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Why are Jeep Abs and Traction Control Lights On? Explained

Abs and traction control are important safety features in your Jeep. You might notice the abs and traction control light will pop up, and you might wonder why it comes? 

If you want to know what it means when abs and traction control light on a jeep, then the article is for you. I will explain the reasons on the below sections.

What is ABS and traction control in a Jeep?

These are two different features of the Jeep but work as a safety feature. ABS is short for anti-lock brakes, a safety feature that prevents wheels from locking up when braking. Also, it ensures safety during a short-stop.

Traction control is a safety feature that prevents the vehicle from spinning out on slippery surfaces. This feature allows a jeep to take ultimate advantage of road surface available traction by avoiding or limiting the wheels from spinning.

Why would my traction control light and ABS light come on?

The traction control and ABS light often share the same module. When one of the features malfunctions, the light pops up. These warning lights do not mean anything serious by themselves. Still, they may indicate a more serious issue in the main braking system. So, when the light comes on, that means there is an issue with your jeep braking system. 

Below are some possible reasons why traction control and abs light come on:

1. Faulty ABS or traction control module

As both ABS and traction control use the same module most of the time, if there are any issues with the module, the warning light pops up. It happens due to the abs or traction controller stopped working or having a brake system malfunction.

2. PCM issues

The PCM or central computer system helps the traction control to perform perfectly. If the traction control light appears and there is not any other issue in the physical component, then most of the time, the issue happens due to the central computer. However, it might get an error or need to be reprogrammed to solve the issue.

3. Fuse issues

The blown fuse is another common reason if the light is on in a jeep. Also, you will notice the Check Engine Light along with the ABS light for the blown-out fuse. The best way to find out the issue is to use the scanner.

4. Low tire pressure

The jeep sensors collect all data regarding the ABS and Traction Control System. When the sensor detects that one of your vehicle’s tires has low tire pressure, then ECU detects it as an abnormal speed. For this, it will send data to the control system, and eventually, the warning signal will appear.

5. Low fluid level

It is another reason why the abs and traction light come on. Even low fluid levels can lead to other serious issues with your vehicle. So, always try to maintain the vehicle recommended fluid level. If it still indicates the issue, then you need to check the leakage and seal it as soon as possible.

6. Sensors issues

The ABS light might come on due to a speed sensor failing. The problem might appear due to low brake fluid. Also, if there are any issues with the steering angle sensor, the problem will appear. 

The steering angle sensor measures the steering wheel’s positions, rate, and angle. If the wiring has faced any issue, it also affects the traction control system and wheel, which provide wrong information in the computer, and the traction control light will illuminate.

7. Steering Rack issue

The steering rack allows the jeep control wheel easily. If they have any issue, then your Jeep will face hard to handling it in the rough terrain. If the traction control light illuminates, you should consider the parts for checking.

8. Bad Wheel Alignment

An unintentional bump might lose the alignment of your Jeep or if it encounters potholes or curbs. When it happens, the wheels will get low pressure, indicating the computer and the light will come on.

9. Dirt and Debris

Sometimes dirt and debris can get into your traction control system and create obstacles for performing properly. You might witness the warning light to go on and stay on for this. You can easily solve the issue by cleaning the system. However, it is better to contact a local mechanic to solve the issue.

10. Battery Voltage issue

Though the battery does not directly relate to those components, the traction control system will lose its normal operation due to low voltage abs. As those rely on ECU, they need the power to operate properly. The low battery voltage transfers wrong signals to both systems, and the warning light turns on.

11. Turned-off Traction Control and ABS

It may sound silly, but it will be the reason why the light comes on most of the time. You might turn off the system, or unwantedly it gets turned off. For this, the problem might appear. It will be better to check whether it is turned on or off.

How much does it cost to fix ABS and traction control?

It completely depends on which is the main reason for this issue. For example, if you have a jeep wrangler and want to change the ABS speed sensor, it will cost you around $131. The cost of the parts will only be $36, whereas the rest for the labor cost ( $95 ). Also, it will vary according to your location. 

However, you need to spend around $60 to $1000 depending on the problems, location you live, and the mechanics you choose.

How do you reset the abs and traction control light on a Jeep?

Step 1: First, you need to disconnect the positive cable from your jeep battery. Then, press the brake to drain the Jeep’s electrical system. It will take the reset of the central computer. Now, plug the cable again, and if there are no problems in the system, this should reset the abs light.

Step 2: If the light comes back again, you need to change the sensor of the ABS. You need to unscrew the housing and unplug the wire. Then remove the old sensor and attach and mount a new abs sensor. Then, follow step 1 to reset it again.

Step 3: If the light still arrives, you should use an ODB code reader to diagnose the issue. For this, you can use the OBDII Code Reader Tool ( 

If the light is still on after resetting it, my recommendation will go to a local auto part store to solve the issue. First, they will inspect the issue, then take further steps.

Does the ABS sensor affect traction control?

Abs and traction control systems share the same module and internal self-diagnostic system most of the time. That means if one of the systems faces any issue, it surely affects the other one. Also, if one of the systems faces any issue, it is really hard to say which one is the main cause.

Is it safe to drive with ABS and traction light on?

If you are driving a car with ABS and traction light on, it is safe to drive. But, you need to be a little bit careful about it as those are directly connected with the braking system. So, it will be better to fix the issue before you drive the car again, or it will affect the entire braking system and lead to a costly fix.

Final Words

Jeep has many different types of safety features that will keep you and your passengers safe among them, abs and traction control is so common. But, over time, you will face some issues with those. The light on is so common.

Many reasons likely cause the abs and traction control light on your Jeep. The article will help you to know more about this problem in detail.

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