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Why ABS and Traction Control Light is ON in My Jeep Patriot?

Traction control detects when one or more of the car’s wheels lose grip and traction using wheel speed sensors.

To avoid a skid, a computer will limit power to the wheels that are still in solid contact with the road when the system detects a lack of traction in one or more of the wheels.

The control module and internal self-diagnostics system for traction control and ABS are frequently shared. As a result, a malfunction with the ABS might occasionally cause the traction control indicator to illuminate.

If this is the case, the ABS and Traction Control lights will both be illuminated.

Four Reasons Your Jeep Patriot ABS Lights Are On

An ABS indication light on your dashboard indicates that something is amiss with your system and that you should get it looked out.

A defective ABS module, low fluid levels in the reservoir, damaged wheel speed sensors, or the system is switched off are the four most likely causes for this indicator to illuminate.

1. Malfunctioning ABS Module:

Your ABS on the Patriot has several components in common with another system in your Jeep: the traction control system.

Traction control is a technology that ensures the smooth operation of all four wheels on the ground. If it senses that one of your wheels is starting to spin erratically, it will shut off your engine’s power until it remains steady in traction.

This is to save you from slipping out of control if you apply too much force inadvertently.

2. Low levels in the Fluid Reservoir

Your braking system is hydraulic, which means it closes your brake pads and brings your patriot to a halt using the force of a cylinder pressing against a fluid.

This implies that the fluid level in your braking system must be steady and continuous.

However, if there is a gradual leak or the fluid can evaporate, the volume of fluid in the system will decrease, and your brakes will become inoperable. Your computer can typically detect this via sensors, and if it does, it will turn on the ABS light.

3. Broken Wheel Speed Sensors

Wheel speed sensors are devices that inform your computer how fast each wheel is rotating on its own.

If your traction control system detects an irregularity in these speeds, it makes changes or switches power to various wheels to compensate.

However, if a speed sensor becomes dusty or ceases operating, it will be unable to appropriately convey this information.

Rather than making several modifications, it will normally stop your ABS and/or traction control systems until the car is restarted or the problem is rectified.

4. The system is turned off

It may surprise you, but you may be able to toggle your traction control or anti-lock brakes on and off.

When you switch off the system, it normally illuminates the indicator light on your dashboard to alert you that this critical safety feature is malfunctioning.

If just your traction control or ABS light is illuminated, there’s a good probability your system has been switched off by accident.

Check to see if you accidentally bumped the switch, and if you’re not sure where it is, review your owner’s handbook.

How Do You Reset The Jeep Patriot ABS lights?

  • Turn your Jeep On
  • Turn the wheel all the way left
  • Turn the wheel all the way right
  • Shut off the Jeep
  • Turn the Jeep back on

Lights should go off in second gear.

Push and release the “Set” button on the DIC control panel until the word “ABS” appears. To reset the light and turn it off, press and hold the “Set” button for around 5 seconds.

Remove the key from the ignition and turn it to the “Off” position.

Why Your Jeep Patriot Traction Control Lights Are On?

When the TCL illuminates when driving in bad weather, it signifies your system is striving to keep your wheels in touch with the road. It may temporarily turn on and off or begin to flicker, but this signals that the system is functioning properly while driving on slick roads.

If your TCL, on the other hand, goes on when you’re traveling in fine weather, there’s a problem with the system.

If the light blinks on and off incessantly, it might indicate that the system is “hardcoded” or that it is about to fail.

A malfunction with the traction-control system’s computer or defective wheel-speed sensors — which warn your car’s computer of a potential loss of grip — might cause this issue.

A blinking TCL might also indicate that the system isn’t entirely working, so be cautious if you encounter one in bad weather.

How To Fix A Faulty Traction Control Light On Jeep Patriot?

There’s no need to be worried if your Jeep Patriot’s traction control light turns on in nice weather.

Pullover to a safe location and restart your car.

If the light was activated by an abnormality, it should turn off after you restart your Patriot.

If the light remains on after restarting your Jeep, take it to a reputable mechanic who can scan the vehicle’s computer and identify any faults that need to be rectified.

Maintain caution when driving to your technician and prevent any sudden acceleration that might cause your tires to slide.

Final Words

The dashboard lights on your Patriot aren’t there to bother you.

The computer that controls all of your vehicle’s systems and components are always looking for flaws that might cause breakdowns or damage. Same as the ABS light and the traction light.

Now you know what they mean and how to fix them.

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