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Why Are Jeep Window Switches in the Middle? {Explained!}

Why Are Jeep Window Switches in the Middle? {Explained!}

Have you ever wondered why the Jeep window switches are located in the middle instead of on the doors? Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

The window switches are in the middle of the dashboard because the doors are removable. Having them in the center makes sense if any modifications are made to the vehicle. Also, the window switch in the middle makes it easily accessible for both the driver and the front passenger.

In this guide, we will examine why Jeep placed the switch in the center and its benefits and disadvantages.

Jeep Window Switches – Explained

Jeep Window Switches - Explained

We already know that the primary reason for the window switch placement is because of the removable doors of the Jeep. It means there is less risk of electrical complications when it comes to modifications, i.e., the removal of the doors.

Another reason this is a good idea is that with so many electrical components inside the Jeep door that would be required if the switches were there, it would make the doors much heavier and, therefore, harder to remove.

Advantages of Center Window Switch Placement

There are many reasons the center dashboard is the perfect place for the window switch, and to be honest, the disadvantages are minimal, but we’ll come to those later.

Door Components

I don’t need to go into too much detail, as I’ve already covered the beneficial factors when it comes to the doors. However, this is the number one advantage when it comes to the switch placement, especially for those wanting to modify their Jeep by removing the doors.


The interior’s aesthetics is dramatically improved when the door switch is centrally placed. It keeps things modern-looking, stylish, and straightforward.


Having the button in the middle of the dashboard makes the task of cleaning a breeze. You aren’t exposed to the elements when the doors open, so there’s less chance of faults.

Easy Access

I find controlling the windows from the middle, instead of via the doors, makes them much more user-friendly. This could be a personal opinion, and some may disagree, but being able to reach the switch with my right hand while driving feels much easier with the center placement.

Disadvantages of Center Window Switch Placement

As I previously mentioned, I don’t think there are many downsides to having the window switch in the middle, but there may be a couple of factors that some frown upon.

Passenger Convenience

Though it’s not too much of a problem, some passengers may find it more inconvenient having to reach across the dash to put their window down rather than having access to it from their door.

Emergency Situations

Some think that in an emergency, such as water submersion, where you would need to open the windows as quickly as possible, having to locate the window switch from the dashboard would be more tricky than doing so from the inside of the door.


Some Jeep drivers simply can’t adjust to the placement of the window switch and continue to reach for the usual spot to wind down their window.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why The Window Switch for a Jeep is in The Middle

Let’s look at people’s questions about the reasons behind the Jeep window switch placement.

Can I control all the windows from the driver’s seat?

Yes, the window switch in the middle allows the driver to control all the Jeep windows.

Is there a specific reason for placing the window switch in the middle instead of on the door?

Placing the window switch in the middle helps simplify the doors’ wiring and design, making them more durable and easier to maintain.

What are the benefits of having the window switch in the middle?

Having the window switch in the middle provides convenience and ease of access for both the driver and the front passenger, especially when the driver needs to control the windows while driving.

Can I still control the windows if I’m sitting in the backseat?

No, the window switch in the middle is primarily designed for the driver and front passenger to control the windows. However, some Jeep models may have additional window switches on the rear doors for backseat passengers.

Let’s Wind It Down

So, in case you’ve been pondering, I hope this has cleared up any questions you might have had about the unusual window switch placement on the Jeep.

With the primary reason being for modification purposes for the removable doors, there are many other advantages to having the switch in the middle, and as we’ve pointed out, a few minor disadvantages that some people might agree with.