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Replacing Jeep TJ Fender: Cost Breakdown and Details

The Jeep TJ vehicle’s fenders are designed to catch all the thrown debris during the rides to protect your vehicle.

Although these Fenders are not prone to get damaged quickly, it’s still important to check whether your vehicle’s Fenders are working properly and replace them whenever needed. That most probably will lead you to wonder how much the Jeep TJ Fender replacement cost?

On average, the fender replacement cost might hang between $500 and $2000, but it can go up to $4000 or $6000.

Now in this article, I will be covering every single detail of this replacement so let’s learn together-

Jeep TJ Fender Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Before you plan on replacing your Jeep TJ vehicle’s Fenders, you need to have a precise idea of the replacement cost to estimate your required budget standard.

Reportedly, on average replacing small fenders might cost $500 up to $1,500, which is a single part replacement task including the labor expense.

If your fender replacement also includes replacing the cover lights, grill, fixing the bumpers, the price range might hang anywhere between $1500 up to $4000.

But in general, replacing your current Jeep TJ fenders with a standard Fender replacement kit consisting of front and rear Fenders along with one bumper cover, two headlights, and one hood can cost $1,500 up to $2000.

Besides that, if your vehicle is old, completely damaged, and difficult to drive, your fender replacement cost might go up to $6000 due to all the extra fixing and repairing tasks the mechanic will have to go through.

Also, the labor cost will vary based on the damage level, local rate, your preferred workshop and their location. It can go up to $580.

Remember, this given cost estimation does not include the local tax and other fees.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep TJ Fender?

Generally, Jeep TJ fenders are specially built to last for a quality period, and the maintenance to keep its longevity intact is also super convenient and easy.

Although these fenders do not tend to get damaged so often or quickly, it is still important to inspect the current condition of your Jeep’s fenders, and frequent inspection will help you find out when the replacement is needed.

Technically, replace the fender as soon as you notice any issue. So, let’s have a look at the most obvious signs that will let you realize when you need to replace the fenders-

  • Reportedly, most fender flares are built of durable plastic, but aggressively heavy riding or any collusion can force these fenders to crack. As soon, you notice any visible crack on your vehicle fenders, inspect thoroughly and immediately replace if needed.
  • If you notice that your Jeep’s fender flares broke or you have a missing piece, that’s also another sign since a broken fender will not provide you with expected protection. Also, when any fender flare piece goes missing, it can lead you to encounter unfortunate incidents.
  • If your vehicle model is a little bit old and you have not upgraded the OEM fenders with available aftermarket options, it’s time to replace them with the latest option.
  • If your vehicle’s fenders turned faded, dull, or got a stubborn stain on them due to the direct contact with the UV rays, quickly try to clean or repaint it. If none of the options works, it’s time to replace the fenders.

Jeep TJ Fender Installation Guide:

Once you have decided to replace the fender of your Jeep TJ vehicle, it is time to look at all the necessary tools required for the replacement job –

Required Tools-

  • New Fender replacement kit
  • Mechanical Tool box
  • Plastic Clip Removal

Now, thoroughly follow the below instructions-

Step 1 – First, carefully unbolt and remove the airbox, battery tray, and everything else that is in the way to get clear access to the front and rear fender of your Jeep TJ.

Step 2 – Now, carefully, use the plastic clip removal tool to remove all the fender clips. But remember to hold the fender in place, while removing the plastic fender clips.

Step 3 – When you have successfully removed all the clips, carefully grab your one fender to lift and pull it while wiggling the fender. Be gentle while you are doing so and continue it until the fender finally comes out. 

Now, repeat the same thing with the other three fenders until they safely come off too.

Step 4 – Next, put the old broken or damaged fenders aside safely out of your way and bring out your new fender replacement kit. All you have to do is install the new fenders one by one, and to do so, follow the same fender removal method reversely.

Step 5 – Carefully align the new fenders in place, and push them in so that the fender pins can go into your vehicle holes accurately. Make sure the new fender is tightly secure in place. After that, insert and securely install the plastic clips in their respective places.

Note: Only fenders replacement task does not require much mechanical expertise, so one can easily do the task by themselves, and it will even minimize your cost. But if you need to fix and install other parts along with the fenders and are not confident with own mechanical skill, better to take help from professional experts.

How Much Does Any Jeep TJ Fenders Cost?

There is plenty of aftermarket OEM front and rear fender replacement options available, and the price range starts from a minimum of $100 up to $1000 or $1,500. Fenders prices highly vary based on brand, built material, size, and other facts.

How Long Does It Take to Replace The Jeep TJ Fender?

Reportedly, replacing small to medium fenders of the Jeep TJ vehicle can take a minimum of three to a maximum of five hours unless you need some other additional adjustment and fixing on your vehicle.

However, painting and curing the fender takes a longer time. Even in some cases, it can increase the total replacement duration up to a couple of weeks.

Can I Repair My Jeep TJ Fenders Myself?

Yes, you can repair your vehicle’s fenders instead of replacing them and that might save you some money too.

But remember, repairing fenders is only effective when your vehicle fender has some minor scratches on it.

In that case, you can easily fix it by either buffing or repainting it. For this, you do not even need to visit the workshop and can do that at your place.

However, if your vehicle fender got deep scratches, repairing it will not work in the long run, so the wise choice is to replace it.

Can I Drive My Jeep TJ Without Installing the Fenders?

No, you cannot drive a Jeep on the road without installing a fender because auto vehicles are mandated by law to have compatible, well-conditioned fenders on them.

According to some states driving laws and regulations, it is an illegal act that can cause you to get charged.

Besides that, driving your Jeep without a fender on the road is not even safe for you and others and anytime an unfortunate incident can occur.


Since the fender of any auto vehicle is considered the center of all mechanical devices, it’s undoubtedly one of the most crucial components of your Jeep TJ vehicle.

Therefore, keep a close eye on them and if you need to replace the fenders, just note and follow all the instructions provided in today’s article.

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