, contact a Jeep dealership’s customer service department and ask them to help identify the transmission you have.

The VIN number is helpful because the customer service staff can check their records and let you know precisely what kind of transmission you have.

Of course, this will not be helpful if you or the Jeep’s previous owner replaced the original transmission with something else.

But if that’s not the case, using the VIN number as a reference will be incredibly helpful.

3. Transmission Number Plate

Lastly, you can also find out what transmission you have by getting under the vehicle and finding out yourself. A flashlight would be a handy tool to have for this task.

Firstly, you’ll need to lay down on the ground underneath the Jeep. Either side will do, as long as you’re safely underneath the car.

Next, locate the Jeep’s transmission. You’ll find it attached directly to the engine.

On the transmission is a metal number plate that shows the transmission’s model number. You won’t find any other information there except for the model number that tells you precisely the transmission you have onboard your Jeep.

Suppose you’re unsure or unable to find the numbers. In that case, another backup solution would be to snap lots of photos of identifying marks on the transmission.

Those pictures can give you plenty of helpful clues, especially if you consult others on Jeep forums. The shape of the transmission and the number of bolts it has will serve as helpful clues.

Why It’s Important To Know What Transmission Your Jeep Has

A lot of drivers typically don’t know or care about the kinds of transmissions they have in their vehicles. Unfortunately, that leaves them somewhat blinded when it comes to transmission problems.

The reason it’s crucial for you to know what transmission your Jeep has is because it enables you to understand the pros and cons of your particular model. Some models are more susceptible to certain problems than others, and knowing that in advance puts you in a strong position.

For example, you’ll find many complaints online regarding transmissions in 2015-2022 models of the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, Renegade, and Wrangler.

So, knowing the kind of transmission you have onboard allows you to anticipate and potentially prevent common Jeep transmission problems like the following:

  • Excessive noise: Some of the most common transmission problems experienced by various Jeep models is excessive noise. Some models are more susceptible to making grinding and clunking noises, among many others.  
  • Fluid leaks: Fluid leaks are universal in all transmissions. No matter what you’re driving, your car will probably have at least one transmission fluid leak in its lifetime. Unfortunately, some Jeep models are known to suffer from leaks more than others.
  • Vibrations and shaking: Vibrations and excess shaking are also another issue. Remember: transmissions have plenty of moving parts inside, working closely with each other. Those parts shouldn’t vibrate too much, but they do in a faulty transmission.
  • Shifting problems: Transmissions are all about shifting gears, either automatically or based on your input. Either way, a faulty transmission will make shifting quite problematic.
  • Overall bad performance: The day-to-day performance of some Jeep transmissions can sometimes get bad. That’s caused by many issues, including inferior parts and bad builds.

Again, it’s important to remember that not all transmissions are bad. However, knowing the kind of transmission a particular Jeep model uses enables you to do your homework.

You can go online with that information and search for complaints about particular Jeep transmissions.

More importantly, you can also learn from other drivers to know what they did to resolve the transmission problems they’ve experienced.


My Final Thoughts

Through this guide, we’ve seen that Jeeps have many different types of transmissions. Like most car brands, Jeeps come with either automatic or manual transmissions.

However, Jeep is interesting because they use many different transmission brands for their vehicles. Surprisingly, that even includes transmissions from Mercedes and Peugeot.

Knowing the transmission in your Jeep or in the Jeep you want to buy will help you anticipate potential problems you’ll face in the future.


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