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Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed, Specs and Features (Explained)

Are you a die-hard fan of Yamaha dirt bikes? Maybe you’ve done a significant portion of your job finding the perfect dirt bike for your next off-road biking season. That could be the reason why you’ve stepped into this article.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one of the most iconic dirt bikes, the Yamaha YZ250, many questions might be running into your mind. Yes, dirt biking is connected with your life and precious money, so you have to be cautious.

As you’ve already reached here, we’ve got you covered. Go through the article to know everything about Yamaha YZ250 speed, specs, and review. Hopefully, this will help you determine whether you’re on the right track to choosing your next dirt bike.

Yamaha YZ250 Specs and Features:

Arguably, the YZ250 is one of Yamaha’s most demanding dirt bikes. However, you should have an idea about its features and specs to justify its potential and whether it’s suitable for you or not. So, let’s move ahead.

1. Engine

No matter what type of bike you intend to buy, your first and foremost duty is to check the engine of that bike, as it’s the most crucial element of any kind of bike. The same thing goes for the YZ250 dirt bike as well.

The Yamaha YZ250 is equipped with a 2-stroke liquid cool 250cc engine. This unit won’t overheat and will allow you to ride in the woods or trail smoothly and without the risk of overheating.

Including a two-stroke reed valve and a YPVS exhaust valve has brought a new dimension of power. In short, this engine exhibits a perfect balance of smoothness and power.

2. Suspension

Your ultimate convenience and riding experience mainly depends on the suspension system of your dirt bike. So, you should carefully check the suspension of a dirt bike. Thanks to the KYB suspension of the YZ250 model, this bike is suitable for a variety of riders.

Compared to most other suspension systems, this unit was more flexible in a wide range of weights. The stock KYM setting from Yamaha is quite standard and performs well. So, you don’t need to bring any modifications to the suspension system.

3. Brakes

Even though many riders were disappointed with the brakes of previous Yz250 models, the latest Yz250 comes with an excellent braking system that seems to reward our patience and trust.

Yamaha has implemented the updated brakes of the 202 four-stroke series. As a result, we found an extra caliper rigidity level and better performance and feel. Bigger pistons and new pads have also been included. The reduced size of the rotor helps to prevent abnormal grabbing.

4. Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the YZ250 are just what an experienced rider expects. Although the YZ250 sets on the heavier side, still, it seems light-feeling and quite smooth while riding. Its upgraded chassis design provides exceptional support and balance while roaring on those hardest trails.

This bike feels even more charming when it’s in the air. You’ll experience smooth jumping with an almost natural response. Moreover, its sleeker design makes the bike more convenient to handle. We found the sitting position just perfect for seamless transitions.

5. Additional Features and Specs:

Don’t skip these additional features of the YZ250. Who knows. These could be what you’re looking for.

  • The modern and aggressive design combines an upgraded front fender and an airbox, fork guards, radiator shrouds, and rear brake caliper protector that resembles 4 strokes dirt bikes.
  • The inclusion of a special gripper-type seat design and aluminum handlebars ensures freedom of movement and makes your riding more comfortable.
  • During hard acceleration, its CD ignition system gives you the spark you need at the same time, helps to ensure optimal timing.
  • Its advanced expansion system features a computer design that enables maximum engine performance.
  • YZ250 comes with a Ceramic composite cylinder bore. Each aluminum block for this cylinder features a ceramic coating.
  • The inner and outer tubes are perfectly balanced, while its upgraded piston tank reduces friction while riding on rough surfaces.

Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed

A dirt bike’s top speed determines if it’s really worthy for you. YZ250 is for off-riders (mainly), so it’s great for any muddy, cracked, or uneven roads. For your racing session, this one’s insane for sure.

This motorbike is super fast than it looks. The top speed of YZ250 is 75mph which is amazing for any two-wheeler. Basically, it’s a limit that can be considered a decent one.

It doesn’t mean you can’t increase the speed limit. Some users stated they have gone over 75mph with this dirt bike at a run. You can definitely experience around 80-85 mph with this one effortlessly.

Now, why the limit differs? It’s because the situation is not always the same. We meant the road condition, surface, wind, maintenance, altitude, and even rider’s weight by the situation.

These things play a huge role in your speed limit, and different riders encounter different speeds.

Moreover, YZ250 comes with 5speed gears. This helps the bike to have excessive speed, and at the same time, it keeps the low engine revolutions.

How to Increase Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed?

Here, we’ll be discussing how to increase the top speed of the YZ250 without spending so much money. In mechanic shops, the professionals try to do the best job, but if you think you know the basics, you can easily expand it.

It’ll save you time and money both!

These hacks won’t increase the speed limit to 10-20 mph, though, but it’ll surely help gain 4-5mph with the accurate work process. Let’s find out then,

1. Restore the Gear Ratio

You can change the gear ratio of your dirt bike pretty easily. All you need is to change the rear cog to affect the denominator of that ratio. Or, if you want, you can swap the teeth number in the chainring!

Let’s give you an example. Gear ratios are indicated by “xx/yy.” The first number means the number of teeth in your bike’s chainring, and the second number shows the number of teeth in your bike’s rear cog.

It can be 46/16 or 2.87 (example). Here you have to keep in mind that the lower the total number will be, the easier it’ll become for you to ride. We mean the speed limit will increase if the total is lower!

To get a substantial speed amount, the denominator of your gear ratio needs to be lesser. At the same time, the numerator needs to be higher.

Another example to clear things up is, suppose there’s one bike with 48/15 and another with 44/16. One has 15T, and another has 16T, while one chainring has 48T and another has 44T.

Of course, 44/16 or 2.7 will be smoother than the other one because the total number of teeth is lower. You’ll need to pedal harder with this gear, but in the end, it’ll be more efficient with the higher speed.

So, for instant top speed, try to change the gear ratio!

2. Tune your Carburetor

This method is probably one of the best ways to increase your dirt bike’s performance without much change. For that, you have to,

  • Ride the bike for 10-15 minutes straight to warm up the system nicely
  • Now, search for the air/fuel screws. These are responsible for adjusting the air/fuel ratio
  • Another screw will be there, which is used to idle the speed of the bike
  • If your two-wheeler has a two-stroke engine like YZ250, then the air screw will be placed on the carb away from the bike’s engine.
  • You have to tune the fuel/air screw to make the leanest mixture (when an air screw turns anti-clockwise, it provides a lean mixture). It’ll help your carb to get less fuel but more air.
  • Slowly start to tune the fuel screw in anti-clock motion, and you’ll see the rpm is increasing. Continue it for some time for a full revolution.
  • Repeat this thing 2-3 times more until you find out the appropriate setting.
  • After the engine gets slow, twist the throttle and notice the whole new difference in the speed. It’ll be quick and crisp, we promise.

Upgrading your carb in this way will make sure the bike’s horsepower is updated. Hence, the speed limit will expand too.

If you think you need to change the whole carb part, try to buy one that has much fuel delivery and an excellent throttle response. But when will you need a full replacement of your tool?

Well, it’s when,

  • The machine is causing low fuel economy
  • Idling too fast
  • Carb is flooding when you’re trying to start it
  • Always stall at low speeds
  • It doesn’t work under pressure and load

Observe these issues, and you’ll know either you need to tune it or change the whole thing!

3. Add Big Bore Kits

Attaching a big bore kit might not look like it’ll boost your two-wheeler’s performance, but honestly, it does work. It replaces the cylinder and stock piston with a much more large version that’ll provide you with extra displacement.

This kit consists of a brand new cylinder, top-end gaskets, and piston kit.

It’ll ensure your bike is having lots of torque and expanded combustion flow. Plus, the hp will increase with the enlargement of your engine size. So, the possibility of a speed increase will be guaranteed.

Now the question is exactly how much speed does the kit increase? Well, a bore kit will generate around 10hp at the run. It’ll be in between 9-12000rpm’s. The great thing is, your kit will confirm heavy fuel utilization, letting your bike run like a feather!

4. Check the Carb Needle

Always try to examine the carburetor’s needle to see if it’s okay or lifting. It’s better to keep it clean because without cleaning, the quad performance of your bike will be disrupted. This will cause low speed in-between your riding period!

Yamaha YZ250 Pros and Cons?

After the discussion, let’s find out some pros and cons about your favorite YZ250 dirt bike!


  • Great Power Engine: The engine is the fundamental part of your bike, and YZ250 proves it well. It’s super powerful and doesn’t have overheating issues. So, you can confirm a smooth, trouble-free ride.
  • Light and Nimble: If the bike is lightweight and handy for all of you who are off riders, it’ll be a bonus point. YZ250 is exactly like that. You can literally fly and reach your destination or win a prize in your upcoming races.
  • Reliable: This bike is excellent in reliability. Just put the oil and change the air filter; that’s it. Ride it for more than 40hours.
  • Great Handling: It has comfy and supportive handling, which will let you ride safely.
  • Easy to Fix: YZ250 is really easy to fix. No matter what component is affected, you can take it to any local mechanic shop, or if you have a good idea about bikes, you can fix it by yourself.


  • Hard Seat: The seat of the YZ250 is okay, but if you’re hoping for long rides, it may cause you pain.
  • Not good 1st gear: The first gear of this bike is actually not that powerful. You might need to change it if you’re going for any off-riding. Otherwise, you can lose traction due to wheel spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is YZ250 hard to ride?

It isn’t hard to ride. With amazing hp, superior engine, and speed gears, you can ride YZ250 pretty smoothly. The bike is lightweight and reliable, which can be an extra point for you!

2. Is YZ250 a good beginner bike?

YZ250 is probably one of the best bikes out there for adult beginners. The secret is, it has an amazing power-weight ratio with light aluminum features. It ensures extreme handling on any dirt tracks as well.

3. How much does YZ250 weigh?

YZ250 is actually a very lightweight dirt bike for any rider. It weighs around 227lb while the wheelbase is 58.3in, ground clearance is 14.2, and seat height is 38.2 in.

Final Verdict

We’ve tried our best to break down every fact regarding YZ250 speed, specs, and review. We hope you’ll get a descriptive view of this bike and can make a great decision about buying it!

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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