Why Is Red Light Flashing Above Temp Gauge On Jeep Wrangler?

Whenever you notice your jeep’s red light flashing, it’s a warning sign. The red light above your temp gauge alerts you about the symptoms that your car could be suffering from.

Never ignore the red light when it pops up on the dashboard. This red light flashing issue can happen due to a lot of reasons. One of the many reasons your red light could flash is because of a faulty fuse box.

It is a wise choice to fix the problem if you see the red light immediately. Fixing it is going to save your car and prevent further damage. If you want to maintain and keep your car in tip-top shape, then stick to the end.

What Does Red light On Jeep Dashboard Mean?

If you see a red light on your jeep’s dashboard, it means the security system of your car is activated. Now there could be multiple causes for this.

Maybe a thief tried to use the wrong keys to steal your car, which is a very likely situation that can trigger the security system. 

Also, remember to check inside the hood for possible malfunctions that your red light could be trying to warn you about.

Why Is Red Light Flashing Above Temp Gauge On Jeep Wrangler?

It’s always better to pull over as soon as you see the red flashing on the dashboard. The red light could indicate a lot of problems. It’s wise to look under the hood to see what problems your car is having.

The problems you may have inside or outside the hood which is causing your car’s red light to be turned on are here as follows: 

1. Fuses are not functioning properly

A faulty fuse box is often the case. After regular use of the car for a long time, some fuses could get loose inside the box.

2. ECU is not accepting the ignition key

A malfunctioning electronic control unit is a common cause for the red light to flash. When the ECU doesn’t work correctly, it never recognizes the key with which you start your car.

3. Battery failure

Sometimes the battery in your fob could be dying or dead. This type of situation always activates your jeep’s security system. As a result, the red light on the dashboard will blink to warn you about the battery.

How To Fix Red Light Flashing Above Dashboard Temp Gauge On Jeep Wrangler?

After seeing the red light, the first thing that you do is to park the car in a safe place. Next, open the hood to identify and solve the existing problem. 

As an owner of a jeep wrangler, you always want your jeep to be in good condition. If you are new at this, you can surely use some tips. Learn how to fix and restore your jeep by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Tighten the loose fuses in the fuse box 

Open the fuse box and check which fuses are loose. Take those fuses out and wait 30 seconds. After that, put the fuses back where they belong and start your car. If you see no red light, then the problem is fixed.

Check the owner’s manual for better knowledge about the fuses. Read it carefully so that you don’t take out the wrong fuses.

Step 2: Recharge or replace your battery depending on its condition

When the battery is dying, your car will notify you through the red light. With a dead battery, you can’t start your car. To fix this connect your battery to a power source such as a reliable battery charger.

After connecting to the charger, wait for a couple of hours till the battery has all its charge restored. If connecting to a strong power supply doesn’t help your battery, then it’s time to buy a new one.

Step 3: Use different ignition keys or repair your ECU

Sometimes your jeep can often decline the ignition key. As the jeep detects the problem, you will be aware of it through the red light. So this issue usually happens because of a faulty electronic control unit.

An ECU can reject your key multiple times and force you to keep inserting it until the jeep starts. Trying a new ignition key is a common solution. However, if the new key is denied, that means your ECU needs repairing.

Without a proper working ECU, you cannot start your jeep normally through the key. Repairing the ECU is expensive as all the parts cost a lot. Check your ECU and replace the part that is damaged.


It is a good habit to attend to the needs of your car. In most cases, if the jeep runs smoothly, people usually ignore the notifying red light. That is until some major problem affects the car.

Your red light is a notification system through which the Jeep lets you know about its problems. 

Fixing these issues at the right time will not only save you money. But will rather improve your jeep’s longevity, reliability, and durability. 

Although, it is possible to have less time for repairing a car. If that’s your situation, then take your car to a nice auto repair shop.

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