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Jeep Cherokee Wheel Compatibility: A Helpful Guide

Jeep Cherokee Wheel Compatibility: A Helpful Guide

The Cherokee by Jeep is one of the most popular SUVs out there. Despite being a powerful and rugged vehicle, it still offers an outstanding level of comfort every time you ride on it. Jeep Cherokee had its time with the people, and there are still a lot of old Cherokees out on the road if you notice.

And this is why a lot of people look for wheel replacements on their Cherokees. It could be because their Cherokee is older, and they can’t find the wheels that go with it anymore, or just that they want to know what their range of options are if there are any. 

If you are one of them and wondering what wheels will fit on a Jeep Cherokee, then we have got the answers for you!

Can You Put Any Wheels on a Jeep Cherokee?

It’s something a lot of people are often confused with. To clarify, no, you cannot just put any wheels you want on your Jeep Cherokee and expect it to fit or expect your Cherokee to be able to drive appropriately.

The only way you could tell if any wheel you have would fit and work with your Jeep Cherokee is by checking the pattern of the bolts on the wheels. It’s an important thing to do. The lug formations of most of the passenger vehicles are 4, 5, 6, and 8.

If you can see that the pattern of the bolts is matching, then you have it! You are good to go, and the wheels you have will most likely work with your Jeep Cherokee.

What Wheels Interchange with Jeep Cherokee?

Again, this is heavily dependent on the pattern of the bolts. If you can find matching patterns, the wheels will most likely be able to fit. However, you should know that many Jeep wheels are interchangeable.

Whichever model of the Cherokee by Jeep you are using, you can find interchangeable wheels if you look into Ford or even some of the SUVs from Toyota. You could also find matching tires with some specific rims from a lot of trucks.

If you want to find interchangeable matches for your Jeep Cherokee, you could look into different Jeep models such as the Grand Cherokee by Jeep, the Jeep Liberty, Wagoneer from Jeep, or even the Wrangler from Jeep. The KK and KJ rims from the Jeep Liberty and Jeep Cherokee KL might work as well.

With the help of wheel spacers and wheel adapters that can go from 5 x 5 inches to 5 x 4.5 inches, you can easily use 5.5-inch wheels on a Jeep. You can see a lot of Cherokees out there that have different wheels from different series of Jeeps, such as a Jeep Cherokee with wheels from a Jeep Wrangler.

Factors to Consider Before Using a Wheel on a Jeep Cherokee

Before you start using a wheel on a Jeep Cherokee, there are some important factors that you need to consider. These considerable factors can help you understand the wheel configuration of your Jeep a lot better.

1. When Do You Need to Change the Wheels on Your Jeep Cherokee?

Wheels are one of the essential parts of any vehicle. You can’t even think of running a vehicle without them. Good wheels are necessary for proper responsiveness, traction, and safety. And not to mention the efficiency of your vehicle and the comfort when riding it also comes from good wheels!

If you think that your wheels are giving up and it’s time to change them, here is how to know for sure:

  • The wheels on your Jeep Cherokee wouldn’t respond to your driving actions on time or are not correct at all.
  • Your wheels won’t be able to keep control of your Cherokee, and it loses grip while you are driving. 
  • You can feel the bumpy roads a bit too much when you are driving over them. It could also mean that you have a terrible suspension in your Jeep Cherokee, but it could most likely be the wheels.
  • Your Jeep Cherokee could suddenly start vibrating and pull to one side without you turning the steering wheel. Another reason for this would be a bad engine malfunctioning and causing your car to shake from the stress. 
  • Also, you could face it if the alignment of your Cherokee is not right. In this case, you need to fix it, or your Cherokee will keep on sliding to one side. 

2. The Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern is generally found out by the number of holes and the diameter of the circle. It’s something you need to check to see if the wheel that you are trying to put on your Jeep Cherokee is compatible with the Cherokee or not.

The good thing is that many of the wheels from the Wrangler by Jeep are interchangeable among other Wrangler models and many of the other series from Jeep, including the Cherokee.

3. How to Read Sizes of the Tires?

If you are going to change the wheels on your Jeep Cherokee by yourself, you should consider knowing how you can read the sizes of tires if you do not already know.

For example, a tire that reads the measurement of P230 is saying that it is for a passenger vehicle, and it comes in 230 millimeters of a nominal width.

“P230/70R16 91S”- in here, the list of numbers that you see after the slash mark is the aspect ratio of the tire. It’s used to determine the height of the profile of your tire.

4. Size Guide and Specifications for Jeep Wheels

Look up the size guide and specifications for Jeep Wheels on Google. It’s something that could come in handy if you want to find out the bolt pattern for your Jeep Cherokee and look at what is compatible with it. This table has specs on different Jeep wheels listed, such as the stud size, the size of the OEM wheel, and the lug pattern metric.

With the help of this table, you can find out which of the other Jeep wheels your Jeep Cherokee can be interchanged with, and you will be able to work out which one you want to go with from there.

Final Words

Changing the wheels on your Jeep Cherokee or any other vehicle can be a great way to change up the look of your vehicle. It helps not only in the looks but also with a nice set of wheels you will bring along a lot of comforts when you are going on drives.

That’s why knowing about what wheels will fit on a Jeep Cherokee and being able to change them could turn to be an amazing experience. Happy driving!

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