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Yamaha YZ450F: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

Looking for a racing bike that meets most of the quality, performance, and comfort standards? Then, look no further because today, we are reviewing a bike built for motocross tracks. But, at the same time, it is reliable enough for you to lay sideways and strong enough to provide peak torque and high power.

You don’t have to deal with flame-outs or hard bumps anymore. The stock suspension is super solid, and the beam is sturdy too.

So, what kind of bike is this? You already know the name from the title—no more drama. The hero of this article is the YZ450F racing dirt bike.

And, the bike is more than what we just told you. So, stick with us to learn more about the YZ450F top speed, Specs, and Review.

Here you go.

Yamaha YZ450F Features and Review:

So, in this section, we will focus on each spec or feature of the YZ450F. Then, we will review those features and see whether they benefit you or not.

1. 450cc Engine Displacement

450cc engine displacement is the biggest strength of this four-stroke compact engine. It represents the size of the internal combustion chamber. But, how does it affect the performance?

Well, the bigger volume the engine has, the more fuel and air it can fit at a time. That’s common sense, right? Now, imagine the piston is moving up and creating pressure within the chamber.

The 450cc engine will produce better combustion and power at the same time. Its bigger displacement thus helps in increasing power without adding any technical stuff.

2. Liquid Cooling System

The YZ450F engine uses liquid as a coolant. You can find two types of engine cooling systems on the market. One is air-cooled, and the other one is liquid-cooled. Both have their pros and cons.

But, one advantage of the liquid cooling system is that it reduces vehicle noise significantly.  Plus, oil is a more efficient medium for lubricating and conducting heat.

3. Sleek Single-Cylinder Design

The single-cylinder design is another crucial feature. Although it’s not unique, most modern bikes are designed after this model. It is a sealed box, and you don’t get to manipulate the settings at all.

This design comes with a compact engine shape and lessens the burden. The inner mechanism is a bit more complex here than the traditional one.

4. DOHC Engine Type

The YZ450F is equipped with a DOHC engine type. It represents a dual overhead camshaft. If you don’t know already, a camshaft is a cylindrical rod that rotates inside the combustion chamber. How many rotations it can complete within a minute determines the RPM level.

Unlike a SOHC design, it has two crankshafts dedicated for intake and exhaust management. Because of this trait, you can get better and more customized timing for air intake and outtake.

It is hard to receive a more targeted effect if only one camshaft directs both the air valves.

But, it is essential to increase the power and torque of the bike. By adjusting the interval between these two functions, you receive a higher top speed than before.

5. 4 Titanium Valve-Train

Thankfully, the YZ450F went with the best option in this case. Having a 4-valve drivetrain is very common for DOHCs. Consequently, 2 valves (intake) are handled by one camshaft, and the second shaft manages the two valves (exhaust).

There are bigger scopes for you to implement power-enhancing adjustments easily. When it comes to efficiency on higher torque levels, you can rely on the DOHC engine of this YZ450F.

6. Dimensions & Exterior

The dimension of the 450F is 86 inches x32.5 inches x 50 inches for length, width, and height, respectively. You can call it an adult bike. The weight is 111.1kg or 245lbs when the fuel tank is full. The tank can reserve 1.6 gals of fuel. Besides, the bore and stroke measurements are 97 mm x 60.8 mm.

7. Higher Ground Clearance

The seat height you get is 38 inches. That’s enough for a tall rider to feel comfortable. If we subtract the height from the wheelbase (58.5 inches), we get a maximum ground clearance of 13.0 inches.

This higher ground clearance is essential when you are off-roading. The bike can easily cut through the stones, bumps on the road.

Another thing it ensures is the bigger wheels. Yes, higher ground clearance also means the wheels will be larger. As a result, the big wheels can only cross more distance with one rotation.

For the front tires, you get an 80/100-21 (Dunlop) and a 120/80-19 (Dunlop) for the rear tire. Be ready to ride faster than your racing buddies!

8. Lightweight Aluminum Beam

Another important exterior of this unit is the lightweight beam frame made of aluminum. Aluminum is famous for being sturdy without adding more weight. That’s a must if you are riding to win a race.

No matter how powerful the engine is or how efficient the wheels are, a heavier bike will lose to a lighter bike with all those characteristics.

The manufacturers played smart by choosing aluminum to build the frame. You won’t get the flimsy feel of other cheap quality bikes. It can surely take some stress and still be strong enough for you to rely on it.

9. Stock Suspension and Hydraulic Discs

Do you know the feeling when you hit a road bumper? It hits hard and interrupts a smooth ride. Imagine a terrain full of such bumpers. Riding on this surface would be so physically tiring, wouldn’t it?

The good news is that the YZ450F has stock suspension on the front tire. It absorbs the shock from hitting bumpers and reduces the severity. And, as the shock reaches you, it becomes insignificant or very little.

Also, the front tire has 270mm hydraulic discs installed in it. It triggers the wheel to slow down as you pull the clutch. Hence, you get a swift braking reflex.

10. Compression Ratio 13:1

It’s only normal for this big dude to have a higher compression ratio. It is measured to be 13:1. You can call it “13 to 1.”

A 13:1 ratio simply indicates that the volume at the top(piston) is 13 times higher than the volume at the bottom. When the piston stays on top, the volume increases and the air valves open up. And that leads to more fuel and air filling up the space.

Finally, this causes the piston to move back and create combustion. A higher compression ratio also means more pressure on the fuel in the bottom position. The power you get is larger in amount.

A higher compression ratio reduces heat waste significantly. Think of it this way, and the engine needs only one thrust to produce a large amount of mechanical energy. If the ratio were smaller than 10:1, it would require more work on the engine’s part to produce the same level of combustion. If you are UTV lover then you also need to check Kawasaki KRX 1000.

Yamaha YZ450F Top Speed

The top speed for the YZ450F is recorded to be 80mph. Although it is normal for a 450cc bike to have more than 75mph speed, other factors affect it.

For example, as you keep adding more gears to the body to provide better protection, it adds to the overall weight. As a result, the rider can’t extract the fullest performance from this unit.

However, by keeping the weight in check, you can increase the top speed gradually.

How To Increase The Speed Of Yamaha YZ450F?

If you are a racer who wishes to have more top speed from this fast bike, follow this short tutorial. Here, we will discuss some mods for you to try.

1. Larger Fuel Tank:

Although buying a larger tank will cost you around $300, it is worth the expense. We would recommend going for a 3.3 gal one. In this way, you can trail the bike for longer hours at top speed without having any fuel interruption.

It is harder for the bike to move around when trailing on the sand.

Due to such a surface, the engine consumes more fuel than usual to provide average mileage per hour. Having a bigger tank will save you the trouble.

2. Lower The Sprocket Gearing:

If you want to increase the speed of a YZ450F, try reducing the sprocket teeth of the front tire. You can have the reduced acceleration effect by adding teeth on the rear tire. In this way, you don’t have to touch the engine or anything.

And, it doesn’t affect the RPM as well. A tooth here and there is enough to provide an excellent result.

Yamaha YZ450F Pros and Cons:

Let’s check out the basic pros and cons of the YZ450F quickly.


  • More Fuel efficiency:

The YZ450F comes with a five-speed transmission. It means you have five levels of efficiency to choose from for the same amount of speed. You don’t have to worry about the excess fuel consumption as you ride faster.

  • Smoother Brakes:

Although one disc does the work, double discs are better protection. That is one of the biggest pros of the YZ450F. It comes with not one but two hydraulic discs on the wheels.

So that when one of the discs gets heated and becomes inefficient, the other one can step up. Now, that’s what we call convenience.

  • Less Heat Waste:

As the piston thrusts into the combustion chamber, it converts kinetic energy or heat. The aim should be to keep the waste (heat) as low as possible. That clears up why we love this compression ratio of the YZ450F.

A higher compression ratio assures that the engine can produce a high amount of power within fewer piston movements.

  • Comfortable For Adults:

It is harder to find a seat height perfect for a tall adult rider. Luckily, we got ourselves a 38-inch seat height, which is comfortable for an average adult—no need to mod the bike to bring the seat higher.

  • Stable On The Racing Tracks:

The DOHC four-stroke engine is built to stay reliable. You don’t have to fear losing balance even during a tough race.


  • Higher Octane In The Fuel:

One thing to remember is to extract the utmost benefit from this compression ratio; you would need fuel with higher octane.

For example, gasoline has a lower octane level, and that’s why it under-performs in such a bike. It starts ignition at the wrong time and increases waste.

  •  Heavy-Feel:

Riders complain about a heavy feel. This type of  “heaviness” is prevalent in modern dirt bikes. All the extra safety gears add more weight to the unit. But, for riders who are not used to this “feel,” it might feel uncomfortable.

Indeed, it requires more oil consumption. Hence, the bike needs a separate reservoir, which adds extra weight.


1. What Is The Top Speed Of YZ450F?

The top speed of YZ450F is 80mph with 52.8 hp. The speed can vary due to the rider’s height, weight, weather, and even the surface type.

2. Is The YZ450F A Good Racing Bike?

Yes, the YZ450F will be a good choice as a racing bike. It runs at 80 mph top speed. The 450cc engine displacement, and the 13:1 compression ratio, give full-on “racing” vibes.

3. What Are The Mods to Increase The Speed Of 450F?

We have described the two most effective mods that compliment your YZ450F of yours. Try reducing the front sprocket teeth to get extra speed from the same RPM level. You can also try getting a bigger tank or installing a heavy-duty tube on the front tire.


The YZ450F is the rightful successor of the old YZ426F. Riders recognize it as the revolutionary bike that changed the standards on the market. Its unique Four-stroke engine design in a single-cylinder started the hype around this engine design.

And, not to mention, the hype is still ongoing.

Finally, whether this unit is made for you or not, we think if you have experience in the racing tracks. Also, if you like to trail and travel for long hours, this powerful and sustainable engine can be of great use.

So, that was our take on the yz450f top speed, Specs, and Review. Let us know your opinion.

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