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Yamaha YZ85 Top Speed, Specs and Features (Explained)

A great addition to an already-super motorbike lineup by Yamaha, the YZ85 really takes the breath away through its mesmerizing aspects in the motor world. Since 2018, when it was first sold to the public, the Yamaha YZ85 has racked up significant sales numbers throughout the past years. The motorbike can be an excellent use for off-road and motocross racing.

The YZ85 can be a fantastic bike to have and use for longer periods, considering the durable aspects of the motor vehicle and how it gets along in the face of obstacles and dangers. A liquid cooling system paired with a mighty engine makes Yamaha YZ85 a perfect bike for racers and enthusiasts alike.

In the next few sections of this piece, we shall review the Yamaha YZ85 and talk about its Top Speed, specifications, and pros and cons of motorbikes. It should be a cakewalk to decide whether you want to purchase this vehicle. Or if you have it, make this one an even better version than it already is!

About Yamaha YZ85

Since its release in 2018, Yamaha YZ85 has not undergone too many changes in its dimensions, engine type, power and build. The reason for this is the vehicle has already been an enormous success, so there is no need to change it up just yet. In terms of weight, the YZ85 boasts 161 lbs. This is not a lot, considering the vehicle is mainly used for off-road racing and recreation.

The engine of the Yamaha YZ85 is truly a wonder as it is perfectly optimized for the job it does. Having an 84.7 cc single-cylinder engine really pumps up the vehicle’s performance to higher levels. A liquid cooling system makes sure that the engine does not overheat and cause any troubles for the users. The front and rear brakes of the vehicle both consist of a single disc Hydraulics.

Buyers are offered two-wheel options – a large 16-inch rear wheel and 19-inch front and a small wheel with 14-inch rear and 17-inch front. All in all, Yamaha YZ85 can be a great option at a moderate budget with 1.3 gallons of fuel capacity with a fuel delivery system of the Keihin PWK 28. Stay with the rest of this review to gather more crucial information about this glorious motorbike that is the YZ85.

Yamaha YZ85 Specs and Features:

This section specifies what makes the Yamaha YZ85 such a great bike. Let us have a glance at most of the premium specs and features of the YZ85:

1. Presence of Reed-Valve Induction

The reed valve is a major component in the working of a motorbike. This mechanism in the YZ85 makes sure the fresh fuel intake only moves in a single direction, from the carburetor to the crankcase. It also improves the efficiency and power output of the entire system.

2. 6 Speed Gearbox

Having a motorbike strongly means that the user might be inclined to drive it at high speeds on various highways. A lower RPM can always mean a blessing in terms of motor vehicle specs. A 6-Speed Gearbox, in comparison to the more common 5-Speed, helps save more fuel at a lower RPM! It is a moderately efficient aspect of the YZ85, making it another selling point of the vehicle.

3. A Cool Affair

One of the most spectacular things about the Yamaha YZ85 is the presence of a Liquid Cooling System. This is much more efficient than an air-cooling system because it offers a higher thermal conductivity. In addition, water is widely available with a non-toxic resource, which makes it very cost-effective as well.

Another major advantage of the liquid cooling system is that the engine fails to overheat even at high RPMs. As the YZ85 has a two-stroke engine, it produces more friction and torque, increasing amounts of heat! Thus, the availability of the liquid cooling system prevents any kind of damage to the engine through overheating.

4. The Charm of Inverted Fork Suspension

The inverted fork is much lighter than a regular fork. This decreases the overall weight, giving the user a much smoother feel on the front end. The inverted fork also makes up for a much more comfortable ride with better handling and control of the vehicle. Overall, this type of suspension can help elevate the experience of the bike as a whole.

5. Hydraulic Brakes Work Their Magic

Ever since hydraulic brake systems came into light, the use of conventional brakes has reduced drastically. Both the front and rear brakes of the Yamaha YZ85 comprise hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulics is a better option than conventional ones since they act much faster. when coming to a sudden stop

Additionally, hydraulic brakes last longer since the engine’s heat or friction is spread much more evenly throughout the whole system. It is also very simple to repair broken brakes since hydraulic disc systems are available almost everywhere for quick retrieval.

6. Semi Double-Plated Frame

Last but not least, the YZ85 accommodates a double-plated frame at one end and a single-plated frame on the other end. This gives the motorbike a much more rigid shape with extra strength. At much leaner angles and heavy or sudden braking, the semi-double-plated frame can be a great choice in comparison to single-plated ones. This combination also makes for a great aesthetic with a slimming look!

Yamaha YZ85 Top Speed

The top speed with a Yamaha YZ85 is a staggering 65 miles per hour. This can easily be converted to 105 kilometers per hour for a better and bigger picture. For an 85-cc motorbike, it is quite impressive, but it does have room to improve.

One important reason as to why this vehicle has such an exciting speed range is due to the presence of the reed valve induction system. This makes the single-cylinder, two-stroke engine much more powerful, hence propelling the bike to further limits and higher speeds!

With a price tag that is Yamaha YZ85’s, it can easily be said that the motor vehicle can easily steam ahead of its competitors within the same price range. Nevertheless, there are some ways to increase the top speed of the YZ85. In the next sections, we will look at some of the most used and straightforward ways of achieving so.

How To Increase The Yamaha YZ85’s Top Speed?

Although the Yamaha YZ85 is great as it is, there are some aspects of the vehicle that you could try changing up for a much better result overall. Granted, these may cost a few hundred bucks, but who wouldn’t love a Zip in performance of their favorite racing bike?

Depending on your style and desire, you can select from various additions or changes to make the vehicle a monster worth riding. Some of these alterations are talked about in this section in detail. Hence, keep a sharp eye out, as this information is too precious to lose out on. Maybe you are in for some significant improvements for your joyride:

1. Performance Air Filters

If your engine has optimum airflow, it can give you some magical moments with your Yamaha YZ85. One major way to improve the airflow to and from the engine is to install performance air filters. As the job of this filter is to stop any kind of dirt or dust from entering the valves, it can surely go a long way to support great airflow and ultimately increase the top speed of the Yamaha YZ85.

2. Gear Ratio Switch

Gear ratio can play a vital role in how your vehicle might power through various scenarios. You can choose and optimize your gear ratios based on how you want the performance, that is if you want low-end power or you would love to maximize the top speed. With the aid of a higher-teeth front sprocket, the bike will push through more distance for each engine’s revolution. This significantly helps in increasing the ultimate top speed but does so at the cost of slower accelerations.

3. Better Exhaust Systems

A better horsepower can play an intriguing role in increasing the top speed of any motor vehicle. The same can be done with the Yamaha YZ85 by installing better exhaust systems. These systems prevent the build-up of hot waste gasses from combustion in the engine, providing room for more air to flow in and out. The horsepower enhancement can be as big as ten percent in most common performance exhaust systems! Although it might cost a hefty amount to replace the existing system on your bike, if the top speed is your main priority, it might as well be worth it to do so!

Yamaha YZ85 – Pros and Cons:


  • High-Powered Engine – A single-cylinder, the two-stroke engine is always a blessing on a motorbike, especially when armed with a liquid cooling system. This powerful engine lets the user speed up however they like and do things with the vehicle that they could not even dream of with others! The presence of liquid cooling system with the engine makes up for any overheating. Thus, optimizing the overall performance of this beast of a motorbike becomes simple!
  • Slim Bodywork – The Yamaha YZ85 is designed mostly for motor racing and stunts. The look of this vehicle does justice to the kind of services it is expected to offer! A narrow radiator helps in improving the control of the rider and overall, a slim, slender aesthetic makes it appear aggressive and ready to rumble! The rear frame is made up of aluminum, which further decreases the bike’s overall weight, giving it a better feel and making it easier to handle.
  • Improved Air Intake System – The vehicle has rear-facing vents on its side panels, making it very easy for air to flow in and out of the engine. As a result, users can expect a much more efficient engine performance and better engine health over a period of usage. Not only that, this majorly prevents overheating and thus, keeps the engine from damage.
  • Worldly Braking System – The brakes on both front and rear ends are single-disc hydraulic ones which are so much better than conventional or drum brakes. These brakes can fully stop the vehicles, even at the top speed, and prevent any frictional damage to the engine or suspension while doing so!


  • Not Enough Wheel Options – Although this bike can be a great choice for riders of most ages and sizes, the wheel size offered by the manufacturer just isn’t enough. With two-wheel sizes, buyers do not have enough choices and, as a result, might end up buying a version that they outgrow after a year or two.
  • Not For Beginners – The bike’s overall performance could be too much if you are just starting to ride motorbikes or dirt bikes. The YZ85 can be great for sporting and professional racing, but if you are an amateur, the kick might just be too much to handle since it’s incredibly powerful with an amazing top speed!


How Fast Does A Yamaha YZ85 Go?

The YZ85 has an impressive top speed of 65 miles per hour. In terms of kilometers, it is not more than 105 kilometers per hour. Compared to other models or other bikes within the same price range, the Yamaha YZ85 does offer better speeds with room for improvement and increment. Proper air intake with a great cooling system even prevents overheating for better speeds.

How Much Does A Typical YZ85 Weigh?

The Yamaha YZ85 has been in production for over three years, and the weight of the bike comes to be around a hefty 161 lbs. It is severely lightweight, offering stable and streamlined rides! The bike’s top speed can be easily reached on smooth roads because the bike has an aluminum frame and is ideal with its lightweight and two-stroke engine.


The Yamaha YZ85 can be a proper choice for those wanting to live their lives at high speeds! If you are a bike enthusiast, this vehicle will tickle your desires with all its charming features!

Even though there are a couple of shortcomings, Yamaha really did a great job in manufacturing one of the greatest bikes in the world of motor vehicles! All in all, the lightweight, top speed, engine, cooling system, and everything about this bike just screams perfection!

In Yamaha YZ85 Top Speed, Specs, and Review, we did our best to portray every bit of information on this fantastic motorbike. Be sure of the fact that you will not regret if you decide to purchase the Yamaha YZ85.

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