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Yamaha TTR 230: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

Looking for a ride to conquer those rocky scrambles, we suggest the Yamaha TTR 230. This excellently engineered bike has got it all to give you every portion of thrill and enjoyment you desire. 

You might be wondering why this bike will be a good option? After all, you should be more cautious when you’re investing your cash in something.  In Particular, you should consider a bike that will provide you with safety, comfort, and reliability.

We’ve gathered all. In this TTR 230 top speed, specs, and review, we willclear your confusion. Let’s dive in.

About Yamaha TTR 230

TTR 230 is one of the greatest trail bikes launched by Yamaha in their TTR series. Since 2005, this bike has been one of the best bikes for beginners to intermediate riders. Furthermore, this bike is designed so that any kid or teen can have the fun of this bike.

Yamaha initiated the TTR 230 in 2006, with the YZ inspiration in mind. The bike was for those individuals, who just got their training in dirt biking and are now ready for the serious thrill. This model was small, light, and great at dealing with rough terrains.

The later model (2007) came with an electronic starting and an upgraded chassis. What has liked the most about this bike was the ground clearance, which was excellent. You could ride this on any terrain without any hesitation.

The 2010 model was made for full dirt biking; at least Yamaha had this in their mind. And they nailed this one with an extremely strong body frame and proven off-road wheels.

The 2013 model comes with a better braking system and an upgraded fork, which made the experience of riding even better. Additionally, the lighter exhaust and a lighter muffler made it easy to deal. The fun part is that the bike is street legal from this version!

Yamaha TTR 230 Specs and Features

The legendary TTR series embraces some of the industry-leading bikes in trail riding. Like the TTR 125, the TTR 230 is also a fine example of its excellence and reputation.

In this section of the TTR 230 top speed, specs, and review,  we will talk about what makes the Yamaha TTR 230 special. The TTR 230 is great, and we love it. Now it’s your turn to fall in love!

Proven Engine Performance:

For every type of bike, the engine is the most crucial component. A bike with a proper engine setup can give you the best riding experience. So, we put the engine section in the first position to discuss. 

Yamaha TTR 230 is equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder 223cc air-cooled engine. The 2-valves SOHC system of this engine reduces the number of parts and minimizes the cost of maintenance and complexity. 

What about the fuel delivery system? It’s a carburetor engine. However, an interesting part is its CDI ignition system that ensures fast voltage rise and shorter Spark duration.

Convenient Transmission:

The Yamaha TTR 230 comes with a transmission system of 6 gears. The more the gears are, the better it is to ride in any sort of terrain. Yes, we do understand maintaining more gears can be quite challenging. But you will get the hang of it, no worries.

The 6-speed gearbox consists of a multi-plate heavy-duty clutch. Alongside, there is also an electric starter that has been included for easy start-up. 

Super Durable Chassis & Suspension:

Chassis and suspension systems are two of the most indispensable factors, especially for off-road bikes. Thankfully, the TTR 230 has something to gratify in this sector.

First up, TTR 230 features a diamond-type steel frame that is compact and durable to withstand the toughest conditions. 

A 1385 mm wheelbase has been incorporated, providing excellent maneuverability and handling. Durable fork boots protect the fork seal and stanchion. At the same time, its eccentric chain adjusters in the steel swingarm add an extra layer of convenience. 

Talking about the suspension system, this bike features a motocross link single-shock rear suspension that delivers smooth and dynamic suspension performance. In the front suspension, there’s a telescopic fork. We didn’t find any issue regarding ground clearance.

Reliable Brakes & Wheels:

You’ll never know when you meet any danger. In an emergency, the thing that will protect you is the brakes. We can clearly say the brake is one of those heroes who does wear a cap!

Apparently, in the case of TTR 230, Yamaha has implemented a combined braking system. That means it has both drum and disk brakes. On the front, there’s a 220 mm disc brake on the front, and the rear portion has a 130 mm drum brake. 

Consequently, this performs both worlds. With the combination of both braking systems offering the best, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Additionally, the front-wheel measures 21 inches, and the rear wheel is 19 inches. Both wheels have durable aluminum spokes. If we talk about the tires, we found them to be pretty good as there’re motocross-spec knobby tires that are eminent for their excellent grip. 

Remarkable Handling:

If we’re not wrong, handling might be on the first position on your expectation list when planning for a new bike, isn’t it? Handling is crucial for beginners. Luckily, the TTR 230 has shown excellent handling at lower speeds. 

Whether you’re riding in the woods or on rough terrains, this bike will shine. You’ll feel the superbness of its shorter wheelbase while you need to turn the bike. 

Yamaha TTR 230 Top Speed

120 miles, yes! You read this right; the Yamaha TTR 230 can go 120 miles per hour. Surely it’s a great number for a dirt bike. But make sure you are riding this is a smoother terrain. Not exactly what you want to do with your dirt bike, right?

Simply, dirt bikes are not designed to ride on the street, so you shouldn’t expect an aggressive top speed. The same thing goes for the Yamaha TTR 230 as well. 

Basically, riding faster isn’t essential in off-road biking. Instead, riding a dirt bike at a slow speed helps build the rider’s confidence. However, this is mostly applicable to amateur riders.

How to Increase Yamaha TTR 230 Top Speed?

If you’re one of those crazy off-road bikers who need furious speed to rip every drop of thrill and excitement, you might be looking for a way to increase your TTR 230. 

You should be glad to know you can enhance TTR 230 top speed by spending extra money. But how? Let’s learn more about how to increase the maximum speed of your Yamaha TTR 230:

1. Airbox Mod

There’re several mods available to make your TTR 230 faster. The Airbox mod is the most common among them. Technically, it doesn’t boost the speed on its own; rather, it helps generate more power, improving acceleration. In this method, you have to close the airbox off as much as possible. 

As you remove the lid of the airbox, it allows more air in the engine while minimizing the risk of entering too much dirt. As the airflow is enhanced, it boosts potential power. Consequently, you get better speed. 

2. Release some extra weight

Forcing your bike to go on a diet is an effective way to increase bike speed. Don’t you believe it?

Weight loss of your bike is actually related to speed increment in many ways. Your vehicle might be equipped with a heavy leg guard, center stand, metal grab rails, or any other ‘not essential’ parts (if speed is your preference) to slow down your bike.

You can simply remove them and reduce more than 5-6 kgs which will help your bike gain more speed.

Plus, the exhaust system of the two-wheeler plays a huge role in increasing weight. The solution is to go for a light exhaust which will surely enhance the speed of your TTR 230.

The main thing is basically to deduct heavier parts as much as possible. This way, the bike will be freer and fly just like you want. Don’t fly, though!

3. Change/Tune the Carburetor

There are two options for your carb. Either you can tune it or change the whole thing. We’d suggest the tuning part as it takes less time and money and is also efficient.

The tuned one will increase the horsepower making the riding process smoother. On the other hand, go for the replacement if you think your carburetor is making noise, taking time to start, or not working after the tuning.

You’ll be glad to know that recently, there have been some pre-tuned carbs on the market. They’re from good models and will surely blend in with your bike. If you’re confused about the whole replacement process but tuning the current one isn’t working, try them!

Just make sure to do these things under a professional mechanic. They’ll suggest to you what type of action is needed to expand the speed.

4. Upgrade the Sockets

Have you ever thought of changing the sprockets for a better outcome? Most of the speed components are related to this.

The right combination of rear and front sprockets can do a miracle to your TTR 230. It’ll speed up the bike, change the acceleration, and make the riding trouble-free (you know what we mean).

Here are some tips for a good sprocket. Firstly, always try to purchase one with aftermarket models. Then secondly, the front sprocket has to be designed with fear teeth. And finally, the rear one needs to have more teeth than the front one.

Done! A good sprocket will affect the gear’s power band, affecting your bike’s speed system. As a result, you will be able to achieve your bike’s maximum speed.

Yamaha TTR 230 Pros and Cons:

It’s almost impossible to find a bike without a single drawback. The TTR 230 is no exception indeed. Here we’re going to present both pros and cons of this bike.


  • 6-Speed Transmission:

The combination of its smooth gear shifting and a heavy-duty clutch of the gear system offers more usable power and versatility.

  • Digital Ignition:

Its reliable CDI ignition system diminishes maintenance costs. Plus, it will make the bike starting a cake, even in the colder weather.

  • Forest-Friendly Exhaust:

This bike is equipped with a lightweight exhaust that features a USFS-approved spark arrestor and a quiet muffler. You can have all the fun you want in the forest without disturbing the harmony of nature. Let the animals sleep in peace!

  • Robust & Compact Frame:

The frame of this bike is super-sturdy and compact. You can go crazy with this bike, yet it is hard to damage the structure! ROCK-SOLID, and we mean it!

  • Generous Ground Clearance:

Its 11.6-inch ground clearance is just what you need to win any trial. No more rock bumping under the bike!


  • Bad Battery:

Some users have reported about the bad battery of this bike that makes it difficult to start the bike using the electric start button. A quick tip, change it!

  • Lack of Spare Parts:

Although it’s quite surprising for a brand like Yamaha, we don’t know what happened, but we have found people are concerned about the lack of spare parts for this model. 

Being in the Know

Is the TTR230 road legal?

Even though the older versions of the Yamaha TTR 230 weren’t road legal, bikes in this model released after 2012 are free from any barrier to riding the TTR 230 on the street. So, yeah, it’s legal.

Is a TTR 230 a full-size bike?

Technically, the TTR 230 is a full-size dirt bike. However, the beginner-friendly design and convenient handling often keep it on the side of a beginner dirt bike.

Is a TTR 230 fuel injected?

No, the TTR 230 is equipped with an air-cooled engine with a carburetor. So, it’s not fuel injected. 

Which is better, CRF230 or TTR230?

A tough question! It depends. The CRF 230 is praised for its affordable price tag. On the other hand, the TTR 230 will give you a wonderful riding experience, and it’s a reliable dirt bike for beginners and experts. So, you’ll know what you’re paying.

Final Words

To conclude, we love the TTR 230, and it is indeed an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable off-road bike. And we have made this clear in this TTR 230 top speed, specs, and review.

It’s the perfect dirt biking companion for beginner riders looking to get into off-road cycling. Moreover, it can also serve as a great backup bike for more experienced riders.

With its comfortable design, easy handling, and durable construction, the TTR 230 is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for riders of all levels. Getting one will never fail you to impress!

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