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Yamaha YZ250F: Exploring Top Speed, Specs, and Features

Yamaha’s dirt bikes are outstanding. Yamaha YZ250F among them is a maestro! What a machine! It should be an example for other bikes to emulate! Nothing beats the fun you’ll have with this; it’s a total funhouse!

Featuring a 250cc, liquid-cooled engine, this is the race car of the dirt tracks!  Faster than a Formula 1 car, of course, on a dirt track! The bike features Mikuni fuel injection and KYB Speed-Sensitive System inverted forks that make riding a dream! It has a lowered center of gravity and a light frame, making it one of the best dirt bikes available for beginners.

Here in this Yamaha YZ250F Top Speed, Specs, and Review, we will investigate this fascinating motorcycle. We’ll also analyze its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, we will look at how to improve the speed even further. All right, let’s begin.

About Yamaha YZ250F

A masterpiece in the motocross category, the Yamaha YZ250F was first released by Yamaha in 2001. The initial model had a four-stroke DOHC engine supplemented which was five-valve. Yamaha then went with a steel structure for the frame, which later got replaced by an alloy frame. Yamaha changed the structure in 2006, and since then, every year Yamaha YZ250F comes with an alloy frame.

Later enhancement took place in 2008 when Yamaha changed the engine. To make the performance even better, Yamaha introduced a new engine layout in 2010. This layout helped the bike to have a low center of gravity for outstanding balance, something Yamaha YZ250F is highly praised for.

Further innovations took place later in 2014 when Yamaha introduced fuel injection. Additionally, Yamaha added four-valve heads and the rear slant cylinder. These additions made the bike extremely powerful on the track. Similarly, in 2019, Yamaha installed an electric starter to the Yamaha YZ250F for an easy starting experience.

Yamaha YZ250F Specs and Features

High-Performance Engine:

One of the main advantages of this bike is its engine. The power of the machine is just astonishing. Yamaha put a lot of effort and innovation into creating this bike. To begin with, this bike has a liquid-cooled, DOHC four-valve engine, which is fuel-injected. So your straight downdraft intake will be positioned forward. So are the symmetrical intake and exhaust ports. All of these have been upgraded with the newer version for better performance. Remember, this bike comes with a 250cc Four-Stroke engine. In short, Yamaha said it, and we can’t disagree; the machine is indeed advanced. This engine features some unique quirks and features we’ve never seen in any 250cc engines before. The Power Tuner App is what we mean. This app will allow you to adjust the mixture of air or fuel. Also, you can change the ignition timing maps for better engine performance. Additionally, the app will come with all the data and stats that you need to know how you are performing at the moment.

Even Lighter Frame:

The Yamaha YZ250F has always been a light bike. However, Yamaha upgraded the frame making the bike even lighter. Despite its lightweight design, the new structure still maintains its integrity. Further, this advanced alloy frame ensures that the bike will have the best handling on the market. The excellent handling comes from how the engine is mounted on the bike. The machine is positioned in a way that the mass is centralized. This way, any bumps will be absorbed quite easily, making the bike much smoother.

Made for Racing:

Yamaha claimed this bike is engineered for racing. Well, we have no doubts about that. The bike is an absolute beast on a track. Whether it is acceleration, cornering, jumping, or handling, you will notice how well this bike can handle it all. Ride this, and you will have an edge, right from the start. Besides, other details are present as well. We are talking about the  1-1/8” aluminum handlebars. The footpegs are wide too, at 55mm. You will also be able to adjust the clutch perch quickly while racing. Lastly, how could we forget the stylish blue rims and gold chains that give you the sense that you are indeed into something serious?

All Electric Starter:

Whether you want to start or restart, the Yamaha YZ250F will make things hassle-free for you. This bike comes with a system that lets you create the bike electrically. Upon pressing a button on the starter motor, the bike will begin roaring. Additionally, a lithium battery ensures that you’ll always have power at your fingertips.

Durable Graphics:

Performance is not the only thing you want in your bike. The looks matter too. Therefore, there are embedded graphics on this stylish bike. Detailing is built right into the frame so that it won’t wear off over time. The details won’t peel, nor will they be damaged. And just like the performance, the looks of this bike will last forever.

Yamaha YZ250F Top Speed

The top speed of the Yamaha YZ250F is 65 mph. That is roughly around 105 kmph. For a  bike, this speed is remarkable. The 4-stroke engine of this bike has got the power of a beast. However, your aim should not be to hit this speed constantly. Let’s face it, are you going to keep the top speed all the time?

But don’t worry! This bike still has some decent power to it. At around 50 mph, you can easily cruise around without any problem. Just keep the throttle at the half, and you will have a decent rpm that will help you maneuver anywhere.

This bike can maintain a high-speed range, featuring a liquid-cooled engine and a five-speed transmission. Designed to be ridden on the track, this bike is fun to ride because it has a decent speed, excellent handling, and high-tech systems. However, if hitting the highest possible speed is something you are really keen on, maybe this bike is not what you are looking for.

How to Increase the Yamaha YZ250F’s Top Speed?

The speed of the Yamaha YZ250F is great, but how about making that a bit better. Yes, we are talking about the modifications you can do to increase the speed. In this Yamaha YZ250F Top Speed, Specs, and Review, we will give you some insights that will make this bad boy even faster. Keep reading to know more.

1. Air Filter Mod

Want more pulling power? Go for this mod. There is no doubt that the Yamaha YZ250F has excellent pulling power. But what’s not with more power, right? Installing an airbox lid can make your throttle more responsive. You’ll get more air coming into the intake because of this mod. As a result, you will be getting more power at the mid-range. Doesn’t that sound great? We found the Slater Skins provided the best value for the money out of all the airbox lids. This air filter cover will give you a bit more enhancement on the bottom end. Besides, your RPM response will also increase greatly. Nevertheless, your intake and suction noise will increase as well!

2. App Mod

There is a great power increasing potential hiding in the Yamaha Power Tuner App. WIth a simple tuning, you can greatly increase your bike’s power. That’s not it; you can make it feel even lighter while going through the corners. Furthermore, you can increase the mid-top end’s power. That is what we consider to be an excellent upgrade since it reduces chassis movement.

3. Vortex ECU Mod

If you are highly into racing, we got a treat for you. Get the vortex ECU mapping. You will be in awe by what difference this simple mapping can bring. Bolt it in, and you’ll be amazed at how much more power your Yamaha YZ250F has now. The great fact about this mapping is that it will increase the overall capacity of your bike. This means you will have increased power at the high, medium, and low.

4. Suspension Mod

The stock suspensions on the Yamaha YZ250F are great. However, they are not completely made for race tracks. When you are looking forward to participating in a competition, the chances are high that your stock suspension won’t be sufficient. Therefore, upgrading to a premium aftermarket suspension will improve your speed and riding experience.

Yamaha YZ250F – Pros and Cons:


  • Exceptional Handling:

When it comes to handling, this bike is one of the best bikes you can find. This bike maneuvers so swiftly that sometimes it feels uncanny. Cornering with this bike is a pure job.

  • Lighter Frame:

This bike is exceptionally lite. The upgraded frame of this bike made this bike even lighter, weighing only 234 lbs. Speeding and jumping are much better, therefore. Besides, if you compete, the lightweight will surely give you an extra edge.

  • Centralized Mass:

This bike is extremely well balanced. This is due to the fact of its mass centralized weight distribution. The engine is placed so that the bike’s weight is at the center, making it easier to control and balance.

  • Exceptionally Reliable:

It is one of the most reliable bikes out there. You won’t be disappointed with this bike. As for durability, this bike will last much longer than any other bike you will find on the market now. This bike is a prime example of why Yamaha has a good reputation for reliability.


  • Hard to Start During Winter:

Starting the engine can be challenging if the weather is too cold. Several users have claimed that they had problems during winter times as the bike won’t start. After spending an extended amount of time, the bike finally started.

  • Taller Seat Height:

If you are smaller in size, the taller seat height can be a problem. The seat height comes at 38.2 inches. Therefore, while buying, make sure the height suits you.

Being in the Know

What is the difference between a YZ250 and a YZ250F?

The main difference between a YZ250 and a YZ250F is in the engine. The YZ250 is equipped with a two-stroke engine, and the YZ250F has a four-stroke engine. The F in YZ250F stands for Four, which refers to the four-stroke engine.

Even though they are nearly identical when it comes to the name, riding them will give you different types of experiences. The engine and the chassis of each bike have a significant impact on how these bad boys maneuver. Aside from that, the YZ250F is a bit heavier than the YZ250 because it has a heavier engine.

Is a YZ250F a race bike?

Yes, The YZ250F racing bike that Yamaha specially designs. This bike is equipped with many innovations and technologies that will greatly improve your performance while competing.

This bike has a broad torque curve that will help any racer ride this bike easily. Besides, this bike also offers higher RPM. The higher RPM will help this bike to have a faster start, which can be beneficial during a race. Additionally, this bike also has a lighter suspension which is highly adjustable. Perfect for any racing track.

Which is faster, YZ250 or YZ250F?

The YZ250 has a two-stroke engine, whereas the YZ250F has a four-stroke engine. While a four-stroke engine is much easier to ride than a two-stroke, the agile nature of the two-stroke engine can be noticeably a bit faster in some cases.

Is a Yamaha YZ250F a good beginner bike?

Yes. The Yamaha YZ250F is an excellent bike if you’re a beginner. The power and the weight ratio make this bike quite easy to ride. Moreover, due to its lightweight frame, you will be able to maneuver this bike more easily. As a result, this bike is well suited to beginners.


There is no doubt that the Yamaha YZ250F is one of the best bikes within the 250cc category. This is a true dirt racing bike, and it surely served the purpose as well. Besides, the fun you are going to get is unparalleled.

In this article on Yamaha YZ250F Top Speed, Specs, and Review, we tried to touch on every important characteristic of the bike. If you are considering getting one, get one today without any hesitation. The Yamaha YZ250F is indeed a beast. Yamaha has taken the Yamaha YZ250F to a different class!

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